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i want to stop wearing my hijab and i have no idea what to do. i've been wearing it since i was 8(i'm 14 now) and i feel i've never worn the hijab for the right reasons. i've always been sort of chubby and i've worn the hijaab to cover my double chin and face fat. but now, i'm losing weight and i've discovered this new style that i really like and i want to take it off.my older sisters are. Why I Chose To Stop Wearing The Hijab& Why I Went Back. but that stems largely from the luxury of having a choice about if I want to wear it and how I want to wear it I wear a hijab as well but it's as you said: it's a choice. Theres no use in wearing it if you don't actually want to wear it, since you're wearing it more for your parents etc rather than God. I think good character and the way you carry yourself is most important - everything else intwines into that eventually. 2 Author Topic: i want to stop wearing the head-scarf/hijab, need support! (Read 37893 times) princess. Beginner/Inquirer; Posts: 78; Karma +0/-0; Gender: i want to stop wearing the head-scarf/hijab, need support! « on: July 15, 2010, 03:56:26 PM. I want to stop wearing hijab but my mom gets mad if I wear even a turban. Close. 5. Posted by 3 hours ago. I want to stop wearing hijab but my mom gets mad if I wear even a turban. I've been struggling with hijab for 6 years now and I'm so over it. I've worn it since I was 12. I'm tired of going back and forth, I am just mentally exhausted

You can do whatever you like (within the law, of course!), so if you don't want to wear the hijab, then don't wear it! Suddenly taking off the hijab doesn't mean you'll start clubbing/drinking (which are perfectly normal activities enjoyed by many!). (Before someone, somehow manages to interpret this response as Islamaphobic - don't I'm a Muslim who has worn the Hijab for nearly ten years. I have worn hijab since High School and just recently I've taken it off due to various reasons. Well, what does it like? 1. Definitely my ears and neck feel cold now, especially during wint.. I decided against it because the hijab was a symbol of my faith, my identity, and I didn't know how to be without the hijab. As time wore on, I began to put this fear of wearing the hijab aside

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Women have take to the questions and answer site Quora to reveal why they chose to stop wearing the hijab, with some admitting they were living in fear of racist abuse (stock image) However, one.. To answer the question if it's considered a sin if a woman doesn't wear the hijab, Dr. Shabir Ally said that to say that something is a sin, there needs to be a very clear mandate either in the Quran or in the authentic saying of Prophet Muhammad SAW Know that wearing hijab will NOT stop you from doing anything you want to do in life. Before I started wearing hijab, thinking about all of the things that I thought I had to give up gave me anxiety. I thought of my passion for working out and living a healthy lifestyle you should have given us some extra information about yourself , that is why you feel insecure and , where you live what makes you have this stressful feeling. I am wearing hijeb myyself . I never feel insecure .I am happy and really pleased with.

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Hijab is wajib in Islam. You want to be guided by Islam and closer to Allah, that's by starting to stop sinning and doing the wajibaat. While doing so read about your faith, about Islam and about the things that you find confusing We often hear stories of why Muslim women choose to wear the hijab — the headscarf. The Star asked some women why they chose to stop wearing it. From safety to spirituality, each woman has her own.. There are many kinds of major sins such as lying, zinaa, riba (usury/interest), stealing, not wearing hijaab at all, and so on. Based on the above, we cannot say for certain whether a woman who does not wear hijaab will enter Hell, but she deserves the punishment of Allaah because she has disobeyed His command to her Hey guys! People are always shocked when I tell them I'm Muslim, and it's usually because I do not wear the hijab, otherwise known as a head scarf. Well, thi..

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i want to stop wearing a hijab

  1. The public may misconceive the covering of women to be oppression, when, in fact, this is not what Islam preaches. For most people, including myself, voluntarily wearing the hijab represents empowerment, faith, and identity. Women are obligated to wear hijabs after reaching puberty; however, no one should ever be forced into it
  2. Questions About Wearing a Hijab That You're Too Embarrassed to Ask. Posted by unveiledthought on May 26, 2014. I love when people ask me questions about Islam. LOVE. IT. It means you're showing an interest in who I am and what I believe instead of making assumptions. It gets me thinking about why I believe or do the things I do
  3. She said: I made the conscious decision to wear the hijab at age of 17. I was brought up in a Muslim household but I went on a journey into learning about Islam for myself , I didn't want to wear it because my parents thought I should , but because I wanted to. That was important to me
  4. Amani decided to stop wearing the hijab in college. For a long time I denied a large part of myself because I felt marked with a religious piety that I didn't necessarily feel, she says. I felt..
  5. Deciding to Wear the hijab - Tips to Get Started. For those sisters who want to start wearing the hijab, we have compiled tips to help you on your journey. 1. Wear it for the sake of Allah (SWT) Make the intention to wear the hijab for the sake of your creator. Take the first step and He will take care of the rest
  6. The fact that I can wear the hijab by choice is part of my freedom and liberation. And freedom won't be complete in any shape or form until people stop policing us and our bodies. My dad never forced me to wear the hijab, nor has my husband forced me to keep it on. It has been my choice entirely. You see, Muslim women — in particular.

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You wear Hijab, Burqa, Bindi, Skirt, lingerie - your business. But defining feminism as 'choosing to wear hijab'! There IS nothing such as 'Muslim feminism'. LET WOMEN DO WHAT THEY WANT AND STOP BEING JUDGMENTAL. Prakash Tiwari March 12, 2019 At 12:43 AM. Do you eat same food 365 days a year then why wear a same clothes 365 days a. But that generosity of spirit doesn't change the fact that the claim that hijab-wearing women had anything to be scared about in the United States after 9/11 is a propaganda fiction. The reality is that many of the most celebrated of the cases claiming the harassment of women and girls wearing hijab turned out to have been faked by the. For Muslim women, a headscarf — or hijab — is a visible sign of their faith and identity, and whether to wear one is a big decision. The recent decision by a Christian college professor to don a.. Ignorant People Made Me Want To Wear Hijab. Kaya Gravitter shipping at an outlet mall. The way a woman dresses can express what she wants you to see or know of her. A hijab clearly expresses that a woman is Muslim. This is one of the reason that pushed me to wear the hijab without thinking. Though I believe the way a woman dresses is between.

I am a muslim and i want to take off my hijab. there. ive said it. I remember the day I wore it. i was thirteen. my bestfreind and ive been talking about wearing hijab for a while. because everyones been doing it. duh. it was the coolest new thing. we decided we would soon.It was in Ramadan, after iftar i went to her place so we can go to our. I want to let you know that you are not alone if you are scared. I am scared with you. I have worn hijab ( head scarf) for a very long time (I am talking since 1994!). Back then, I was told by very well meaning people not to wear it since it was right on the heels of the World Trade Center bombing and I could be the target of hateful people You can make your next dress a little wider for instance. Besides, modesty is not only about the hijab. Start wherever you are. Start small. Been a fan since 6 years old. Sister, you just answered your own question. You mentioned how you don't want to wear hijab but You should. So do what you should do

Wearing hijab outside of prayer times also fosters solidarity, and a united Muslim identity for a lot of women-but not all. If you don't want to wear hijab outside of praying, don't wear it; a lot of Muslim women do not wear hijab.. A: Of course not! Even though hijab is such a heavily emphasized part of Islam, there are so many. They no longer want to necessarily identify with that faith group, Sherazi said. Amiri is also not the only one who has decided to take off the hijab because of an attack or discrimination. Some Muslim women in Ottawa and Toronto are choosing to stop wearing the hijab as a direct result of Islamophobic incidents like the one she described

I have been wearing the hijab since the 8th grade. My older sister who wears hijab told me You are too young. when I started wearing the hijab, but, unfortunately, now I am realizing what she was trying to tell me at that time. After I started high school, I realized that I had a really bigoted education in middle school There are many kinds of major sins such as lying, zinaa, riba (usury/interest), stealing, not wearing hijaab at all, and so on. Based on the above, we cannot say for certain whether a woman who does not wear hijaab will enter Hell, but she deserves the punishment of Allaah because she has disobeyed His command to her As a Muslim woman who struggles with wearing the hijab herself, I want to make it clear that WEARING A HIJAB DOES NOT MAKE US PERFECT MUSLIMS! YES, WE SIN AND MAKE MISTAKES, WE DO PARTY (HALAL WAY), WE DO HAVE CRUSHES, WE DO HAVE GUY FRIENDS, WE HAVE DIFFERENT WAYS OF STYLING OUR HIJAB AND LIKE TO PAIR IT WITH SKINNY JEANS British-Muslim fashion blogger Dina Torkia decided to stop wearing the hijab full-time to much criticism. Photo: Rooful Ali. The act of de-veiling has attracted a huge amount of public attention in recent times because of social media. Many Muslim women with a large social media following and whose public identities have been shaped by the hijab have spoken publicly of their decision to stop. Every day, they rebuked me for I don't wear a hijab at home. With all the trouble in the world, their problem is my hair. Even though I've never said I want to stop wearing a hijab, my grandfather says: If you're going to give up wearing a hijab, she's not going to have a place in this house, and she doesn't have to study

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  1. There are days when my hijabi self can take on the world and days when I just want to let it all go. If I chose to take off the hijab, I wouldn't be the first in my circle to do so
  2. The people who want to keep masking: 'It's like an invisibility cloak' oddly angry public debates about when people should stop wearing masks outside. and women who wear the hijab, a.
  3. With this hijab for young girls, the French government thinks they're doing a good thing. They believe they're saving hijabi girls from being forced into doing something they don't want to. And that's incredibly admirable, but for many young girls, wearing a hijab is a choice. It's admirable that they're trying to fight for young.
  4. My mom has worn a hijab for as long as I can remember, and so have my aunts, cousins, family friends, etc., so it felt normal when I started wearing it all of the time at 11 years old

I want to stop wearing hijab but my mom gets mad if I wear

In the days after I decided to stop wearing hijab, I remember weaving through crowds, feeling drunk on my invisibility. There was an ease that came with my perceived whiteness: The world seemed more polite. Fewer people were rude to me, fewer people stared, no one asked where I was really from or marveled at the fluency of my English And so, I repeat what I wrote here, what I said to my friend when she asked me if she should/could wear a hijab in solidarity at an interfaith event: If you want to place a cloth on your head as a show of solidarity with Muslims, do so. I welcome and appreciate it. But, let's talk about the complexities of hijab wearing

The year I started wearing the hijab - the head scarf some Muslim women wear — was also the year I got braces and glasses. It was the mid-2000s, I was about to enter high school and it was the heyday of melodramatic teenage insecurities, fuelled by cinema classics such as Mean Girls and High School Musical.Unbeknownst to me at 13, I had teetered dramatically away from conventional beauty. The TV station argues that wearing a hijab is necessary for women to avoid unwanted attention. World Hijab Day, Ahlul Bayt and the University of Calgary didn't respond to requests.

People should stop associating Islam with extremism. This is the same as saying Christians who go to church each Sunday are also conservative. Muslim women who wear the hijab do so because they want to be modest and want to follow God's direction to a pure life Hijab is an Arabic word which directly translates to barrier. Many would recognize the word to mean the headscarf worn by Muslim women out of religious faith. Others would call it a tool of oppression in a patriarchal society that aims to police women's bodies. City High is home to a growing Muslim student population, some who choose to observe modest dress and others who do not If tomorrow I want to take it off and start wearing short skirts, it's my personal choice, and no one can prevent me from doing that. Lili, 40, is a writer and mother of three in Nice In France, wearing the hijab at school was banned because of the anti-Muslim sentiment. The ban was only aimed at Muslim girls. Officially, the government has had to say that they are banning all religious symbols. But look, all those who were forced to stop going to school were Muslim girls. Stop using hijabs as a tool for 'solidarity.' When non-Muslim women wear headscarves, they do a disservice to Muslim women who choose not to veil. Non-Muslim allies can't define Muslim womanhood

The hijab is a veil worn by some Muslim women in Muslim countries where the main religion is Islam, but also in the Muslim diaspora, countries where Muslim people are minority populations.Wearing or not wearing a hijab is part religion, part culture, part political statement, even part fashion, and most of the time it is a personal choice made by a woman based on the intersection of all four Why I Took Off My Hijab. When I was in the seventh grade, at the crossroads of so many insecurities, I hated my body and loved cosmic brownies and would have died for the book The Catcher in the Rye.Like probably everyone else, I related so painfully to Holden's pent-up longing, his desire to change the world or at least himself to fit more sensibly into it The main form of hijab in Iran. The idea is to cover the whole hair, arms, and hands up to the wrist and legs to the ankle. In the past, women used to wear Chador to cover up the whole body except the face, with a large piece of cloth. Nowadays, women still wear a black chador in the streets Critics of the pro-hijab movement insist that wearing a hijab to show solidarity with Muslim women does no such thing. In fact, they say, the only people it serves to empower are male oppressors because it reinforces the idea that women must be subservient. In that sense, the hijab is a literal symbol of the patriarchy Posted January 21, 2014. On 1/20/2014 at 7:05 PM, Raven said: (wasalam) Once a female reaches the age of 9 she is required to adorn the hijab. So yes, your mother must wear it regardless of her old age. According to some ahadith/scholars very old women do not need to observe hijab as they are no longer attractive

Neither of these excuses, however, is a valid reason for firing someone for wearing a hijab, and such actions may be grounds for a lawsuit. Recent Cases In 2012, an ex-Disneyland Park employee received permission from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to sue the resort and amusement park company Here is the list of 10 highly irritating questions that are often asked from a Hijab wearing girl. People need to stop asking them! 1-Oh my, you are oppressed. Okay, now wearing a piece of cloth over the head is the new definition of oppression? People, Hijab are a choice. If a woman opts to wear it, it is simply her choice She was wearing a hijab in the 1980s and 1990s, when the Muslim headscarf was so rare that people thought she was just expressing her personal sense of style. and I didn't necessarily want. We want to hear from you about the truly strange, wild, and weird things people have said to you about your hijab so we can start debunking the misconceptions around it. Tap to play or pause GIF. NTA. She sounds like the type of woman who'd criticize other women for wearing a hijab and demand that they wear shorts and crop-tops in order to be 'truly free,' without even realizing that women can and should wear whatever the hell they want without being judged.~MissSavior NTA

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Muslim Women Say Wearing Hijab Is Empowering. TEHRAN (IQNA) - Sara Awamleh says wearing a hijab makes her feel empowered. The hijab is a part of me where I feel powerful and confident because I am 100 per cent myself, Ms Awamleh told the ABC. It allows me to be who I am and the freedom to dress as I want So, stop flogging the military, look at the constitution, if it is good for us or not; that is all. If you think we need to change the constitution, this is the time. If you think we need to just amend it, this is the time; but it is just two years to 2023 elections. Nobody stop you from wearing Hijab provided you do so in your house not. YS: A lot of people ask me on social media if wearing hijab is only for Muslim women, or if it would be offensive for them to wear it because they aren't Muslim. I always tell them that hijab is. Of the 20 women interviewed, half had stopped wearing hijab and the other half wore it but wanted to stop. One woman had to move to a different island after she stopped wearing hijab, her friends said. Tabloid newspaper Vaguthu published articles about the decision of celebrated singer Mariyam Ashfa to stop wearing hijab 'I Want to Change Opinions': Miss England Contestant to Compete Wearing a Hijab Added 3 years ago Maria Mahmood, a 20-year-old Muslim beauty queen from the West Midlands, has revealed that she will be the first Miss England contestant to compete wearing a hijab

H A P P Y I N T E R N A T I O N A L W O M E N ' S D A Y Still recovering from yesterday's overdose of love and support everyone has shown me after the Nike Pro #Hijab Campaign has launched. Still feels surreal and overwhelming and feels life - changing to be involved if even remotely , in a campaign like this. Again Changing the world, one #Hijabi athlete at a time. Happy International Women. Men have an obligation to God & to women to observe Hijab. It simple. If a guy chooses to accept Islam, Islam says he must observe Hijab. /9. — Qasim Rashid, Esq. (@MuslimIQ) March 27, 2017. Thus Muhammad (sa) rebuked men, Be chaste yourselves, & women will be chaste as well, again putting the primary burden of Hijab on men /10 The decision to start wearing the hijab felt right to me, yet I struggled with it. As much as I tried to justify reasons for not wearing it, I realized my real fear: how others would perceive me

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As an attendee of an Islamic school in California, the hijab was a mandatory piece of our school uniform from 4th grade onwards. We were surrounded by and accustomed to the image and modest lifestyle prescribed by our religion. It felt completely natural that I should want to wear it as part of my daily life. I didn't think very hard about it Generally, she said, she did not even like wearing the hijab. I believe people must be free to choose what they want to wear, Ms. Bayat said in the email. I have never worn the hijab out. Hilal Ibrahim began dreaming of making hijabs more accessible to women of all cultures in high school, and now her luxury designs are available as some of the first hijabs to be sold at a major.

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If you're finding it hard to wear the hijab or don't 'feel' it when you wear the Hijab, no problem, dear one. . Allah swt spent 13 years sending down verses on tawheed (oneness of Allah), to first make the believers firm on His deen, and develop a *strong* connection with Him , and THEN sent His commands and rulings on how to BE a Muslim (detailing the rulings pertaining to. I have been wearing hijab for 4 years and I'm 15 but I dont want to wear ıt anymore but my mom is an aggrasive person ı dont know how she will react this and ı know that she will sarcasm about ıt everytime and ıt's scray to know that my father won't say a word but gonna feel sad If she still doesn't want to wear a hijab, respect her decision. I'm sure it'll be hard for you at the beginning, but with patience, you'll get there. Again, what matters is a principled character that can be achieved with or without a hijab. There are many ways to please Allah(swt), wearing a hijab is one of them Wearing the hijab can also bring about expectations to look and behave a certain way, and to convey a particular character in society. Whether you want to or not, wearing the hijab makes you an unofficial ambassador for Islam and Muslims everywhere, both amongst Non-Muslims and Muslims alike Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab face discrimination worldwide, and sometimes, this discrimination is systemic and comes in the form of a hijab ban. After Quebec passed a bill banning.

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For some hijab wearers, the hatred towards Muslim communities pushed them to stop wearing the veil after terrorist incidents, like the 7/7 London bombings, in order to minimise the chance of them. World Hijab Day sets out to celebrate the hijab in countries like the US, Australia, Canada and the UK, where women already have the freedom to dress as they please, including to wear the hijab if. A young woman speaks of her experience of becoming a hijabi, and talks about the misconceptions people have, the questions they ask. We're just like the rest of you, she says! Being a hijaabi isn't easy. The first stage, where you decide to wear a hijab, and practice wearing a hijab when you were a non-hijabi earlier, is a bit awkward

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No Need To Wear Abayas Says Senior Cleric Sheikh Abdullah Al Mutlaq. The fact that it is no longer illegal to wear the traditional cloak, Abaya and Hijab headscarf does not mean that Saudi females will stop wearing them. Putting on an 'Abaya' or some form of the cloak is required in Islam and expected by families and Saudi society in general Hijab is an all-over body covering for Muslim girls. There are many girls who want to wear hijab but are afraid of being teased, taunted and made fun of for their decision to wear hijab. This article might help you to boost your confidence and make you stand firm with your decision of wearing hijab (don't forget to read the last step) Why so many Iranians have come to hate the hijab. a man on a motorbike pulled up alongside the lead car and requested we stop. We did. Because you think you can do all the filthy things. Constitution Review: Sultan proposes unrestricted wearing of Hijab by Muslim women . Sa'ad Abubakar III, the Sultan of Sokoto, has advocated the use of Hijab by Muslim women, without. Wearing hijab doesn't mean you can't dress nicely. Try wearing clothing in sober or pastel colors that you like, and look into different styles of hijab as well. Some Muslimahs also feel it's acceptable to wear clothes or hijabs with subtle patterns on them, especially in Western countries where solid-color outfits can sometimes cause you to.

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For me, I want to be spiritually ready to do it and not regret it later. It really changes everything. She knows she's treated differently than Asmaa, her best friend, who does wear the hijab When I decided to stop wearing hijab, I didn't know I'd miss that sacred, sometimes exasperating, daily ritual so much. The act was a form of worship, a silent prayer, a commitment as intimate. Stop lecturing me! I WILL NOT WEAR HIJAB! It is awkward, outdated, and totally not suitable for this society... Moreover, I am only 20 and too young to wear hijab! Fine. Say that to your Lord, when you face Him on Judgment Day. Fine. Fine. [Silence] Shut up and I don't want to hear more about hijab niqab schmijab Punjab! [Silence Ms Awamleh added a rise in Islamophobia shouldn't prevent a woman from wanting to wear a hijab. You shouldn't let anything stop you, she said. Sarah stopped wearing her hijab after feeling. Hijab Sayings and Quotes. A hijab is a popular head covering for Muslim women used to maintain modesty. The accessory comes in so many varieties of fabrics and patterns, there's one for every outfit combination you can think of. Below you'll find a collection of quotes about the hijab

The word hijab refers to both the head-covering traditionally worn by some Muslim women and Islamic styles of dress in general.. The garment has different legal and cultural status in various countries. In the Indonesian Aceh province, Muslim women are required to wear the hijab and all women are required to do so in Iran.. Since 2005, France has banned overt religious symbols, including many. NYC: Man Murders 'Americanized' Daughter Who Didn't Want to Wear Hijab. Kabary Salem is a former Olympic boxer who was arraigned Tuesday on murder charges over the strangulation death of his. Bake Off star Nadiya Hussain defends her decision to wear a hijab after being told to 'take it off' - and blasts troll who tells her 'y'all blow s*** up'. Nadiya Hussain said wearing hijab is her. I've been wearing hijabs for a while and tried different types of hijabs since I started adding them to my wardrobe. I like to wear good-quality hijabs that last for a long time. The secret to long-lasting hijabs is to take good care of them regularly. Here's what I do to take care of my hijabs- Find the right pins and safety pins- The pins and safety pins make all the difference! It's. I am a Muslim woman who has chosen to stop wearing my hijab after having worn it for 10 years (beginning at age 15). I chose to stop wearing my hijab as I did not feel that a piece of fabric made.


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Let those who want to be wearing hijab go to schools where it is allowed. Alternatively, let those state governments return our schools and stop funding them. We are able to manage them How 16 Hijabi Women Use Makeup To Express Themselves. Ashley Batz/Bustle. By Zoe Weiner. May 22, 2017. Bustle presents our Beauty IRL package, a tribute to our readers' love of beauty and the way. Hijab is also a general term referring to the practice of wearing veils of all kinds. The chador is a full-length cloak worn by many Iranian women, typically held closed at the front by the wearer. The following are seven lies about headscarf wearing Muslim women, sometimes known as hijabis, that we need to stop telling: 1. All hijab-wearing women are religiously conservative. It's a common.

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Ubah Ali, 25, Wisconsin's first and America's third reporter to wear the hijab on the air, joined TMJ4 as a reporter and multimedia journalist in March. In her first televised broadcast for TMJ4, she reported April 5 on Wisconsin's COVID vaccinations from a pop-up clinic at the landmark Milwaukee Public Market Society's attitude toward hijab-wearing women is a prime example. The reality for Muslim women varies greatly depending on their community and the religious and social values of each family. However, more often than not, the decision to wear the hijab or to stop wearing it puts a woman under the microscope and subjects her to endless judgement Texas restaurant apologizes for handling of employee sent home for wearing her hijab. The Chicken Express franchise manager has been with the location about a year Let those who want to be wearing hijab go to schools where it is allowed. Alternatively, let those state governments return our schools and stop funding them. We can manage them

Years ago I gave up wearing hijab for about three months. I stopped covering my hair. I gave up wearing the scarf. At first, it was glorious. My hair was so free. And fun. I tried differen Syrian American Activist Mona Haydar Has a Powerful Reason for Wearing a Hijab. In less than a month's time, Mona Haydar's powerful music video, Hijabi (Wrap My Hijab), has skyrocketed to nearly. The day I stopped wearing a hijab, I went to my university and someone held the door opened for me and told me that I smelled nice. I realized that was the first time in a long time a stranger. I started wearing hijab at 18 years old, and, since then, air travel has become even more of a drag than it used to be. As a Muslim, I believe that living modestly is a commandment from God, and I choose to express that by covering my hair, neck, and body when in the company of men outside of my immediate family Wearing the hijab is not an easy task. You have to stop wearing certain clothes, withstand the heat during the summer, and most importantly, cover your hair. Even though it is often a choice, it is still a sacrifice that makes wearing it way more meaningful

National Education Union leader Kevin Courtney said she overstepped her remit in February when she backed an east London head who tried to stop pupils wearing the Muslim head-scarf Harassed and placed under investigation by religious authorities -- activist Maryam Lee is a highly controversial figure in Malaysia after speaking out about her decision to stop wearing the hijab

Courtesy Wagner Araujo/ITU Media. Signing a Waiver to Run in Hijab Isn't the Solution. It's the Problem. Every time I compete, I am at the mercy of race directors as to whether my results. Oh yes plenty! I was belittled for wearing the hijab but it did not stop me. Taxi drivers refuse to take me to where I want to go. Security guards at malls stop me and take a long time searching my things. Some people even raise their eyebrows and talk to me as if I am uneducated! I fought, sab'r (stay patient), I struggled The hijab is a symbol of modesty. The hijab is who you are and your identity. Being a lover of peace and serenity. It symbolises all the virtues that you need to uphold, Like dignity and respect. You see, the hijab is a sense of honour, given to you by God. It's a symbol of your faith, then to make it known who you truly are When people see someone wearing a hijab, they often make conjectures not only on a person's reasons for wearing it but about Islam itself. Many people think hijabs give men a means to control.