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Monteverde Extremo Bungee Jumping. Jump from a moving tram on cables hanging in a valley at a height of 450 feet. The Bungee Jump in Monteverde Extremo at 143 mts. is listed as one of the best sites that Costa Rica has, not only for its fall of 80 meters deep (265 fts), that places it among the highest hanging platforms and best for this sport. Monteverde Activities. Jump from a moving tram on cables hanging in a valley at a height of 450 feet. The bungee jump of Monteverde Extremo from 143 metres is listed as one of the best sites that Costa Rica has offer! Not only for its fall of 80 meters (265 fts), that places it among the highest hanging platforms, but also for the lush beauty.

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  1. Monteverde Extremo Bungee is one of the highest adrenaline pumping attractions in Monteverde, Costa Rica. On this unque tour you travel on a short tram and cable system to reach a high platform. Time to look around and enjoy the amazing view of the forest. From this platform of 143 meters (!) you take a deep breath and jump into space
  2. Monteverde Bungee Jumping Includes: * Round-trip transportation from most Cerro Plano, Santa Elena & Monteverde hotels. * 200 ft. free fall from a height of 470 ft. Highest bungee jump in all Central America. Departures: Bungee jumping departs 3 times daily at 8:00am, 11:00am, and 2:00pm from the Monteverde Extremo Adventure Park
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0:00. 0:00. 0:00 / 2:38. Live. •. Jump off the highest bungee jumping spot in Costa Rica on this bungee jumping tour in Monteverde Extremo Park at Monteverde Costa Rica and you will experience the most extreme adventure in the country. An aerial tram will take you up in the air to a platform between two mountains in the jungle And what better place to do it than from Monteverde, with an altitude of 1500 meters, making it one of the most scenic areas in Costa Rica. Touted to be the highest bungee jump in Central America, this adventure begins high above a sweeping canyon from a suspended tram 143 meters above the ground. Imagine

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DIY Costa Rica provides 100+ unique experience recommendations, each written as a chapter in a book, complete with photo galleries, Costa Rica field notes, experience details, Spanish pronunciation help, links to additional resources, and maps. Itemized by category, the following is a breakdown of the recommendations documented on DIY Costa Rica Experience bungee jumping like never before as you dive over a breath-taking cload forest deep in the heart of Costa Rica. The Monteverde Extremo Park COMBO Zipline, Swing and Bungee Jump Tour offers an unforgettable experience along with modern safety equipment, a safety briefing and tour instructions, experienced guides, a waterfall view, an.

And oh, did I mention that on a cable car 143 meters high, at the time of writing jumping Monteverde Extremo Park's is the highest bungee jump in all of Central America? It was 20 minutes past two and I had just returned to the reception area of Monteverde Extremo Park after ziplining through the lush forests of Monteverde Review of: Extreme Bungee Jumping in Monteverde I am afraid of heights, but I thought this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for my husband and I. The guys who took us up to the jump-off point were very nice and safety-conscious

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  1. Extremo Park's bungee jump, said to be the highest in Latin America and the only one left in Costa Rica, is 143 meters (469 feet) high, from the little aerial tram to the bottom of this huge, beautiful valley. We are 143 meters high from the river, and your jump is between 80 and 100 meters, depending on your weight, said Andrés, one.
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  3. Located an hour outside San Jose, Tropical Bungee's got the oldest and the highest bungee jump in Costa Rica. Roughly 260 feet high, the jump platform is built into the side of the Old Colorado River Bridge. The Bridge, constructed in 1924, used to be one of the main routes across Costa Rica
  4. For the thrill-seeker, Costa Rica's got at least 2 different locations to jump off a ledge and become a human yo-yo. Costa Rica's original bungee hotspot, located at the old Colorado River Bridge, has been in business since 1991. The bridge, at 265 feet high, is one of the tallest bungee destinations in the Americas

This thrilling tour takes 1 to 2 hours, plus time for transportation. The bungee jump in Monteverde consists of jumping off a tram, which moves on cables operated by a motor, into the center of a valley. The extreme jump is 143 meters off the ground. Jumper's minimum weight is 50kg. and maximum weight is 113kg. Transportation is included Thought I should share my video of my bungee jump experience at Monteverde Extreme Bungee in Costa Rica, as other people's videos helped sort my nerves out!.

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Jump from a moving tram on cables hanging in a valley at a height of 450 feet. The Bungee Jump at 143 m. is listed as one of the best sites that Costa Rica has, not only for its fall of 80 meters deep (265 ft), which places it among the highest hanging platforms and best for this sport; but also by the lush scenic beauty of the canyon that makes it the ideal place to get some good photos of. incredible. Monteverde Zipline Hanging Bridges Tour. $115 / per person. Zipline through the clouds on a 2 mile course w/ Tarzan Swing, have a hearty. 8-12 Hours. adrenaline. Monteverde Bungee Jumping. $75 / per person. Jump to the void from a height of 143 meters!. becoming the highest of The Monteverde Extremo Bungee Jump is suspended on a tram in the middle of a valley. The Jump has a height of 143 meters (469 Feet) and the views from the tram are breathtaking, overlooking the gulf of nicoya on the pacific ocean. Ages & weights for Extremo Bungee Jump Monteverde: Must be over 18 Destination: Monteverde Last updated: Mar 24, 2021 Our travel journalist jumps off the highest bungee at Extremos Canopy in Monteverde, Costa Rica, Central Americ

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Description: Bungee jump near Monteverde. Contact us to book your trip. Details. Bungee Jumping. Location: Monteverde Puntarenas. Duration of the Tour. All day. Travel time from Jaco to Monteverde: 2:30hrs. Transalonso Costa Rica. Playa Herradura, Garabito, Puntarenas, Costa Rica (506) 88278688 A guide to visiting Monteverde, Costa Rica. Updated On 28th May, 2021. Monteverde, which translates literally to 'The Green Mountain' is located in the Puntarenas province, just a 2.5-hour drive north of Costa Rica 's capital San Jose. As one of the country's major ecotourism destinations and one of the most popular places to visit in. Eco Bungee is 90 minutes from San Jose, capital of Costa Rica and 50 minutes from La Fortuna (Arenal Volcano). Also is it recommended if you comes or go to the Central Pacific area or to & from La Fortuna . Minimum weight: 40 kg (less than this weight would make tandem jump with a guide). - Maximum weight: 110 kg

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  1. The top extreme ziplining in Costa Rica. PRICE. US$61. BOOK NOW. Monteverde 100% Aventura Superman Zipline. Experience what it feels like to fly as you soar high above the Cloud Forest Canopy in Monteverde on the longest and most EXTREME zipline in Latin America! Get a bird's eye view of the lush rainforest below as you glide Superman-style.
  2. g the highest in Costa Rica and Central America. The jump is available at 8AM, 11AM and 2PM..
  3. Take the plunge from the highest bungee jumping spot in Central America on this bungee jumping tour in Monteverde. Strong cables and a helmet keep you safe, while guides push you out of your comfort zone for an extreme adventure in the middle of the cloud forest—and a chance to see the landscape like never before

Overview. If you want extreme, this fast paced zip line adventure complete with Tarzan Swing, bungee cord, giant rappel and Superman cables will surely get your heart pumping. Set in the magnificent Monteverde mountain range with cables up to 3400 ft long and 600 ft high, you'll be zooming through this unique cloud forest canopy as if you. Costa Rica Bungee Jumping. Volarse en caída libre desde más de 100 metros de altura no deja de ser interesante. Es una experiencia verdaderamente hermosa por la adrenalina que se vive y los paisajes hermosos que pude observar. Pocas actividades hay, que proporcionen al turista de aventura una experiencia tan emocionante, como el salto en. We stayed 2 nights for the bungee jump and monteverde cloud forest. Cloud forest is pretty much just a jungle walk with one large and one small hanging bridge, similar to the volcano trail and bogarin trail but with more incline and better views. Not worth travelling all that way for though unless you want to do the bungee jump

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Experience bungee jumping like never before as you dive over a breath-taking cloud forest deep in the heart of Costa Rica. The Monteverde Extremo Park COMBO Zipline, Swing and Bungee Jump Tour offers an unforgettable experience along with modern safety equipment, a safety briefing and tour instructions, experienced guides, a waterfall view, an. You can find zip lines at Sky Adventures Monteverde Park, Selvatura Park and 100% Aventura. The zipline at 100% Aventura is one of the most exciting and is known as the superman zipline as it is 2km long. Monteverde Extremo Bungee is the highest bungee jump in Central America and is a 143m jump. On arrival, you'll hop on to a tram and cable.

So I made the decision to go bungee jumping. The Monday before the weekend of June 24-25 (I am obscenely late in posting this so dates were necessary), I planned a trip to Monteverde. Monteverde is a cloud forest in Costa Rica that boasts incredible ziplining and the tallest bungee jump in Central America (469 feet, that is) Visiting Monteverde, Costa Rica. Monteverde is a small town in the mountain ranges of Costa Rica and a major destination for ecotourism in the country. About 3 hours from San Jose, it is one of our top recommended destinations in Costa Rica. Monteverde is the best place to experience a cloud forest Other canopy tours include hanging bridges, aerial trams, and even bungee jumping! Monteverde Extremo Park. While in Costa Rica, we chose zip line in the Monteverde Cloud Forest, particularly at the Monteverde Extremo Park. My entire group was so pleased with our decision, we had an absolute blast zip lining For this part of the adventure, the guides will take you to a platform on top the canopy forest, and using a specialized system of elastic ropes for bungee jumping, as well using the highest safety standard equipment, you will be able to jump 100 from approximately 100 feet high Bungee Jumping. Reserva Conchal's strategic locations gives you rapid access to the beach and the mountains. But if you're interested in an unique bungee experience head off to Monteverde and let loose in the middle of two green mountains in the highest jump Costa Rica has to offer. The centennial rainforests of Monteverde will be the.

Monteverde is rated the 2nd most sought-after vacation spot and is world-famous for its pristine reserves. It is very rural and located in the gorgeous Tilaran Mountain of Costa Rica at an elevation of about 1500 m. There are approximately 7,000 people living in Monteverde. The road to Monteverde is about 35 kms from the Pan-American Highway See the birds of Costa Rica. Indulge during a coffee, sugar cane and chocolate tour. Relax at a Monteverde cloud forest lodge. Go horseback riding. Click below to book a horseback ride in Monteverde. Wander through a hummingbird garden. Stay up late for a night tour. Zoom across a Costa Rica zip line. Do an unexpected bungee jump WE OFFER: Free transportation from any hotel in Monteverde, modern and safe equipment, safety instructions, well trained and experienced guides, waterfall view, 14 cables, of which 4 are extremely long: 1-1410 ft, 2-1275 ft, 3-1800 ft, 4-2250 ft. Cables have an approximate height of between 225 ft and 450ft, Tarzan Swing, Rappel (90ft), insurance, excellent service and commodity, short hikes. Costa Rica- Monteverde, Extremo Park. This the highest bungee jump in Latin America. At the height of 143 meters, this park is above the Cloud Forest of Central America. Bungee Jumping from a height of 120 ft (37 m) is a safe and fun experience as they use high quality jumping equipments. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico : Also, Rea The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is unique compared to other tropical rainforests of Costa Rica, with a constant haze, hence its name. The high humidity at this altitude, 1,600 meters above sea level (5250 ft), creates the fog and a dense cloud cover over the area

On top of all that, Monteverde is arguably the best place in Costa Rica for extreme adventure (rivaled perhaps by Arenal). It boasts a zipline where you can fly facedown like Superman for almost a mile, and the only bungee-jumping left in Costa Rica. Cloud forests are a mountaintop phenomenon Monteverde bungee jump. The Vertigo Drop is the last stop on the Monteverde zip line tour, where guests stand on the edge of a 25 metre high platform and are fastened to a bungee cord. Those brave souls then leap off-backwards-and free fall for 12 metres before the cord tightens and they're lowered the rest of the way down onto a huge mat You have two options for bungee jumping in Costa Rica: the Colorado River Bridge, near Alajuela, and a bungee/extreme machine in Jaco. Bungee purists prefer the Colorado Bridge jump, which has been perfecting its awesome jumps for more than 20 years. In Jaco, a manufactured bungee free-falls 130 feet and includes a water touchdown, if you're. Monteverde Extremo Park, Monteverde, Costa Rica. 17,486 likes · 85 talking about this · 15 were here. Monteverde Extremo Pa Monteverde is a destination full of adventure where you can come to get your thrills as you soar through the cloud forest on a zip line tour, walk along suspension bridges high in the trees on a canopy tour, bungee jump off a 143 meter tram, make your way to visit beautiful waterfalls, swing like Tarzan, or fly like superman

EXTREMO BUNGEE JUMPING. Extremo Bungee is one of the most adrenaline pumping attractions in Costa Rica! This bungee experience is singular because the jump is made from a Tram suspended by a cable system that allows jumpers to freefall from a maximum height of 143 meters (470 feet), the in highest Costa Rica and Central America! This is the. Bungee Jump is one of the most awesome adventures in the world, in Costa Rica you have the greatest oportunity to try it only 45 minutes from San José. A magical place that will trap you! 106. 33. Tropical Bungee 100% Buena vibra!!!!!! 79. 14

During the ziplining I met a group of European girls studying Spanish in Costa Rica. They were all doing the bungee, and being the only guy jumping I had a great time laughing at them screaming all the way down. With it's 143 meters the bungee jump in Monteverde is the highest in Central America Walking distance from the misty Bosque Nuboso reserve, Selina Monteverde sits high up in the clouds, overlooking Santa Elena's main town. Spanish for green mountain, Monteverde is home to woodland flowers, rare bird species, and some of the most picturesque forest trails in Costa Rica. Unlike other hotels in the region, our forest lodge. Itemized by category, the following is a breakdown of the recommendations documented on DIY Costa Rica. Register today to start browsing! Note: Clicking on the title of any recommendation below will open the recommendation's page on DIY Costa Rica in a new window. The option to view DIY Costa Rica content is restricted to member access only

Monteverde, whose official name is Monte Verde, is a district of the Puntarenas canton, in the Puntarenas province of Costa Rica. it is located in the Cordillera de Tilarán mountain range. Roughly a four-hour drive from the Central Valley, Monteverde is one of the country's major ecotourism destinations. The area is host to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and several other natural. Bungee Jumping in Costa Rica: Monteverde Extremo Park. Nelson Leave a comment. Prior to bungee jumping in Costa Rica I only had one such experience which was in Gunma alongside a Japan-based postgraduate classmate. It wasn't what I hoped for for the reason that the elastic cord was attached to the waist and not to the ankles As in all tours in Costa Rica, you cannot miss bird watching since the country has 12 special sites for bird watching and Monteverde is one of them. Our country has more than 900 species of birds grouped into 94 families and 7 endemic species. For those who love this activity, this is a good scenario to appreciate them. Bungee Jump The cloud forests of north central Costa Rica will feed your adrenaline with hiking, canyoning, ziplining, and bungee jumping. Monteverde has a backpacker vibe with good bar options to throw a few back while you badger your buddy who chickened out of the bungee jump Feb 27, 2020 - Costa Rica, travel, tourism, vacations, tour packages,. See more ideas about costa rica, costa, costa rica travel

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Description. Experience the largest bungee jump in Costa Rica and Central America! This bungee jump is 143 meters high and is reachable only by arial tram. Your guides will provide high quality equipment and a safety talk before getting ready for the real adventure. On a count of three you'll take leap into the vastness above the cloud forest. I didn't regret not jumping because I knew that was just one step too far outside my comfort zone. I'm fine being outside the comfort zone, but not a mile outside. Now cut to Monteverde, Costa Rica, at 100% Aventura. Ziplining was on our 'must-do' list for Costa Rica as it is basically a rite of passage for any visitor Monteverde Canopy Extremo takes you on 14 different zip lines and even across a waterfall. These zip lines measure an amazing 467 mts, 425 mts, 600 mts, 750 mts, along with our famous half mile Superman cable. The zip lines range in height between 75 mts to 150 mts. There are 21 platforms which include our breath-taking Tarzan Swing and Rappel. 5. Bungee Jumping. Photo by Monteverdeextremopark.com. If you are looking for things to do in Monteverde Costa Rica that will keep your heart pumping, you should definitely try the Bungee Jump at Monteverde Extremo Park. With a total length of 197 feet, this bungee is rated as the highest in all of Central America The BEST canopy in Costa Rica. One of the best experiences you need to try in Monteverde, as you will, literally, Extreme Bungee Jumping in Monteverde cancellation policy: For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience

Fast Facts. Region: Monteverde Closest Airports: Both international airports (Liberia and San José) are about 4 hours drive to Monteverde. Altitude: 5,900 feet (1,800 m), although the highest hiking trails are at an elevation of 4,100 feet (1,250 m) Average Temperature: Monteverde is misty, humid, and windy, with a mean annual temperature of 61-64° F (16-18° C Hackett and his team had to develop a 'second-generation bungee cord' for the site, due to the height single jump £142. Extremo Park, Monteverde, Costa Rica. Latin America's highest bungee. Monteverde Extremo ★★★ (www.monteverdeextremo.com); (tel) 2645-6058 or 2645-6981, offers Costa Rica's only bungee-jumping ($73)—the most extreme adventure possible in this adventure-rich place—as well as Tarzan swings, Superman flights, and ordinary ziplines. If you thrive on adrenaline, just jump off the aerial tram suspended 143m. You can also go to Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Another idea is to do a guided walk of the cloud forest in the morning, coffee tour in the afternoon and then night walk. Read about other things to do in Costa Rica below! 10 Things to do in Guanacaste. 13 Things to do in Jaco. Things to do in Puerto Viejo. 10 Things to do in San Jos

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For an extra fee, you can go bungee jumping, take a buggy tour, or do the swing extremo. There is also a restaurant on site. Cost: $50 per person for the ziplining. $75 per person for bungee jumping. $44 for the swing extremo. $80 for the buggy tour. Transportation: Free transportation from your hotel within downtown Monteverde is included In Costa Rica, Monteverde pioneered these wonderful suspension bridge tours, with the introduction of the walk, Free; Extremo Bungee . Central Pacific, Monteverde. Jump from a moving tram on cables hanging in a valley at a height of 450. Free; Walk in Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve Monteverde is a small town located in Costa Rica's Cordillera de Tilarán region. Monteverde is a place of cloud forests and coffee plantations, monkeys, mist, and friendly locals. The town of Santa Elena is small and quaint, filled with tasty restaurants and folksy artisan shops, while the nearby rainforest hosts a remarkable amount of.

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Santa Elena Tourism; Santa Elena Hotels; Bed and Breakfast Santa Elena; Santa Elena Holiday Rentals; Flights to Santa Elena; Santa Elena Restaurants; Santa Elena Attraction 1. Bungee Jump in Monteverde. Sure, you can bungee jump off a bridge at home, but can you do it for nearly five hundred feet into one of Nature's greatest remaining wildlife preserves? Monteverde, or the Green Mountain, is the focal point of Costa Rica's cloud forest — not to be confused with the rainforest. Drop down through the misty. Travel Advisory: Covid-19 Health & Safety Monteverde Extremo Zip Line Tour Home / Day Tours / Monteverde Tours / Monteverde Extremo Zip Line Tou

16. Extremo Park, Monteverde, Costa Rica. This is Latin America's highest bungee jumping point at 143 meters. What makes it even more unique is that your plunge takes place from a tram suspended by a cable over the Central American cloud Forests. It's easy to get lost here but you will definitely find a new you In Monteverde Sky Adventures discover the forest from the top. View aerial tram and go deep into the forest on the hanging bridges walk 8. Monteverde. Monteverde is defiantly a place that should be added to your Costa Rica bucket list. It is known for its cloud forest, suspension bridges and if you are an adrenaline junkie like me their bungee jumping. It is like jumping out into the unknown and you feel as if you are flying with the birds

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Costa Rica is full of amazing adventure opportunities. Zip lines, rafting, night hikes, horseback riding, volcano hikes, surfing, ATV tours, and even bungee jumping. I tried the big ones like zip lines and surfing on my first trip here in 2012 and just could not bring myself to sign up for bungee jumping Bungee Jump, Monteverde, Costa Rica If we would have to choose the most intense and crazy bungee jump in the country, it would definitely be the Old Colorado Bungee Jump! Located in Monteverde , getting to this awesome spot will take you about 4 hours and a 4×4 vehicle Bungee Extremo. Unique in its kind since the jump is made from a Tram that moves through a cable system to reach the point from where the most daring will jump to the void from a height of 143 meters becoming the highest in Costa Rica and Central America Monteverde (Costa Rica) Part of Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Monteverde is a well-known tourist destination for those seeking to experience the nature reserve toted by many as the top of its kind in beauty, preservation and hospitality. From zip-lining through the canopy to bungee jumping from the highest bungee jump in South America, Monteverde. ~5 hrs: Costa Rica's #1 zip line, Safe & ACCT approved; State-of-the-art self-braking systems; Quick fall bungee jump; Walking bridge over crocodiles; A wide variety of animals - Sloths, monkeys, jaguars, pumas, and more; World-class butterfly observatory; Toucans and a large variety of small birds, frogs, and reptiles; Free coffee, water, and fruit drinks; Free buffet lunch at our ocean.

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Zip-lining, white-water rafting, canopy trekking, bungee jumping. Ok, scratch that last one. Even on a bottle of Valium, that's not happening in this lifetime. I'll stick to the rest, as well as Costa Rica chocolate, and be just fine. But there was one activity I wanted to try above all others, and that was the Monteverde cloud forest zip line You can also try for bungee jumping in Costa Rica in Extremo Park. This is the newest as well as highest bungee jump in Latin America. Here, bungee junkies are suspended by a series of cables over the height of 143 meters. Also, it is set in a park so that you can explore the forest while bungee jumping Adventure Costa Rica! Imagine you experience and unforgettable adventure in one of the most incredible destinations in the World. Costa Rica is well know for it natural landscapes and all the activities you can pracite in its exotic lands. Definitely an once in a lifetime adventure At Monteverde Extremo Park you can do an insane bungee jump from a suspended tram into the lush green cloud forest valley. The plunge is said to be the highest bungee jumping spot in Central America. The Monteverde bungee jumping tour will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel CALL NOW (506) 8706 9148 | info@monteverdeforest.com. Facebook Instagram. Search for

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Monteverde costa rica. Costa Rica | Monteverde. Quartos. Hóspedes. Room 1. 2. Add Quarto Ok. Checar disponibilidade. Se precisar de um teste COVID antes de deixar o Selina, nós tratamos de si! faça uma experiência extrema de bungee jumping ou arregace as mangas em nossa área de coworking. Enquanto o sol se põe, acomode-se perto da. 2 guests. Private Bathroom. Entire Dome. This rural dome is located in Monteverde, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, and is ideal for two guests to enjoy a glamping getaway. The space is studio-style, with a comfortable queen-size bed. In the bathroom, there is a toilet, a sink, and a glass shower. Linens and towels are provided For those who love adventure Costa Rica is the perfect destination because it offers a various options like cable car rides, ziplining, climbing, paragliding, rafting, kayaking and the most popular one surfing. Other experiences with a higher connection to nature are whale and dolphin watching in Marino Ballena National Park and Golfo Dulce