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The caramel color pattern can range FROM white to caramel hairs, intermingled with white in the top coat making the top coat appears to be a shade of white/cream to tan. The undercoat has the same base color (black or brown) as the dorsal stripes, socks, and face accents Three basic colors occur in Pygmy goats, and two patterns can be superimposed over them. The basic colors are black, dark brown/mahogany, and medium brown. As solid colors, these are fairly rare in the breed, bu Registered. Joined Apr 14, 2014. ·. 722 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 14, 2014. If you are in question of you pygmy goats purity here is the NPGA color chart. it bugs me when people sell small goats saying they are 100% full blooded pygmy goats when they are not. NOT ALL SMALL GOATS ARE PYGMIES . These are currently the only colors. Most of the color descriptions come directly from the standard goat world, and TMGR prefers to remain consistent with the commonly accepted terms used to describe colors and patterns from the original registries, instead of modifications that have been proposed and used by newer (e.g Nigerain Dwarf) breeds. We also wish to keep the terminology. ©D.P. Sponenberg, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061 Some of these coat patterns can come in any color, while others are more color specific. Also keep in mind that any white markings can mask some or all of a pattern. Pattern Description Examples White or tan wholly tan, red, or white,

The color of goats depends mostly on the breed. Most breeds have a few colors that are the most common. A few breeds are relatively colorful, but these are rarer than breeds with a set color. If you're looking for a goat that is a specific color, your best bet is to find a breed that is usually that color. White, black, and similar colors are. Goats with roan coats have white hairs evenly intermingled throughout any base color, such as black, buckskin, chamoisee, and so on. The head and legs have fewer scattered white hairs or none at all. The amount of roaning throughout the coat varies from goat to goat A goat's color can be the icing on the cake of an otherwise good goat, and can be an important final touch to a goat's appearance. Goats have great variation in color and the genetic control can be tricky, although moreso for some breeds than for others. The huge variation in goats color can sometimes lead to some confusion Patterns & Markings. Belted or Branded. A full or partial white band around the middle of the goat - can be broken or spotted. Black and Tan. Black body with tan facial stripes and socks (not buckskin) Buckskin. Same color on cape, legs, facial and dorsal stripe and tail. This pattern is usually a dark cape and light rump Welcome to the Nigerian Dwarf Colors website! This website is dedicated to providing accurate coat color and pattern descriptions and information for Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We have included information about eye color, polled, and wattled genetics as well. This breed comes in an abundance of different colors and patterns so we hope this website.

There is only one breed of pygmy goat but there are several color varieties and patterns that are accepted by the National Pygmy Goat Association (NPGA), the main registration body for pygmies. Below are some photos and color descriptions of those accepted varieties and patterns Being one of the smallest goats, they range between 15 to 20 inches in their height. The average weight of a pygmy goat may range from 40 to 50 pounds. Their physical structure is compact. These goats have different colors, patterns, and shades. Their coats are medium long and straight Any pattern, color, or combination of colors is acceptable. Mature Pygmy does should be no taller than 22 1/2 at the withers, with cannons that do not exceed 3.7 in length. Mature Pygmy bucks should be no taller than 23 1/2 at the withers, with cannons that do not exceed 4.6 in length. Sannen The Saanen is from Switzerland

  1. Moon spots: Moon spots are any color spot other then black or white, on a solid base. So a white goat with black spots is not moon spotted, and nether is a black goat with white spots. But a black goat with tan or brown spots is, and a white goat with brown patches and grey spots ON the brown patches is also moon spotted
  2. Goat-Link - Goat Information and Goat Care. Specializing in articles for the New Goat Owner with understanding of goat physiology, goat anatomy,goat care and herd management. Illustrated articles in all aspects of goat health and disease.Care for goats,help for goat owners, information about raising goats, what to feed goats , how to deworm goats, goat breeding,feeding baby goats,milking goats.
  3. Pygmy Goats. . Saved from goats4h.com. Pigmy Goats. Anatomy of a Pigmy Goat. Saved by Nikki Libby. 16. Pigmy Anatomy of a Pigmy Goat. Saved by Nikki Libby. 16. Pigmy Goats Raising Goats Farm Animals Chart Agriculture Homesteading Anatomy Backyard Club. More information..
  4. Nigerian Dwarf Goats come in a rainbow of colors and patterns. I hope this page will help you understand the many colors our Nigerians can come in as well as help you decide what color to register your kids! This page is a work in progress
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  1. Female pygmy goats weigh about 35 to 50 lbs, and males, 40 to 60 lbs. These goats have varied colors. They can be found in white caramel, medium caramel and dark red caramel. Some pygmy goats can also be silver-light gray agouti, medium gray agouti, dark gray agouti, black with frosted points, solid black, and brown agouti
  2. Pygmy goats come in only a few colors! Caramel, Grey Agouti, Brown Agouti, Black Agouti, Solid Black or Patterned Black. Pygmy goats DO NOT have blue eyes. Any blue eyed pygmy goat has Nigerian Dwarf in it's ancestry
  3. On an average, an adult African pygmy goat heights around 16 to 23 inches. A male goat weights about 27 to 39 kg and females weight around 24 to 34 kg. African pygmy goats come with dark caramel, red caramel and white caramel color. You can also see some light-grey agouti, dark-grey agouti and medium-grey agouti colored African pygmy goat

Comments: Dehorned, Registered, Microchipped, Show quality Ready for shipment or pickup. Ultra Sounded Pregnant March 2019 50 Days Bred by a National Pygmy Goat Judge Progeny for: PROVERBIAL PYGMIES MERCY ME (75984F) Total Records: 6 Reg Number Name Born Color GRCH 15899W AMBER WAVES AMERICAN NINJA 4/7/2017 BLACK AGOUTI 0 15900W AMBER WAVES BRING HIM HOME 4/7/2017 BLACK AGOUTI 0 16345W AMBER. Breeding Chart. Available After she Kids May 2019 Comments: Dehorned, Registered, Microchipped, Ready for shipment or pickup. Nice Brooddoe Progeny for: PYGMY PINUPS POOKIE (76337F) Total Records: 2 Reg Number Name Born Color GRCH 29050M AMBER WAVES WIND RIVER 7/10/2017 CARAMEL WITH BLACK 0 29668M-W AMBER WAVES A WRINKLE IN TIME 7/13/2018. Color(s): They have 3 basic base colors for their coats. These can be a dark mahogany/brown, black or a medium brown color. It is rare that you find a Pygmy goat with just one color as their coats are usually splashed with various patterns some of the most being agouti and caramel patterns Color Genetics, Color Patterns and the Pygmy Goat Goat Color Explained Genetics of Goat Color. Pygora Goat Color and Pattern Out of Fleece Examples Note: All kid photo's were taken before 3 weeks of age. All photo's of goats over 3 weeks of age were taken right after shearing: Caramel Pattern: Agouti Pattern: Black Pattern: White Pattern.

The color of goats changes, i.e. from black it turns rusty, the red color of goats become gold, cream color goat will turn into white, and gold color of goats will turn into cream color. If the copper deficiency remained untreated then there will be feritily issues in the goats Pygmy goat kid. Photo by David Goehring/Flickr CC BY 2.0. Coloring: All black; grizzled black, gray, or brown (colored and white hairs intermingled), with muzzle, crown, eyes and ears, and sometimes tail, frosted with white hairs; or pale to mid-caramel with dark legs, dorsal stripe and face markings.These coat patterns are sometimes broken by white belly patches or bands

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The charts above show you the odds of having blue-eyed or polled goats based upon the parents' eye color or horned status. If you breed a heterozygous blue-eyed or polled goat to a brown-eyed or horned goat, then 50% of the kids will be blue-eyed, and 50% will be polled. Just to clarify — the research is only about the incidence of intersex. The National Pygmy Goat Association's breed standard describes a pygmy goat as a genetically small goat standing from 16 to about 23 inches at the shoulder, and having a deeper, wider barrel, shorter legs, and shorter, wider face than dairy goats All colors are acceptable as long as the goat has the required breed markings There are 2 Phenotypes for goat eye color, blue or brown. There are 4 Genotypes for goat eye color as shown above. Because blue is dominant it is represented with the B, while brown is represented with the b, because it is the recessive gene. Any time there is a dominant gene present that is what you will see as the phenotype

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  1. ing the lower eyelid of a goat. Cards are used in this system to help you identify anemia by comparing the color of the lower eye lid with a color chart
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  3. Illustrated Standard of the Pygmy Goat $16.00. Color Chart $2.50. Pygmy Goats: Management and Veterinary Care $21.00. Youth Project Guide $3.00. I recommend buying the Advisor guide below. It has instructions to help with the youth guide. Youth Project Guide - Advisor $4.00
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  5. Pygmy Goats, Nigerian Dwarfs, Miniature Dairy Goats, Pygoras, Kinder Goats, Mini Silkies, and More! There are many breeds of small goats found throughout the world. iGoats provides educational links and resources to help the small goat breeder, owner or enthusiast. Registries exist for some of these breeds and the standards they see as the.
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  1. The Pygmy goat breed was recognized by the American Goat Society in 1976. During the last two decades, it has been standardized through selection for small size and stocky conformation. The breed includes a limited color range, primarily agouti, though other solid colors along with the belted color pattern are also accepted
  2. iature goats selling them from $65 to $165, granted that these goats are unregistered, and $300 to $400 for the registered ones.In general, pygmy goat prices will cost you around $65 to $400.Male pygmy goats are often priced cheaper compared.
  3. Pygmy Goat Description. The colors of the Pygmy Goat can vary. Some of them are gray, white, brown, or black. They can be light or dark and they can offer several colors on one of them. Genetics plays a huge role in the overall color that it will be. They have long ears that fold forward and a long snout
  4. Pygmy goats are small and make great pets. Find pygmy goats for sale from a breeder near you. Home. Goats for Sale. Goat Farms. Farm Products. Websites. Join — The Goatzz Team. Goats for Sale For Sale Foundation Breeding Stock Sold All. Filter. Bred/Pregnant. Show Quality. Meat/Feeder Dairy Fiber Grazing Packing.
  5. While Pygmy goats can be milked, the udder's primary purpose is for the nourishment of the young. Pygmy's are considered a small or dwarf MEAT breed. Nigerian Dwarf Goats have a refined overall body appearance. The bones are flat and the ideal body build is more delicate, with the refined angularity of a dairy animal

Stress & Your Goats Teeth Lost! Teeth Thiamine Deficiency Urine Scald Urolithiasis in Pygmy Goats Vaginal Prolapse 1 Vaginal Prolapse 2 Weather & Disease Disease Links: Top of page . Genetics: Kid Care: Color Inheritance in Pygmy Goats Genetic Defects (chart) Heritability Percentages of Many Traits G6S: A Genetic Defect and its Managemen She bred the Pygmy, a goat with short, soft down to the Angora, a goat with long silky fleece. The Pygora Breeders Association was formed in 1987. PBA Color Chart. Questions and Answers About Pygora Goats I know a Pygmy is a meat breed and Nigerians are a dairy breed, so I wonder how they would work together. Click to expand... I've had a few. It is kind of like crossing a nubie/boer only on a smaller scale. The two breeds have two different purposes, so you are hoping for a good milker that gives some meat. It doesn't always work out that way

Start studying Pygmy Goats. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools Horned and dehorned should also not be mixed. Pygmy does come into heat for the first time at about 3 to 4 months old. A boer will breed then given the chance. Goats can and will breed through a fence. I hand breed ALL of my goats. I like to know exactly when kids are due. There is no other way to know for sure. Many goats breed at night The Pygmy Goat From the NPGA website Housing the Pygmy Goat From the NPGA website. Pygmy Goat Color Chart From the NPGA website. Kinne's Minis Excellent site for pygmy goat information. Fias Co Farm This site has a lot of how to's with great photos. Saanendoah An extremely detailed article about copper deficiency in goats The pink color is because the small blood vessels in gums run close to the surface. The pink indicates there are plenty of oxygenated red blood cells flowing through those vessels. Lift the upper lip to observe the color of the gums just above the upper canine teeth. Gum problems in dogs African Pygmy Goats. National Pygmy Goat Association. Name must be no longer than 35 characters including spaces. Bucks can have up to 5 breedings per year, while does only 1. One breeding will result in one to three kids. All kids must be registered if you chose to have multiples. Our goat breeding program uses the Woodland Meadows prefix

F1 crosses have 2/3 drop or airplane ears. F2 will have erect ears. As long as they are bred back to nigerian or pygmy. (not to mention something so rediculously small, like what breed the goats are). have other colors...the boy in my avi is a % Boer...but I was speaking of traditional, which was the only accepted boer color for a whil Common Goat Medications and Easy to Understand Dosages Wormers Product Vet Dose Labeled Dose Typical Goat Dose Comments Valbazen 7.5 mg/kg 3cc/100lbs 5cc/100lbs Do not use in early pregnancy (if at all); effective vs. tapeworms Safe-Guard 5 mg/kg 2.3cc/100lbs 5cc/100lbs Use in goats mostly limited to treating tapeworms; only product in thi Baby Goat Bottle Feeding Chart. Written by Kupis on September 19, 2020 in Chart. Dairy lines raising calves afi baby feeding chart for the first year squirrels pet info alley newborn baby feeding amount chart is it safe to reheat a bottle of formula. Basics Of Bottle Feeding Goat Kids The Thrifty Homesteader Forms. Below is a list of the commonly requested and official forms used by the KGBA. All of the forms are in pdf format for easy viewing and printing. Keep in mind that an order form MUST accompany every request (s) for transfer, registration or other business with the association. You only need to submit one order form per mailing

Hawks Mountain Ranch Pygora Goats Lisa Roskopf Phone: (503) 539-0295 51920 S.W. Dundee Road Gaston, OR 9711 Funny goat with one horn. White funny goat grazing in a green summer meadow, eating grass on a pasture, farm animal in a field. Against blue sky. Funny goat chewing the flower in the field and put on frills. Funny goat smiling and chewing the flower in the field. Funny goat standing on barn roof on country farm The American Boer Goat Association combined its standards for Full Blood and Percentage goats. The standards listed below are effective Jan. 1, 2017. The link Changes Effective Jan. 2017 and Jan. 2018 is a comparison of changes that are effective in 2017 and those that will become effective in 2018 However, in the USA Pygmy is actually a breed of miniature goat. The Pygmy Goat is hardy, alert and animated, good-natured and gregarious; a docile, responsive pet, a cooperative provider of milk, and an ecologically effective browser. The Pygmy goat is an asset in a wide variety of settings, and can adapt to virtually all climates

The Pygmy Goat is hardy, alert and animated, good-natured and gregarious; a docile, responsive pet, a cooperative provider of milk, and an ecologically effective browser. The Pygmy goat is an asset in a wide variety of settings, and can adapt to virtually all climates. - National Pygmy Goat Association (USA) The Pygmy Goat is genetically. Pygmy Goat Buck For Sale (Sanger for sale in Fresno, California. Junior is the son of Gorgie who sired this year's 4-H's one year old reserve grand champion and also the two year old reserve grand champion at the Fresno Fair. Junior is eager and ready to breed your pygmy does. All goats will be current with their shots, be dewormed and have. Goat Color Genetics 102. Assuming the pygoras are F1, the second hidden A-gene likely came from a pygmy ancestry. Pygmies come in lots of patterns -- the most common being agouti grey and caramel. Whatever they are, these genes will be revealed in (on average) 25% of the kids Prancing Pygmy genetics are a very simplified version of goat genetics that will rely mostly on chance for how things pass. Below is the color chart and marking chart for different percentages. Things to Note Perfect for: Goats that love to explore and goats not confined to a pen. A concern with goats is that, with a collar, they will get caught on fences, brush or each other, and gravely harm themselves. Safety collars are designed to pivot, allowing a goat to relieve pressure from their neck and safely back out of a potentially dangerous situation

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  1. Purebred pygmy goats do have horns but most breeders chose to disbud- a naturally polled pygmy can happen but would not be able to be registered. The colors that purebred pygmy goats come in are carmel (color ranging from light cream to tannish), solid black, black, black agouti, grey agouti, and brown agouti
  2. Breeds. One of the first decisions about raising goats is which breed or breeds to raise. As a beginning goat producer, you need to identify specific breeds by name, appearance, and general characteristics. Note that the characteristics listed are what the breed is known for, but within each breed there is a great deal of individual variation
  3. The goat is mostly restricted to the West African countries. Similar forms of Pygmy goats also occur in all of northern Africa, in the south western African countries, and also in east Africa. However, what we call the Cameroon Dwarf goat is the one that we are concerned with and have in the United States
  4. Size and Color. To a newbie, Nigerian Dwarfs and Pygmy goats can look very similar. They can, many times, be the same height and weight, but pygmy goats tend to be stockier, and have shorter legs. Pygmy goat's genetics are designed for meat production, so they tend to have a much thicker build in general
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breeding and showing of Pygmy Goats is the NPGA (National Pygmy Goat Association). Normal Values Rectal temperature 101.5 - 103.5 °F Pulse 60 - 80 per minute Respiration 15 - 30 per minute Puberty 4 - 12 months Estrous cycle 18 - 23 days Estrum 12 - 36 hours Gestation 145 - 155 days Goat Vaccination Baby goats should be fed 3-4 ozs per every 5lbs of body weight. 0-3 weeks at every 4 hours. 3-6 weeks at every 6 hours. 6-8 or 12 weeks at every 8 hours. 12-14 or 16 weeks every 12 hours then taper down to once a day and then none. Of course depending on your goat, the time between feedings and amount can vary, but these are the general guidelines Pygmy goats are the smallest meat breed, but also make great pets. Pygoras are the smallest fiber producing goats. Can a goat be a house pet? Regardless of their size, goats don't make great house pets. They're generally considered destructive and difficult to house-break. Every goat is different though, so if you're determined to keep your. Market Goat Does (Wether Dams) 840-RFID Tag . and . 5‐digit County Tag . and . DNA Hair Sample. Pygmy Goats Registered . Unregistered : Breed Registry Tattoo . or . Microchip that Matches Registration Papers . Publisher template, multi-page, color Author: RM Created Date

Pygmies are bred to be cobby and heavy boned. Dwarves are bred to have the length of body and structure, in proportion, of a dairy goat. Dwarf goats come in many colors. Main color families are black, chocolate and gold. Random white markings are common, as are spots and other color combinations such as red, white, gold and black Pygmy influence results in a broad, stocky goat but one with shorter, narrower ears than typical, and with a tighter attachment to the head. Pygmy influence also results in a shorter head. Nigerian Dwarf influence, in contrast, leads to leaner, more thinly built goats with finer heads and more erect, smaller ears This goat shed is a great layout for miniature goats. According to the person who posted it, they said that it fits 3 miniature goats pretty easily. Plus, it is easy to clean as well. This looks like they had a shed and then added a lean-to on to the side so the goats would have an open feeding area and a place to seek complete shelter when needed Goat poop should be dark in color, dry, and appear as pellets. With the guide below, you can tell why your goat poop appears the way it is. No poop: This is common, but not okay. Maybe the poop clogged in the intestine of the goat. If your goat does not poop in the next 24 hours, contact the vet. Meconium: This dark, sticky poop is common in. It can be difficult to find a full-blooded goat of this breed because they are so often cross-bred with Pygmy goats or Nubians in an effort to create a perfect multi-purpose dairy and meat goat. Print or Save this article as PDF. Tara Dodrill. Tara lives on a 56 acres farm in the Appalachian Mountains, where she faces homesteading and farming.

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The American Boer Goat Association combined its standards for Full Blood and Percentage goats. The standards listed below are effective Jan. 1, 2017. The link Changes Effective Jan. 2017 and Jan. 2018 is a comparison of changes that are effective in 2017 and those that will become effective in 2018 Just to use this for comparison, large breeds such as Boer goats can weigh up to 300 pounds. Of course, there are many different types of goats in the world, but pygmy ones are definitely at the bottom of the sizing chart. Appearance. In terms of appearance, pygmy goats come in various colors

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5. The Laughing Goat: This goat coloring page depicts a young baby goat that is laughing. It is a great way to teach your kid what baby animals are called. Make them learn the name as they color this page. 6. The Cute Cartoon Goat: This is a funny cartoon goat. It is bound to give your kid a great time while coloring this page Pygmy Goats. Pygmy goats are a miniature breed of goat that originated in Africa. Over the years they were imported to the US through various channels and became popular for petting zoos and as house pets. Pure pygmies are less than 23″ in height and does weigh less than 75 lbs. Compared to standard goat breeds this is quite small

Meat goat producers can take advantage of the wide variety of educational programs and materials that Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service has to offer. Anyone can enjoy reading a chapter from the Oklahoma Basic Meat Goat Manual, access the goat kidding record keeping software for personal use, or register for the next meat goat boot camp Typical Pygmy goat gestation lasts approximately 155 days, and there are between 1-2 baby Pygmy goats per litter. Pygmy does can produce, on average, between one to two quarts of 4.5% to 11% butterfat milk. Their milking period, however, is shorter than other dairy goats, producing milk for only 120 to 180 days out of the year. Caring for Pygmy. Hair loss- Copper deficiency can cause hair loss in goats.This occurs especially around the face and the tail head. Fish tail- If the hair on the tip of a goat's tail is split and resembles a fish tail, your herd needs a copper boost. Coat color change- A lack of copper can cause dullness in your goat's coat color.Black hair can become reddish and other colors can look bleached or washed out

Goat Color Genetics 102 - Minifluffs RabbitryGoats may not be as popular as beef or pork, but it is aWormer chart | Livestock goats, Boer goats, Dairy goats8 best Sheep Wormer images on Pinterest | Sheep, Goats and

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Pygmy goats are popular pets. The Pygmy has become incredibly popular in the last 25 years. Pygmys are very small goats that are kept as pets. These goats can come in nearly any color and are originally from the French Camaroons area of Africa. Pygmy goats can be easily identified by their short, stocky build. They can come in any color Amber Waves Pygmy Goats has many outstanding deals on Goat For Sale. Established in 1982 Amber Waves is an international known breeder, exporter, and specialist of Pygmy Goats. Producing and selling top quality pygmy goats focusing on hand raised bottle babies fo. Fainting Goat Facts - Breed Standard. THE HEAD: Should be short to medium in length and broad. Eyes should be prominent and obvious. Sometimes they are referred to as bug-eyed or pop-eyed. Eyes are generally brown, blue, marbled or amber in color. The facial profile should be slightly concave (dished) or straight Scream-O Screaming Goat Toy - Squeeze The Goat's Cheeks and It Makes a Funny, Hilarious Screaming Sound - Series 1 - Age 4+. 4.2 out of 5 stars. 48. $12.99. $12. . 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Jun 9. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon The breed is a large framed, extremely well muscled goat with white color containing a few black pigments found on the ears. The body characteristics resemble those of the Boer goat. Pygmy. Pygmy goats are small goats of African origin. They are considered meat goats but are mainly used as pets. Pygmies are bred to be cobby and heavy boned

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Kinder Goats. This small goat breed originated in 1985 when a Snohomish, Washington goat farmer suffered the death of a Nubian buck. The Showalters who owned the Zederkamm Farm also kept a herd of Pygmy goats. A Billy goat (or buck) from the Pygmy herd was eager to help fulfill the need of the Nubian does and nanny goats on the farm Pygmy Goat Mom Gift For Goat Lovers Love Goats T- T-Shirt. $19.50. 15% Off with code SPRINGFUNZAZ. . Coffee To Goat Pygmy Nubian Nigerian Dwarf Goat Gi T-Shirt. $19.50. 15% Off with code SPRINGFUNZAZ. . Goat To Be Kidding Me Cute Goat Gift For Women Fun T-Shirt Puberty (depends heavily on breed) but can be as early as just 2 months for pygmy bucks, later for other breeds. 2 mos to 18mos (depending on breed) Rumen development for kids - fully developed rumen functions at 1 yr of age. Lifespan Bucks - The average is around 8 years but up to 12 year Arapawa Goat Characteristics. Arapawa goat is relatively a small breed of goat. It is actually smaller than modern dairy goat breeds. Arapawa goats come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Common colors and patterns are brown, black, fawn and white. The breed usually have distinctively patterned faces with many goats having badger stripes Age, breed, type, gender, as well as farmer circumstance all play vital roles in a goat's purchase price. There is no set price for what a goat should cost, but there is a basic consensus on what goats are going for in 2021. Goats range in cost from $0 - over $2,000 depending on age, gender, quality, pedigree and performance

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Boer goat breeds area unit variable to any or all styles of climates from hot tropical to cold climates within the world. Boer goat breeds have quick growth and wonderful feed conversion quantitative relation and can gain significant weight briefly time with correct feed and nutrition. In South African goats, one will expect high biparous. Pygmy Goat Farmhouse Decor Heavy Cotton Hand Towel - - In Your Choice of Colors Please select color towel and color ribbon you'd like when placing your order. Please verify the shade of that color, if applicable, during checkout. See chart for all available ribbon colors. We do our best to show the colors accurately but because computer. Shop Home is Where the Goat is Pygmy Goats GYG Kids T-Shirt designed by goatlady_GetYerGoat. Lots of different size and color combinations to choose from. Free Returns High Quality Printing Fast Shippin Solid colors: 100% Cotton; Heather Grey: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester; All Other Heathers: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester. These cute Goat Gifts for Goat Lovers are perfect for goat dads and moms who have a passion for these animals. Whether you have a pygmy goat as a pet, keep them as farm animals or just love watching fainting goats then you will.

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Dimensions of stand: 18 1/2 inches off the ground (Top of Platform) Total Length 32 Inches. Platform Board 30 Inches Long. 53 inches in total height. 1/2 inch plywood platform is 18 inches wide. The stand comes with the feed bucket - Black. The wood deck/platform your choice of color - exterior paint (see color chart in pictures Shop Pygmy Goat Mother And Baby Women's Charcoal Pajama designed by TheHomesteadCountryGifts. Lots of different size and color combinations to choose from. Free Returns High Quality Printing Fast Shippin

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