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GERMAN ENGINEERED PHEROMONES ARE THE KEY - magnetizing every clothes moth away from your investment pieces and precious home textiles, and into your clothes moth trap - easy as 1, 2, 3! These specialist pheromones are exclusive to MothPrevention in the US The MothPrevention® Moth Trap is natural, non toxic and safe pheromone sticky glue trap to monitor and control infestations of Clothes Moths and Carpet Moths

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  1. Enter Moth Prevention Moth Traps, which are designed to draw in adult male moths, trapping them before they breed. The company claims that its traps are proven to have the best catch rates for clothes moths and textile moths on the market—and they're supposedly safer than competitor products, too
  2. STINK FREE, NATURAL & PROVEN SAFE - While most moth balls for closet and moth traps use stinky, dangerous chemicals our German-made MothPrevention natural moth traps closet clothing pheromones provide 100% SAFE PROTECTION, WITHOUT stinking up your favorite sweaters
  3. Your pantry moth traps should start catching the male moths within a day or two, but it will take time to reduce the population if there are moth larvae present that pupate into a new cycle of adult moths. This can be a process that extends over several months
  4. - Moth Traps are designed to remove the adult male from the breeding cycle - Females will fly into your home to look for places to settle and for males to find them. They will not be attracted to moth traps. This does mean that it is possible to have moths flying around your home without initially having much success in catching them. 2

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For your clothes moth traps to work as effectively as possible it's important to consider the following when positioning them: Where possible place traps at between 3-6 ft high. This is the flight height of the male moth Position traps in 'quiet' areas Kill Clothes Moths, larvae and eggs within the wardrobes, drawers and clothing in one room with the moth spray and moth strips in the set. £54.25 £63.51 Delivered Next Working Day Moth Killer Kit - Extreme Powe Dr. Killigan's Premium Clothing Moth Traps with Pheromones Prime | Non-Toxic Clothes Moth Trap with Lure for Closets & Carpet | Moth Treatment & Prevention | Case Making & Web Spinning (Black) 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,61 A 3 pack of natural, non-toxic, safe to use moth traps. For catching Clothes Moths and Carpet Moths. These moth traps work as wool moth traps for getting rid of sweater eating moths. Will not attract other species

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Clothing moths and pantry moths are two different species and therefore require different treatment methods. So don't think that any moth repellent is a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, make sure to pay attention to what type of moth you're dealing with and buy a repellent for that type Organic Codling Moth Control using Homemade Traps and Natural Sprays Codling moth, also known as apple worm is the scourge of apple farmers and homesteaders alike. There is nothing worse than finding a worm in your apple - well there is - half a worm! - but this is a pest that not only attacks apple orchards but also quinces, peaches, nectarines, plums, eggplants and walnuts Clothes Moth Traps, Premium Clothing Moth Traps with Pheromones Prime, Moth Treatment & Prevention, Non-Toxic Moth Repellant for Clothes, Sweaters, Wool, Carpet, Kid and Pet Safe (6 Pack) 3.9 out of 5 stars 65. $14.99 $ 14. 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Jul 8. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon

BUY NOW: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L967D0E/?tag=toriesofwater-20Click Here Search To Shop Today's Deals: https://amzn.to/3ilrvl MONITOR / PREVENT moths by placing Pantry Moth Traps close to affected areas to monitor for adult moths and to break the breeding cycle REFRESH Meal Moth Traps every 2 months. With warmer houses Pantry Moth damage and moth infestations are now a year-round problem More Information About Pantry Moths Make Your Own Pheromone Traps. Start the DIY clothes moth traps process by making pheromone traps. These pantry pest traps naturally attract moths inside, lured by the pheromones, and then act as an exterminator. The only thing you should need to purchase for these homemade pantry moth traps is the pheromones Pheromone traps are considered the safest and most effective way to handle your moth problem without the use of chemicals. Of course there are other means of getting rid of your moth problem. We have an endless list of moth control products that will not only kill but repel moths from getting in Moth-Prevention. October 16, 2020 ·. At MothPrevention we are passionate about providing our customers with quality, safe and an easy to construction product that are guaranteed results every time. Every day we provide advice and deliver satisfaction to offer solutions to your pest problems. Find out more about all of our products available.

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Chives, which help apple scab but not moths and maggots ; Codling Moth Traps. In the rainy Pacific Northwest, tent-shaped hanging codling moths traps are most effective when put out by the end of March or earlier. Unfortunately, traps alone are not effective at keeping overall pest populations down. Apple Maggot Traps & Prevention Will gypsy moth pheromone traps help prevent or reduce defoliation? No! Pheromone traps are used by scientists and pest managers to detect new gypsy moth populations in uninfested areas. These traps, which are baited with the sex pheromone produced by female gypsy moths, only capture male moths and will have no effect on the current or future.

There are some commercial orchards which utilize bug zappers or light traps to reduce codling moth populations. This is a significant expense and not widely practiced. However, there may be some reduction in both female and male codling moth if a light trap/bug zapper is place in the upper 1/3 of the tree canopy Get Moth Prevention Moth Trap delivered to your door in as little as 2 hours. We shop and deliver, you enjoy. Orders $35+ Ship Free Get free shipping on qualified Moths Insect Traps or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Outdoors Department. Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Gnat Traps Indoor/Outdoor Insect Fungus Gnats, Whiteflies, Aphids, Leaf Miners,Thrips(20-Count) fly strips mosquito control carpenter bee trap fruit fly trap outdoor insect traps mosquito magnet.

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Take Control of Pantry Moths 10 Premium Pheromone Moth Traps. You get 10 moth traps ( 5 x 2 traps ) enough to begin the battle against a pantry moth infestation.. Agricultural Pheromone Lure attracts the male moths and prevents further infestation, over time the moth population drops below breeding threshold, no more moth larvae, no more adult moths Pheromone traps can be a very effective way of managing moth infestations at home or everywhere else. They can be used to monitor, trap, and kill different species of moths. A moth pheromone trap usually comes with a glue trap and a bait that attracts the moths to it. In most cases, the bait is usually a sex pheromone Trap Them - For easy clothes moth control, use our safe and non-toxic, TERRO® Clothes Moth Traps. The traps contain a powerful pheromone lure that attracts moths to the trap's sticky surface where they get stuck and die. Simply place the moth traps in areas where moths are observed. TERRO® Clothes Moth Traps attract and kill the most common. Codling moth trap. Codling moths are trapped using a tent-shaped plastic or waxed-paper trap, hung in a tree. The most common are delta traps or wing traps. On the inside, the trap is coated with tanglefoot (made up of a natural, sticky substance). A lure that gives off artificial female pheromones is used as bait The traditional control program is to spray trees with insecticide. But if you prefer to use greener methods, the following can reduce codling moth damage. Pheromone lures and traps Pheromones are compounds emitted by female moths to attract a mate, Young explained. Synthetic pheromones, laboratory-made compounds, mimic their natural.

These traps are usually constructed of pheromone impregnated glue strips on cardboard or paper. The pheromones attract male moths and trap them, therefore making mating impossible. According to moth traps reviews, the most effective are Revenge Pantry Pest Trap and ProPest Pheronet Pantry Pest Trap. They are very easy to set up and use DIY Clothes Moths Trap. Flypaper. Fish oil. tb1234. Dab a few drops of the fish oil onto the sticky flypapers. Hang the papers in and around the problem area to start catching and killing adult moths, whether you have closet moths or are making a DIY pantry moth trap

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Place the trap on shelving where it will not get smashed and is out of the reach of children and pets. The trap's pheromone bait will attract Flour Moths to the trap where they will get stuck in the glue. This is an effective, low effort tool that will last between 60 and 90 days. One trap will cover around 300 square feet. Prevention Clothing moth traps with pheromones make a great clothing moth killer for closets. Use Dr. Killigan's Six Feet Under Non-Toxic Insect Killer Spray as a great addition to your moth prevention, moth repellent and treatment kit. KILLER DESIGN - Dr. Killigan's moth traps are dressed to impress so you can display them with confidence Our clothes moth traps offer an economical and convenient pest control solution to moths damaging your furniture and clothing. Our clothes moth traps lasts up to 12 weeks as they trap adult moths. By trapping adult moths, you will break the breeding cycle in your home and deliver the moth control you need

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  1. Pantry Moth Control- Moth Traps . Pantry Pest Traps. Pantry moth traps use sex pheromones to attract the male moths. These traps are all natural and safe to use. Catching the male moth will prevent mating and more egg laying by the female moths.Some of these pheromone traps have the pheromone impregnated inside the glue
  2. Insect trapping. Attempting to control codling moth with pheromone traps or homemade baited traps does not provide adequate control unless multiple traps are used in a single isolated tree. If unmanaged fruit trees exist within half a mile or more, trapping will be ineffective
  3. China Made moth traps have recently hit Amazon, Do you trust imported moth traps with 'integrated lures' American Made brands like Able Catch and Catchmaster provide Safety Data Sheets,
  4. Frequent checks are the best way to prevent a large moth damage problem from taking over your home, and checking for them is simple. One of the easiest methods to indicate whether or not your home has moths is by using a trap. Make sure the trap you are using is for cloth moths and not another type of moth

Pheromone traps can be placed to attract the male moths and prevent them from mating with the females. Some traps contain soapy water in the bottom to kill the moths and some contain an insecticide strip. Chemical treatments are most successful when applied to the foliage during the larvae's early instar stages Brief tutorial on how to capture Gypsy Moth caterpillars during the Summer months with burlap cloth to help control Gypsy Moth populations and reduce defolia.. In many areas the codling moth is the most important pest of apples. This video shows how to combat the destructive codling moth, using organic techniques. T.. The pheromone traps contain a lure, which is placed in the upper section of the trap and a small amount of water is put in the bottom, to prevent the moth from escaping. The lure will attract the male moth. There are four lures that come with each trap which need to kept cold, or frozen until use Gypsy Moth Traps. When the gypsy moths reach the moth stage, you can catch the males with gypsy moth traps. Males flutter around searching for females. The traps have a bait inside their lid that smells like female gypsy moth pheromone, attracting males


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A: Homemade lures can be used to trap codling moth adults. Like many other garden pests, these insects are attracted to the scent of fermenting sugars. Mix one part molasses, juice, or beer to seven parts water with a few drops of soap and place the mixture in an open container. Hang the trap within the tree canopy Not using a degree-day model: treatment threshold = at least 2 moths captured on 2 consecutive weeks: apply sprays to the area associated with the trap (2.5 acres). For example, if 2 moths are captured the first week, 1 moth the next week, and 2 moths the third week, treatment is not recommended Moth capture in a pheromone trap is used to establish biofix, the start of degree-day accumulation. When the first moth is captured, the degree-day total is set at zero. According to research in California, the best time to apply control sprays is between 500 and 600 degree-days after biofix Pantry Moth Traps (6 Traps) Safe Sticky Glue Protect Your Kitchen/Pantry. $5.99. $4.90 shipping. or Best Offer

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Catchmaster - Eliminate moth infestation - food storage areas pantries or storage areas for pet food or birdseed with Pantry Pest Traps. From infested food. Easy set up - all you need is to place the pheromone bait in the designated box and place where needed and the attractant will lure moths within 12 ft If more than two male moths are captured in a trap during the second generation, a conventional insecticide may be necessary. Management-cultural control In small orchards, sanitation by removing and disposing of young damaged fruit can be helpful in reducing codling moth Keep monitoring traps after treatment. If trap catches exceed the threshold (more than a total of 5 moths in 2 consecutive weeks or 10 moths in 1 week in orchards that have hand-applied dispensers), treat at the stop drop application timing or earlier if needed

Make your own moth trap with just a few simple household objects. The male moths will fly into the trap. To see more about making homemade gypsy moth traps follow this link: Now is the time to help prevent an outbreak from happening next year, by preventing this year's insects from laying their eggs. Gypsy moth is a destructive pest Moths found on buildings and in light traps are primarily males. Killing males is unlikely to reduce the next generation of browntail moth. Using a bug-zapper or other device to kill insects attracted to lights is not recommended. It will kill insects that might help control browntail moth and other pests as well as browntail moths cover 4 types of food moth only Food Moth Traps Pheromone bait, no odour, Indian meal moth, Mill moth, Warehouse moth, Currant Moth one -two traps per roo 1. BioCare Birdseed and Pantry Moth Traps with Lures, 2 Count. By springstar. 9.7. View Product. 9.7. 2. Dr. Killigan's Premium Clothing Moth Traps with Pheromones Prime | Non-Toxic Clothes Moth.

best moth traps - Choose a great Moth Trap. 92%. Pantry Moths ruined Bird Seed. Bird Seed Moths caught in bathroom Trap Kitchen flour moths Kitchen Flour Moth Traps for Mediterranean Flour Moths Using a Flour Moth Trap in your cupboard / pantry prevents a infestation of your flour, wheat, corn meal, cereal, pancake mixes and other dry grains by flour bugs (or other pantry bugs). The little brown mediterranean flour moth (or any other type of grain moth) lays its eggs in canister lids and cupboard cracks The brown moth glue traps can then be folded for discreet use for moth pest control in sensitive areas. Catchmaster food and pantry moth traps contain a bait or lure that uses a moth pheromone attractant which emits a time release female moth pheromone scent designed to attract the adult male indian meal moth, flour moth and other food moths Because commercial traps typically attract more than one species of clearwing, identify trapped moths to be certain they are the species that attack your trees before you decide to take control action. Using Traps. Because traps can attract moths from a distance, you don't need to place the traps in infested trees GreenWay Clothes Moth Traps. $12 for 2. If you want to add an extra layer of security, place one pheromone trap in your closet to attract male adult moths and prevent them from procreating.

This 2019 article by a Camden man in The Free Press, an online newspaper serving Central Maine since 1985, describes a scheme to trap Browntail moths and cites the opinion of State entomologist Tom Schmeelk that the scheme will be largely ineffective:. State entomologist: Browntail Moth Extermination Plan Unlikely to Work; Tom Schmeelk, the State entomologist in the video that I just posted. Codling Moth Trap If you have wormy Apples or Pears, chances are pretty good that the worm is the larvae of a Codling Moth. They are universal pests and once fruit is inhabited, there is very little that can be done other than salvaging the good portion with a knife Draw your curtains at night to prevent moths entering the house. Rentokil advises vacuuming regularly, including hidden areas such as under beds, to remove eggs. When handwashing vulnerable items, add a couple of drops of lavender oil to the water. Spritz laundered items with lavender spray. 2

Pitch moth adults are day-flying moths, distinguished from other moths by their mostly clear wings with blackish margins. The Sequoia pitch moth's head, legs, and thorax are blackish and yellow. The abdomen is covered with blackish and yellow hairs in alternating bands, resembling a paper wasp or yellowjacket wasp Lures are sold separately and are necessary for trapping the gypsy moths. Gypsy Moth Traps are effective as monitors of adult gypsy moths only. They can be used as an element of a gypsy moth IPM program, but should not be relied upon to control a gypsy moth infestation. Since being introduced to the United States in 1869, Gypsy Moths have become one of the most destructive pests in our. Traps as Pest Control for Moths. Traps are commonly used for pest control. Sticky traps leave you with the problem of having to dispose of dead moths. This can be disgusting and frustrating since it does not address the real problem. Although you may catch adult moths in these traps, it is their larvae that do the damage

Trapping: Moth traps can be used for reduction of populations (if populations aren't too large) and to help monitor your current situation. Placing traps in susceptible areas before an infestation will help you detect the first signs of any moths in your area. All moth traps use pheromones, or sex hormones, to trap one half of a moth population Using a Moth Trap. Moth traps are very easy to use. You set them up 1hr before dusk or so, and use a timer to keep the light on until 30 minutes after dawn. to calm moths down, transfer them into specimen tubes and store them in the fridge or use anaesthetic throat spray. A lot of moths do fly before dusk so starting it before nightfall will. Bird Seed Moth Pheromone Traps are very effective bird safe moth control. Placed near your bird seed container, over the door to the bird cage room or below the bird cage , the bird food moth traps contain the same chemical messenger emitted by female seed moths. Male Bird Seed moths are attracted to the pheromone, and then are trapped in the. Indian Meal Moths Traps Prevent Food Loss. The little brown indian meal moth will infest dry foods like pasta, flour, grain, oatmeal, birdseed, cereal boxes, cornstarch, pancake mix, corn meal, corn starch, cake mix, rice, nuts, dried fruit, cat food, dog food, tea, herbs and spices. Moth larvae hatch from from the eggs laid by a female.

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The trap uses a powerful pheromone attractant to lure clothes moths and pantry moths into the glue trap, which stops them before they can continue breeding. The trap includes two lures, which each last for up to 3 months, offering up to 6 months of moth control total BioCare Clothes Moth Trap. The BioCare Clothes Moth Trap attracts and captures adult male webbing clothes moths. This Trap signals when a damaging infestation is present; it DOES NOT control larvae which feed on clothing.. Clothes Moths occasionally occur in homes where the larvae damage clothing and other personal objects made of wool, hair, fur or feathers PREMIUM-QUALITY - this pantry moth trap is made from high-quality materials. Premium moth pheromone mixed into the trap's glue will effectively protect your kitchen from moths. TOTALLY SAFE - 100% Safe and Non-toxic. Chemical and poison-free moth control, ideal for use in a pantry. Absolutely safe for foodstuffs Helps prevent damage to carpets. Please note: this is a 'capture and alert' product to help prevent damage from the UK's growing carpet moth and beetle infestation; to treat an already-present infestation, please see our Moth Stop Carpet & Fabric Spray. This trap can also be used after treatments to monitor how long they remain effective Without any intervention, codling moth numbers increase about four-fold from generation to generation. Therefore, targeting the first generation is important to reset the population size to a minimum. Control measures for subsequent generations can be adjusted to the local pest pressure indicated by trap counts. What's in the pest control.

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The Springstar S202 Flour and Pantry Moth Trap is a safe moth killer. Containing no toxins nor harmful chemicals makes it safe to use in any household. Whether you have kids or curious pets, they are safe from both moths and this meal moth trap Control all types of moths with a budget-friendly option with the Catchmaster Pantry Pest And Moth Traps. This six-pack works 24/7 to target many types of moths and is effective with food moths in the pantry and with cloth moths and larvae. With a simple setup and nontoxic bait, this is one of the top choices for homeowners and renters alike Moth Trap Pictures taken in Denise's kitchen show us the results of using a natural pheromone solution to trap the pantry moths that had taken over her cupboard.

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Therefore, in mating disruption orchards, use codling moth traps with CM-DA combo lures to monitor development and moth numbers. Place CM-DA combo traps (1 trap per 25 acres) in the mid-canopy of trees. High counts of codling moths in these traps will help determine the need for supplementing mating disruption with insecticides Moth Control - Pest Control for Moths. There are two basic types of moths that can become a problem within the home: cloths moths and grain moths. There is an easy way to identify which species is which. If adult moths are frequently noticed within the home, chances are they are grain moths Once the moths are detected, decisions are made about how to eliminate the gypsy moths from these isolated areas. Since the beginning of the trapping program, more than a dozen pockets of gypsy moth have been detected, treated, and eliminated in Indiana. Q: How is the pheromone used to control gypsy moth When it comes to Revenge Pantry Moth Traps, like these pheromone moth traps, using more traps is not the best scenario. More than 2 or 3 moth traps in an average size room can get so much pheromone scent in the air that the male moths are confused and have trouble locating the traps

Pantry moths, sometimes known as Indian meal moths, are notorious for infesting food and ruining grain and flour supplies. If you see signs of these destructive pests in your house, set out pesticide-free moth traps or carefully apply Safer® Brand OMRI Listed® moth-killing pesticides When used consistently, this trap and lure combo can help you claim back your foodstuffs. Use to control Indian Meal moths, Mediterranean Flour moths, Almond moths, and Raisin moths. Pesticide free. Lasts up to 3 months. Safe for use in food-handling and food storage areas. Safe for use in food-handling and food storage areas

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The Codling Moth trap traps male moths. Since the male moths fly at the same time as female moths, these traps are also helpful to monitor flight activity in order to apply insecticide treatment. Place the trap in the trees 1-2 weeks before bud breaks, in early spring. Check them every couple of days for moths The greater wax moth (Galleria mellonella) and the lesser wax moth (Achroia grisella) are pests that lay their eggs inside a beehive.There are four stages that the insect goes through as they grow: Egg stage: eggs are normally laid in the cracks and gaps of hive parts.They are tiny and appear in batches of around 300 to 600 eggs Box tree moth caterpillars (Figures 1, 5) are green and yellow with white, yellow, and black stripes and black spots; they are only caterpillars in the region that feed on boxwood, so finding them on the host plant is distinctive. Box tree moth caterpillars take about 14 days to mature. Pupae are found amongst webbing and damaged leaves (Figure 6)

This trap safely removes most insects and bugs including mosquitoes, fruit flies, gnats, moths, black flies, and pretty much any insect flying pest! Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Great for kitchens, bedrooms, outdoor patio areas, campers, and offices. Measures 14 x 4 x 4 inches The main strategy to manage Gypsy moth movement is called Slow-The-Spread (STS), which is designed to delay the amount of new territory invaded through trapping and applying insecticides. In order to further prevent the spread, before moving out of an infested area, be sure to visually inspect all vehicles and outdoor items to prevent. Demi Diamond Clothes Moth Killer - Repellent Refill pads - 10 Pack. Regular price. £899. £8.99. Demi Diamond Clothes Moth Traps - Holder & Pads. Regular price. £199. £1.99. Clothes Moth Killer Wardrobe Trap | Moth Trap Kit | 5 Flat Traps & 10 Refills

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If trap catches are low or the weather turns too cool for moth activity, you can delay treatment, but continue to monitor. Second generation egg hatch. Use pheromone trap catches to detect an increase in moth flight activity around 1060 degree-days from the first biofix, which signals the start of the next flight and is the second biofix Sale! Moth Traps. Moth Infestation 20 pack Able Catch. Rated 5.00 out of 5. $ 48.90 $ 35.75. Add to cart. Able Catch Moth Traps - Moth Control - Elevated. You need to assign Widgets to Shop Sidebar in Appearance > Widgets to show anything here Clothing moth traps with pheromones make a great clothing moth killer for closets. Use Dr. Lightsmax's Six Feet Under Non-Toxic Insect Killer Spray as a great addition to your moth prevention, moth repellent and treatment kit. KILLER DESIGN - LIGHTSMAX's moth traps are dressed to impress so you can display them with confidence Control over release rate and dose rate - making the trap substantially more effective. With the live moths trapped, the larvae - which actually cause the damage - cannot be born. See video link below. Each Pheromone bullet last for 60-90 days, the entire set offers 30 months of protection when maintained. Traps effective within 5-15 feet Male moths do not fly until temperatures exceed 13°C and codling moths do not mate until temperatures exceed 16°C. Control options Pheromone traps . Adult female codling moths release a sex-attractant chemical (pheromone) to attract male codling moths. Synthetic pheromones are used in traps to indicate the presence of male codling moths in.

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Wax moths will wreak havoc on a beehive in a very short amount of time. A good way to deter them is to lure them away from the hive by giving them something else that smells wonderful and trapping them. Making a homemade wax moth trap is an easy and effective way to reduce the number of wax moths in your apiary. Supplie Pantry Moths Life Cycle - Adult Stage. When you find a pantry moth flying around it is an adult. Having left the Larval and pupa stage, the adult pantry moth has finished feeding and has only 1 mission: To Create More Moths! Those moths will fly all over the house, typically at night, drawn to light and looking for a mate STAFECO PHEROMONE CLOTH MOTH KILLER TRAPS for Wardrobe Drawers Prevention Carpet and Clothes Moth Repellent, Carpet Protection (4 Pack) 4.3 out of 5 stars 5 £9.95 £ 9 . 9 To control oriental fruit moth by disrupting mating, put pheromone traps in the orchard by February 15 (San Joaquin Valley) and February 20 (Sacramento Valley) to detect the first moth emergence (see PHEROMONE TRAPS). As soon as moths have emerged, put out the mating disruption pheromone dispensers. (In orchards where mating disruption was used.

Mr Pink Clothes Moth Traps are an easy to use, no mess, perfectly safe, odourless solution to breaking the moth life cycle. The all natural pheromone based trap has absolutely no poison or pesticides and the Moth Trap is a perfectly safe no mess solution to get rid of moth infestations A popular method for trapping LDD moth caterpillars is to apply sticky tape to the trunk of trees, but this strategy poses a risk to other wildlife including birds and reptiles. Dutkiewicz says for people who choose to go the sticky tape route, they must check the traps often, because if you don't pay attention to it, you can have these. Easy to use Pantry Moth traps with Pheromone baits draw in Panrty Moths and break the breeding cycle. Large area traps , bigger glue surface With no pesticides and no odour, these traps are suitable for placement around the household, shops and warehouses and are active for 8-12 weeks. All product prices include VAT and FREE shipping The Pantry Moth Trap is a safe and effective way to control common house moths and remove these pests from your home. Each set comes with two traps, so you can leave them in areas where you see these insects the most. This flour moth trap will work for up to three months in normal household conditions

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