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Let's start with the ideal rod/reel setup: The preferred rod and reel setup will depend on the size of the flies you are throwing. Fly rods use a weight (wt) system from 1-15 wt. The higher the weight, the stiffer the rod. Most musky fly rods fall into the 11-14 wt range depending on what you are throwing Muskie fly rod setup. Thread starter Castin Saxton; Start date Apr 30, 2009; C. Castin Saxton Member. Messages 7 Reaction score 0. Apr 30, 2009 #1 Hi, I have been Muskie fishing since 1992 I am a caster at heart, hence the name. I mostly jerk bait fish, however my second love is fly fishing for Steelhead and I have decided to make the. Photo by Joe Goodspeed, Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods. While a 9wt is the most common fly rod for Pike, Musky require larger flies and a larger rod. Most anglers prefer a 10wt or 11wt and some even use a 12wt for big fish. These are massive rods and casting them all day isn't easy especially if you're casting 10,000 times to get a single fish to.

Musky Fly Rod & Reel. The best musky fly rod that we have found is the TFO Esox 10 wt. The TFO Esox rod has the right amount of backbone to winch in 50 inch fish and enough taper to allow for light presentations on slick-calm days. Your rod is the most important tool you will use while musky fishing Musky and Big Pike Fly Fishing Setup. by Ben. Fly fishing for pike and musky is a thrilling experience. The strikes can be savage, the fights explosive, and it can be all over in a matter of seconds. Fly fishing musky also differs greatly from most fly fishing, let me teach you how to target pike by fly fishing Includes everything you need for your first musky fly fishing setup - rod, reel, line, backing, leaders, and flies! The first option comes with the Temple Fork Outfitters Esox 10wt Rod and the second with the Whuff Rod Co. River Wolf 11wt Rod. For no additional charge we will also rig up the reel with the backing and fly line for you

musky for a quick picture and acquiring a memory that will last a lifetime. After the fish is released, everyone in the boat takes a 15-minute break, while waiting for their hands to stop shaking so they can cast a fly rod again. Incidents like this are why I believe that fly-fishing for musky on Michigan's Lake St Clair is the most thrillin The musky craze continues to amaze me. Fly anglers from around the country want to experience the thrill and excitement that is musky fishing. I see lots of people coming up to Minnesota with no real clue about what it takes to catch a musky on the fly. Musky fishing with a fly rod is not for the faint of heart Temple Fork Outfitters - BC Big Fly Rod. 399.00. G. Loomis - IMX-PRO Muskie Rod - 11wt and 12wt. 655.00. Chippewa River Custom Rod Co x Musky Fool - MUSKYSABER - 10wt and 12wt. 375.00. Whuff Rod Co - River Wolf - 11wt. 249.00. Whuff Rod Co - Double Haul - 12wt Learn what rods and fly line you need to catch Pike and Musky on the Fly! All you need to know! With many tips throughout the full video with BONUS tips at t..

Practice is key, Chris says. Get yourself a musky set-up-or even put a big fly on your 8-weight-and head down to the pond or parking lot to get your timing down. Casting a huge fly is different-there's air resistance and weight-and musky fishing is essentially 8 hours of non-stop big-fly casting. Sometimes a client will book. Musky Rod and Reel Setup. A good musky casting setup that is a proper balance between reel, rod and line will give you the best results. A bad pairing of any of those with the others will certainly result in not getting the best possible performance from all of them. Reel. A musky setup for casting is almost always going to require a.

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My favorite way to tie a musky leader for fly fishing Keeping a musky hooked begins with a good hook-set. Strip-set the fly after the musky has clamped down and turned away. As I have learned the hard way, setting the hook too early can simply pull the fly from the musky's mouth. Flies. I use a handful of patterns designed to be both suggestive and realistic A heavier line also has the advantage of loading the rod with fewer false casts. This is a very big deal. This ain't Trout fishing. Every false cast with a 10 weight and a big wind resistant water logged fly is a lot of work, and over the course of the day it adds up. My typical Bass fishing setup is an 8 weight rod with a 9 weight line on it. Setting up your trolling rods and reels for musky trolling is the most crucial step, and any form of mistake in the setup can lead to inefficiency and possible failure. One has to make sure that the proper equipment is used; else the efficiency of the whole process of musky trolling would dwindle

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  1. imum you'll want a 10-weight rod, though many muskie nuts lean on 12.
  2. The Redington Predator Fly Rod is the best fly rod for musky fishing. If you are going to fish musky with a fly rod, you are going to need a specific big-fish fly rod somewhere in the 11 to 12 weight class. These tend to be the best fly rod weight for musky. You don't want to use fly rods with ultra-fast rod actions
  3. What fly rod set up do you pike and muskie fly fisherman use and recommend? My current set up is an 8 weight, 9 foot fly rod. I bought this setup about 15 years ago for pike/musky but back then I never seen the big flies that I have recently seen thrown. I mainly threw long skinny rabbit strips..

Best Fly Fishing Gear For Pike & Musky 2021. Here you will find a great selection of the best premium Pike & Musky Fly Rods, Fly Reels, Fly Rod Outfits & Combos, Pike & Musky Fly Lines, and Accessories from all the top brands To get in on this muskie game, you're going to need a dedicated big-fish rod in the 11- to 12-weight class. Stay away from ultra-fast rod actions. Slightly slower rods—medium to medium-fast—offer a bit of forgiveness while you get your timing down. A rod I highly recommend for beginners is the Redington Predator These specialty fly rods designed for bass, pike and musky are part of a new revolution in fly fishing. Order a SAGE, Scott or TFO specialty fly rod today! Since 1994 in Columbus, Ohio +1-888-451-0363. toll free. Free Delivery. on orders over $50* Fly Fishing Professionals. call us with questions Hooking into and landing a 20-30 lb. pike on a fly rod will get your adrenaline rushing and is truly an unforgettable experience. However, the shear size of these fish and the larger pike flies used to target these predators require a heavier and stronger setup both in terms of your fly rod and leader for best performance The new Echo Muskie Rod is truly a great rod for muskie fishing. I can also see this rod being used for Golden Dorado and various saltwater fishing applications. Plus this rod won't break the bank at the price point of $299! This is truly a great rod for the value. If you are looking for a new predator rod, make sure to check out your local.

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  1. Subject: RE: musky fly setup question Its a very small market. stick to a 10 wt combo, with a pike/musky WWF 10 line, or an intermediate line around 400 grain for your deeper work. you want a fast action rod to deliver large flies and the heavier lines. a GREAT starter rod , is the temple fork TiCR
  2. new pike/musky setup!!! Thread starter rmooney; Start date Dec 13, 2009; rmooney Well-known member. Messages 366 Reaction score 1. Dec 13, 2009 #1 i just got my early christmas present the rod is a Redington CPX 9' 10 weight. Glad to be aboard and to find some other fly anglers interested in musky on the fly..
  3. Musky fly fishing is an extreme form of fly fishing. With advancements in gear and in musky fly fishing tactics, we are more capable of catching muskies on the fly than ever before. Many, many muskies on the fly over 50 inches have come to hand, with the current world record measuring in at 57 inches
  4. Posted January 26, 2019 · Report post. For the flies musky guys are throwing I'd do a 12wt. A TRUE 10wt just doesn't cut it with a bulky 10 long fly, and some guys are using flies closer to 20 long and NOT sparse. These fish are fearless and aren't terribly line shy. Go heavier and make life easy delivering these flies
  5. Sort by. Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new. Featured. Quick View. Chippewa River Custom Rod Co. - 9' 4 pc. Predator Fly Rods (8-12 wt.) $375.00. Quick View
  6. Welcome Home for Quality Musky Flies, Select Fly Gear, and The Original Monthly Musky Fly Club™! Whether you're a musky guide, just getting into predator fly fishing, or anywhere in between, our proven lineup helps put big fish in the net. Enjoy, and please let us know if there's anything we can help you with. In Stock Flies
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Musky Fly Patterns. Check out our huge selection of musky flies. These musky fly patterns have been proven effective time and time again. All musky flies for sale here are tied with premium hooks and materials, and many of the musky fly patterns are tied with single or even double articulation for added movement Surprisingly, the musky set up didn't turn out to be all that awkward or difficult to cast. It was clear that the Echo Prime one-piece construction helped me feel that way. The one-piece construction made it a very responsive fly rod Musky are hard mouthed fish that are difficult to hook. Furthermore, they eat your massive fly then glide towards you. You need to strip set as fast as you can and multiple times. If you can't get tight strip setting you have no choice but to then set with the rod You are inviting disaster if you go with a traditional spinning rod setup for muskies. Maybe there are some salt water spinning setups that work, but muskies are just different. Muskies eat boatside. They put a lot of stress on the rod/reel. The fight is usually over in a minute or so. It is violent and it is sudden. Get a true musky rod and reel

A nice slim 2/0 marabou, schapplen & synthetics fly of about 5, that would probably be a decent early season muskie fly, was no problem at all. In fact, I could throw that with good precision and touch. It even threw a big heavy 3 1/2 saltwater popper out there 70'+ no problem. Not much touch there I would add, about those really long casting dreams, when kayak fishing on big rivers my standard setup is a spinning outfit, a baitcaster, and fly rod. If I need to rip my shorts to get a cast out to 100', I reach for the baitcaster or spinning rod Rods 8 to 8½ foot are the rule with weight forward lines and a fifteen pound tippet. I found that a 9 or 9½ foot rod medium weight fast taper fly rod offered greater fishing ease and fought down the hooked Muskie faster. I stayed at the twelve and ten pound tippet and have on occasion landed Muskie on tippets down to six pound test

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Muskie Fly Fishing Setups or Rigs . Fly fishing is all about the right gear and technique. Its gear and setup should be relatively easy to use and lightweight, as most anglers spend so many hours fly fishing for muskie, and trying to catch one can be exhausting after a while. Rods Review: Orvis Clearwater 11-weight 9'4 fly rod. Minnesota and Wisconsin must have some of the highest tarpon-rods-per-capita in the country, outside Florida. Most of these rods, of course, will never see a drop of salt water, unless you count tears — because musky anglers shed plenty, whether from icy November gales, chronic tendonitis, or. The Musky Fly Rod comes in two different sized 11 weight options--8'8 and 9'4. While both can handle anything you throw at them, the 8'8 model excels when fishing close to the water, say out of a jon boat or from the shore, while the 9'4 option is perfect when there's some distance between you and the water

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Musky can get big, and often it takes a large fly to get their attention. Most of our fishing is done with 10- or 11-weight rods, and a reel that balances everything out. A faster rod tends to help cast the flies and lines better, and the 10-weight Sage METHOD is about as good as it gets Fly fishing for pike requires similar equipment to that of trout and salmon with a few adjustments. A rod weight of 8/9, a reel with a large arbor, a solid drag system and interchangeable cassettes will cover most situations. Add to this flies between 4'' and 9'' on a 12'' wire trace and a 20 - 30lb leader Gallagher's rod and reel choice are similar to Andersen's. All of my rods for casting are anywhere from 8-to-8.5 feet in length. I stick with the size 60Abu Garcia Revo Toros in various models on all of my casting rods. Both Gallagher and Andersen use line counter reels for trolling and rods ranging from 8-to-9 feet long These fly rods are great for creek fishing and small streams and rivers. They have a casting action that is perfect for dry flies and soft presentations. We like rods that are 4 weight or less for most creek fishing applications. If trout are less than 14 most of the time, even a 3 weight or less is best

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When it comes to muskie fishing, choosing a quality rod is one of the most critical components of your set-up. Remember, the rod fights the fish, the reel just picks up the slack. If your on a tight budget, this is where you should spend the majority of it. You don't need a suitcase full of lures to target muskies, but you definitely need a rod. The leader setup that I use 90% of the time is a simple marriage of three feet of 30-pound fluorocarbon and 18 inches of 30-pound knotable wire. The two knots in this system allows me to know exactly how much leader I have outside of my rod tip, even when it's several feet below the surface of the water under low visibility conditions Thorne Bros Custom Rod & Tackle. Sign up to our newsletter and we'll keep you up to date with the latest arrival

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The Devil's Tickler features a single sharp 5/0 heavy fly hook to grab trophy pike and muskies. This is a must-have for your fly box. Muskie Killer Its effectiveness is right in the name. This one's a killer. The articulated Musky Killer fly is one of our favorites - with a single #5/0 head and great action. Muskie Mayhe Like Patk said, a MH baitcast rod would work well for most situations. I use a 7′ MH bass rod most of the time for pike. A longer flipping stick would also work really well for this. Also depends on the size lure you're throwing. If you're going to throw smaller musky lures for big pike, make sure the rod can handle it The best fly rods you can get for muskies. These 5 rods are sized optimally for fighting muskies, easily handling heavy line weights. Muskie fishing with a fly rod is an extremely tough freshwater challenge. Give yourself a better chance with a fly rod designed to get the job done Scott Tidal fly rods come in models to cover any species or situation you'll encounter on the flats or open waters. Take the new Tidal series Musky fly rod on your next adventure. They'll make the Hard Way a bit easier and might even make your guide smile, too. FEATURES. * ARC - Scott is the leader in composite blank reinforcement

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1. St. Croix Premier - Best Musky Rod. Check Price. The first product in our list is a premier musky rod by St. Croix. It combines features that are ideal for a superior quality of a musky rod. The rod is durable, lightweight and will hold the massive pulling power of the musky Okuma EVX Musky rods feature responsive and durable 24-ton carbon rod blanks, Okuma patented UFR® technology increases rod tip lifting power by 3 times. OKUMA FISHING is a EVX Musky Rod | fishing rods and reels ( mooching reels ) manufacturer from Taiwan. Quality and affordable fishing rods and reels for your freshwater and saltwater fishing since 1986 Virginia's Premiere Musky Outfitter. Welcome to Blue Ridge Musky ! We are Virginia's Premiere Musky and Smallmouth outfitter! Offering guided river and lake trips for Trophy Musky and Smallmouth Bass, Custom Build Rods, Baits, and Educational Content! Fishing the New River, Upper James River, and several lakes in the state 4. Cabela's CGR Rod & Cabela's Prestige Reel: I mentioned I have a 5'9ft 3wt glass fly rod combo that I love, this would be it. It's an amazing set up for fishing small brook trout in super shallow and small water. For those that love crawling up to a hole and sight fishing small trout in the mountains you can't go wrong with this set up.

9. The Muskie Fishing Gear. Maina runs both the Bass Pro Shops Muskie Angler Rod Series in a 9-foot and 8'6 model, the latter doubling as a great trolling rod. He prefers an Abu Garcia reel that has a line counter and spool capacity of 200 yards of line Musky Fishing Soft Plastics - Although most soft plastic baits look nothing like any fish a musky would encounter, it is personally my go-to bait anytime of the year for one simple reason: they catch fish. These baits can be retrieved in a variety of different fashions depending on the mood of the fish. Traditionally soft plastics are retrieved with a pull, pick up the slack, pull, manner T & T Contact II // Complete Euro Nymph Setup This is a complete setup ready to fish. We've included everything you need, and nothing you don't to get on the water finish mastering the art of direct line nymphing. Each product is a good match, but you can request any substitutions that like regarding reel model

Hawkins was using a 12-weight fly rod, casting a custom-made foot-long fly into about 10 feet of water, according to the Star Tribune. The fish may set a world record for the largest muskie caught while fly fishing. The fish was 26-and-a-half inches around, estimated to weigh more than 50 pounds, according to cbslocal.com Our Fly Fishing Rods selection is stocked with every make and model you need to cover ANY fishing situation you will encounter! If you have any questions about the right fly rod for you... or for your fishing situation, please ask us! We are always happy to help. You can click on the chat button, email us or call any of our stores. For more information about choosing the correct fly rod, or to.

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There are a few main items to understand when choosing the right fly rod. Fly rod weights range from 0 (now even 00) through 14, 0 being the lightest and 14 being the heaviest. The lighter line weights, 0 through say 3, will apply to fish species such as small trout and panfish. These fly rods can also be used for close-quarters types of fly. Catch Fly Fishing Musky Serpent. $20.00. Quick View. Catch Fly Fishing Trick or Treat. $12.00. Quick View. Catch Fly Fishing Triple Helix. $15.00. Quick View

The G. Loomis NRX+ is the best 7-weight fly rod (as you'll see later in this list), and it's also the best rod overall. It easily beats out all other 7 weights on the market in 2021. It's not a cheap rod, but for the quality you get and the affordable added warranty cost, this rod simply can't be beat. G. Loomis is getting better and better at producing rods every year IMX-Pro M 1190-4. This rod will be your do it all musky stick. It was designed for standard sized flies (8-12) made using traditional materials such as bucktail and synthetic materials that shed water easily. I've used this with a varying sink rate 450gr lines and they all have worked well with this rod. This 11wt adds a lot of confidence. 1190: Never compromise when it comes to fly size or what depth you need to fish at. From open water to tight spots, the 1190-4 MUSKY rod is a specialty tool built to increase success when pursuing the fish of 10,000 casts. Handcrafted on Bainbridge Island, USA. Fast action. Red anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat Get the best deals on Fly Fishing Rod Muskie Fishing Rods & Poles when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices

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For musky in warm conditions I know from my limited experience that quick landing is vital, so best go for a powerful rod - you wouldn't fish large lures with a bass rod, so don't go too light with a fly rod either. The rod most of us use is the 'Bob Church Champion Fly Rod' which is 9ft long and takes 11 and 12 weight shooting heads Yes, even in musky fly fishing it's very important to do your figure-eights as you would with conventional gear. Your fly rod should have a solid backbone and durability. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, one of the best rods I have found for this is the Beulah Blue Water Series 10/11 weight

Never bring your rod between ten and two, keep your rod low when fishing for muskie. It is very important to not lift your rod. Avoid the trout set on muskie because this will likely result in a lost fish. Keep your rod tip in the water when stripping line. Keeping your rod tip in the water reduces the amount of slack created by the line Fly Rods for Musky. Fly fishing can be one of the most exciting ways to land a fish, especially when you're seeking larger species, or fish known for putting up a good fight, such as tarpon or permit. Fighting fish aren't only found on the salty flats, though, and freshwater anglers can find all the fight they can handle from inland species. i fish the shenango for muskie with a spinning rod, i use a 7' ugly stick lite pro medium action rod pfluger president reel spolled with 30lb spiderwire stealth braid with a 18 inch 65 lb spiderwire stealth braid leader, however i use live bait, 5-9 inch chubs and suckers form a nearby trib, i use this same set up for cats to, never lost a fish. Active Member. Apr 22, 2017. #1. Had the opportunity to test A couple rods and lines for Musky with Mike Sturza of Lost Creek Fly Shop. The two of us have different casting strokes. My stroke is a fairly aggressive one with a strong haul. I generally require allot of distance capability from my rods and less capability for short range stuff

You need 8 things to setup your first fly fishing outfit: Fly Fishing Rod - Start with a 4 - 6 weight, 9 foot, medium/fast action rod. Fly Fishing Reel - A simple 4 to 6 weight machined aluminum reel is great. Fly Fishing Line - I recommend getting one size higher than the fly rod weight to start. Fly Line Backing - 100 yd spool of. The Flying Musky Guide Co. is located in Stevens Point Wisconsin and provides professionally guided fly fishing trips in Wisconsin for Musky, Bass, and Trout. With 17 years of guiding experience and a passion for teaching fly fishing for the exciting fish that call Wisconsin home, you are assured to have an excellent trip exploring some of the. Fly-Fishing for Pike is one thing, but fly-fishing for Musky is another. Both techniques stand equally to one and other, but the difference lies in the materials used. Fishing Musky on the fly is just something special, the rods, the lines, but most importantly, the flies We strive to offer high quality fly fishing equipment at an affordable price. Pick your Gear. Rods. From our full line of affordable OEM rods to fully custom hand built rods. We have you covered with top quality product to get you on the water. All of our products have been rigorously field tested to ensure a great fly fishing experience