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Water temperature: 72-82° F. Swimming level: Bottom. Experience level: Intermediate. Tank Setup: 20+ gallons, rocks and/or driftwood. Note: Pet availability is seasonal. State and local regulations may vary. Pricing may vary by store location. PetSmart stores cannot match the price above for this pet Buy Albino Tiger Shark. Cyprinids - Albino Tiger Shark. Albino Tiger Shark MakeMyHobby.com Reviews. Shipping prices are different from country to country for each product and will cost €6.50+ onward. Floating TypeOCEAN FREE Fish Food is a floating pellet and will not cloud the water.OCEAN FREE F.. 163.55 . Ex Tax: 163.55 Thresher Shark meat will cost you almost $26 per pound. According to the New York Seafood Council, the nutritional value on a serving renders 17% of your daily value of cholesterol, 4% Sodium, 4% potassium, 2% carbohydrate, 3% vitamin A, 4% calcium and 5% calcium

Tiger sharks are common in tropical and sub-tropical waters throughout the world. Large specimens can grow to as much as 20 to 25 feet (6 to 7.5 meters) in length and weigh more than 1,900 pounds (900 kilograms) Fresh Mako Shark, though similar to Swordfish has meat that is slightly lighter and is almost always moister with a less meaty texture. Mako Shark steaks are boneless and are very easy to prepare. Fresh Mako Shark. $9.59 per pound

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  1. Pete's Aquariums & Fish is your #1 source for online and in-store sales of Marine Saltwater Aquarium Fish like Black Volitan Lionfish, Red Volitan Lionfish, Spotfin Lionfish, Radiata Lionfish, Fu Manchu Lionfish, and more. Order online or in person at our new Fishkill, New York aquarium store location. Call or click today to find your next aquarium tank addition at Pete's Aquariums & Fish
  2. Live fish availability is seasonal, and pricing may vary by store location and PetSmart cannot price match on live pets. State and local regulations may apply to stores near you. All pets purchased at PetSmart are raised under our exclusive Vet Assured program and come with a 14-day satisfaction guarantee
  3. ute Quick Clean cycle In-ground residential pools up to 20 x 40 feet.Runs separately from the pool's filtration system reducing the frequency of filter backwash cycles No extra hoses, hookups or pumps require
  4. We have a vast selection of sizes of most any shark species available. Contact us today with any questions or to discuss your specific needs. For information or to order, simply call (954) 942-1417 or email us at sales@globalfishmounts.com. Sort By: Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Most Popular Title Manufacturer Newest Oldest Availability
  5. d that this chart will be exclusive to the northern hemisphere. You might want to throw down some fish bait before you go out for good measure. Name. Price. Location. Season. Stringfish.

Tropical Aquarium Fishes ₹ 800/ Piece. Get Quote. Flower Horns Fish ₹ 2,000/ Each. Get Quote. Multicolor FLOATING AQUARIUM FISH, Packaging Type: Box, Size: 1.5 Inches. ₹ 250/ 10 PIECES Get Latest Price Product Title Shakespeare Tiger 7 Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Co Average rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars, based on 10 reviews 10 ratings Current Price $19.84 $ 19 . 8 Petco Freshwater Fish 8 $4.99 Your live fish may not match the image shown due to natural variations in each species An average of 25,000 tonnes of seafood products are sold through its merchants each year. Grimsby Fish Market - Current Fish prices and auction site in Grimsby, England. Shetland Seafood Auctions - White fish market landings. Fresh seafood auctions. View daily white fish prices and tonnages landed for the last week Unlike many shark species, the male tiger shark is larger than the female. May grow longer than 16 feet (4.9 m) and weigh more than 1,400 pounds (635 kg). One of the largest carnivores in the ocean. Broad, wedge shaped head with blunt snout. Coloration is dark gray to bluish or greenish-grey on the dorsal surface

The Red Tail Shark (Epalzeorhynchos Bicolor) is an outstanding example of a freshwater shark fish. It has a dark blue to a black-colored body that complements its red tail. Red Tail Sharks can reach up to 6 inches in size (15.2 cm), though most of them tend to grow up to around 5 inches (12.7 cm) Live Saltwater Fish shipped right to your door at the lowest prices online only at family-owned and operated That Fish Place - That Pet Place. Call 1-877-367-4377 to order The Freshwater Tiger Barb is silver and gold with black stripes and orange coloring on the fins. This active fish is best kept in schools of five or more, preferably with odd numbers to prevent pairing. Interestingly enough, Tiger Barbs may school with Clown Loaches due to similar color patterns. Minimum tank size: 30 gallon

This is a picture of a beautiful young Albino Red Oscar Fish for sale in our facility. We sell Oscars and many other Cichlids. You can often buy this variety and many others on this page. Click here for information about Oscar Fish. Pictures: taken in on of our aquariums of a 2.5 long Tiger Red Oscar Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Amazon's Choice for Tiger Shark. Wild Republic Tiger Shark Plush, Stuffed Animal, Plush Toy, Gifts for Kids, Cuddlekins 13 Inches. 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,042. $9.49 $ 9. 49. Get it as soon as Tue, Jul 13. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Most barb fish are small, colorful, active and ideally suited for the community aquarium. Barbs are semi-aggressive fish when housed in the aquarium individually, so it is important to maintain each species in groups of six or more. This technique will minimize aggression towards more passive tank mates. Learn more about Barbs here Shark fishing charters can vary widely, depending on whether you plan to wrestle a 12' monster or to catch a couple of Bonnetheads with your kids. For this reason, some captains offer to customize your trip. Charters usually last three to four hours. Private trips range from $350-$600

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  1. Japanese Leopard Shark (Banded Hound Shark) $899.99. Compare. Pre-Order Now. Black/Brown Banded Cat Shark Eggs (Set of 2, Select Quantity for More) $99.99. Compare. Pre-Order Now. Marbled Cat Shark (15 - 18 Inches
  2. Shark Supply LLC The Big Shark Supplier with the Tiny Environmental Footprint You have found the world's best shark supplier for aquarium display! Welcome to our site! We maintain proper permits for all sharks. We are not fly by night amateurs or poachers. We are skilled pros with more than 15 years in shark collection for aquaria
  3. Tiger sharks are common in tropical and sub-tropical waters throughout the world. Large specimens can grow to as much as 20 to 25 feet in length and weigh more than 1,900 pounds. Threats to Surviva
  4. Black Shark. The Black Shark is a large fish species with a semi-aggressive nature. Originally found throughout Malaysia, these fish are very popular because of their forboding looks. Covered in all black, the Black Shark has that familiar profile that many freshwater sharks share. This includes a massive dorsal fin
  5. Pedestal Fish Mounts $25.00 per linear inch plus additional $95 for pedestal installation. (Does not include base) Head mounts are 70% of a life-size mount. Price includes hangers on the back of all fish mounts ready to proudly display on your wall. Driftwood, panels, nameplates, baitfish, and custom bases are available for all applications

Last Updated: 2021/5/15 21:56. April Update Coming Soon - Read More Here! A list of all fish and their prices in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH). This guide includes Fish shadow size guide, where to find location, sell price & expensive fish! Most aquarium sharks are not very aggressive fish. In fact, the smaller varieties of sharks are not known to attack their tank-mates at all. The only constraint with keeping sharks in an aquarium is their size. Here are some examples of sharks that are fit to be kept in fish tanks. Red tail shark and catsharks are the popular varieties Polar Bear Skin - $7,760 to $9,930. Puppies trafficked from Ireland - $255 to $1,275 in the UK. Rhino Horn Dagger - $14,000. Rhino Horns - $65,000 per kilogram. Rhino Horns (Crushed for medicine powder) - $10 in Vietnam. Shark Fins - $100 per kilogram. Sloths - $30 in Colombia. Snake Venom - $215,175 per liter The Shark fishing here in crystal river is amazing we like to fish for BIG sharks. Tigger Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Bull Shark and Black Tips. The Captain has years of experience fishing big water Sharks. (Your allowed 2 sharks per boat per day). Be sure to bring videocamera catching this on vido is a once in a lifetime experience for most people

Our modern studio is a family business - two generations of taxidermists. Our business ethics are first class. Send us your bass, muskie, trout or salmon dimensions. If the fish taxidermy is not shipped by agreed date, then we'll pay you $5 per day. Over 140 Species have been personally painted for museums, nature centers, governments, schools. The Albino Tiger Shark Fish Seed is as an excellent for aquaculture. This fish is sourced of protein and high omega-3 fatty acid content. This fish is cooked with a sweet flavor and is tender in texture. It is packed using high grade packaging material that ensures its freshness and shelf life remains intact The fish is generally easy to keep, as long as you maintain the right water conditions. Small concentrations of nitrites and ammonia will impact it, and you should invest in a strong filter and change 25% of the water frequently. The sharks do well in a quiet and peaceful environment, so avoid introducing any stress. 7. Violet Blushing Shark

Tiger Grouper. Tiger Grouper are a species of fish in the Serranidae family. They can be found thoughout the Florida Keys, on reefs throughout the Caribbean Sea, and as far south as Venezuela. This Grouper has a tapered body, often reddish, with vertical stripes on its sides which change angle from head to tail. Juveniles are generally yellow 1 Fish Variations 2 How to read the Fish Index 3 Ocean 4 Eruption Island 5 Ancient Shores: River 6 Lava 7 Shadow Isles 8 Shadow Isles: Secret Cave 9 Ancient Shores 10 Fish Selling Price 11 Trivia There are fish variations of every fish in the game so far. Fish variations change the physical appearance of the fish, such as different colors or color patterns. Fish variations also affect the sale.

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A highly recommended aquarium fish that grows to about 6 long but is slender, so it will eventually need an aquarium with at least 50-gallons of water. Scientific name: Puntius denisonii. Caution: watch out for online sites with prices like $42.99! Another online site says $29.99 marked down 35% to $19.50 Atlantic Coral Enterprise is a direct importer and wholesale distributor of shark jaws and has mako shark jaws for sale from 10 inch up to 18 inch in size.Mako sharks are the fastest of all species of sharks in the world. They can swim at a top speed of 60 miles per hour when they are migrating or hunting for food. The generally swim at a speed of about 35 miles an hour on a regular basis

Captive Bred Newborn Sting Rays (3 inch), Batch of 3-4. $199.99. Compare. Pre-Order Now. X-Large California Round Ray (Urolophus Halleri) Matured Breeding Size, Male. $249.99. Compare. Add To Cart. Flashlight Fish Shark Fishing. If you think you have what it takes to battle BIG sharks this is the trip for you. We provide morning, evening and even night trips, so you can fit excitement into any schedule. On our trips be prepared to catch a variety of big shark species including Bull, Black Tip, Hammerheads, Sharpnose, Nurse Sharks and Lemon Sharks Sharks will quickly locate your bait once they lock onto the scent, but you can hasten the process by drawing in sharks from afar by establishing a scent trail (chumming). Basic is a frozen chum block in a mesh bag hung from a boat cleat. Waves and warm water melt the chum block to release the oils and ground fish bits

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Slave Price: 1,000,000. Fish-men are one of two humanoid species that inhabit and rule the seas (the other being the merfolk ). In terms of leadership, Fisher Tiger, Jinbe, and Arlong were said to have the highest respect amongst their people. They are classified as Type C creatures, Big Savage Crappie Full Mounts Our Crappie full mounts are anatomically correct fish replicas that are intended to be displayed on the wall. Everything you see while the fish mount is hanging on the wall is painted. The backside of the mount that is touching the wall or not viewable is actually painted black Shark Fishing Tampa Bay, FL. One of the world's most powerful and enigmatic game fish, shark are plentiful around the coast of Florida. A wide variety of sharks are found on the state's Atlantic and Gulf coasts, making it a premiere destination for anglers who want to land a trophy fish. Captain John O'Hanlon loves guiding new and. 1 Species Breeding 2 Fin Breeding 3 Rarity 4 Pictures of Breeding Table The last name of the fish is based on the type, or Species, of the fish. Crossing different Species will likely result in the offspring being a different species than its parents. The following is a table of the outcomes of the crosse: The first name of the fish is based on the type of Fin the fish has. Crossing fish with. Tiger Shark Price: 15,000 Coins Max Depth: 275 meters Max Size: 7 meters Eats: As above plus the creatures shown in the image below (including Puffer Fish!) Tips: tiger Sharks are incredibly powerful and will survive most attacks - they can also eat those pesky Puffer Fish

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When Shane gets a shark close to shore, he has to walk into the water to pull the fish to the beach. Then he'll remove the circle hook, take a photo and measurement, and place a tag in the fish Due to hurricane Elsa, all orders placed after 3am EST on 7/6/21 will be held until we can ensure there are no delays in the shipment of fish.. Order by 12 am PT (3 am ET) Monday-Wednesday for same day overnight shipping. Orders placed Thursday-Sunday will be shipped the following Monday/Tuesday

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Although tiger sharks rarely attack people, there have been cases where they attacked humans and are regarded as one of the most dangerous shark species. These large sharks tend to live near the bottom, feeding on a wide variety of food. This shark's diet has everything from small fish to turtles, sea snakes, and dolphins. Tiger sharks tend. Carolina First Megalodon teeth, Modern shark teeth (Tiger, Bull, Great Hammerhead), 10 coprolites, 9 Argentine pine cones, Hell Creek dinosaurs (15 Ankylosaur/Nodosaur, 13 Triceratops, and 11 raptor teeth), 15 Bone Valley Meg teeth, 20 Moroccan Mako teeth, 10 Moroccan / Russian trilobites, 10 Mosasaur and 9 Plesiosaur teeth, 15 High Quality. The burnt shark outfit is a Fishing outfit that can be acquired via the Invention skill. The outfit pieces can each be made at Level 80 Fishing and Level 20 Invention by combining 3,600 shark fragments at an Inventor's workbench, after discovering the shark outfit blueprint at the workbench.. The burnt shark outfit can be combined with the shark outfit and tiger shark outfit to make the fury. Sharks are the new hot feature for wealthy homeowners. But keeping a pet with that many teeth doesn't always go swimmingly— especially for the other fish. Messing with the vibe of the tank I bought an Iridescent Shark unknowingly from Walmart because my step-son wanted to add it to his 20 gallon tank (mainly Silver Dollar fish) I must admit, I knew and know little about fish and how to care for them (particularly back then, March of 2007). The shark grew to about 12-13 inches and is perfect in appearance

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Burnt shark outfit. The Burnt shark outfit is a Fishing outfit that can be acquired via the Invention skill. The outfit pieces can each be made at Level 80 Fishing and Level 20 Invention by combining 3,600 shark fragments at an Inventor's workbench, after discovering the Shark outfit blueprint at the workbench Fish (New Leaf) Cram It! The Fighters of 'Star Wars Squadrons'. Do you like this video? Note: Fish available on Tortimer Island are available all-year round, since the island permanently remains at summer time regardless of time of year. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted

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Saw Shark. Great White Shark. Hammerhead Shark. 4pm to 9am. On Mystery Islands, the critters (Fish and bugs) which spawn are determined the moment you set foot on the island! This means that if you arrive on the island before 4 pm, no matter how much time passes, the fish that only appear after 4pm will not spawn! Always go after 4 pm Great whites, at 12-18 feet in length on average, are much larger than the usual sharks we see in Florida waters other than whale sharks, at 20-30 feet, which are plankton feeders Fascinating scuba diving with ️Best Price Guaranteed ️Simple licensing. Download Now ️ Fascinating Scuba Diving With Tiger Sharks. Item ID: 116416063. By: fish, ocean, coral, travel. Deutsch Español. Tiger Shovel Nose catfish are a great pet for any monster fish keeper. The Tiger Shovelnose Catfish, which is otherwise called the Tiger Catfish, is from the streams and tributaries of South America. The body of this feline is long and slim and has an excellent silver hue. Dark stripes and spots spread the whole body, giving this fish a tiger. Pete's Aquariums & Fish is your #1 source for online and in-store sales of Marine Saltwater Aquarium Fish like Marble Catsharks, Brown Banded Sharks, Coral Catsharks, Nurse Sharks, and more. Order online or in person at our new Fishkill, New York aquarium store location. Call or click today to find your next aquarium tank addition at Pete's Aquariums & Fish

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Epaulette Shark - Hemiscyllium ocellatum. Add To Cart. $119.99 $99.98. Black Banded Cat Shark - Chiloscyllium punctatum - Banded Cat Shark - Brownbanded Bamboo Shark. Choose Options. $149.99 $135.98. Bamboo Cat Shark - Chiloscyllium punctatum - Brownbanded Cat Shark - Blackbanded Cat Shark - Bamboo Shark. Choose Options Below is a list of all 80 species of fish you can catch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including the time of day they're active, where on islands they pop up, and the months of the year they. High quality aquarium fish at the lowest prices online and shipped right to your door. Wide selection of species and sizes available for all types of freshwater aquariums. Overnight shipping on all orders. Check out our SPECIALS on Discus and Cichlids! Visit us online today at The iFISH Store STINGRAY/SHARK: Yellow Spotted Ray Marbled Cat Shark Egg White Spotted Banded Cat Shark PAIR Banded Cat Shark Egg SQUIRRELFISH: Reef Squirrelfish Black Bar Soldierfish Vittatus African Tiger Fish African Butterfly Fish Distichodus Sexfasciatus Pinktail Chalceus Redtail Barracuda Payara H. Scomberoides Peacock Bass Ocellaris ME

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Aquarium Goliath Tiger Fish. Bettta Breeding Pair Fighter /Betta Fish, 3-4 Years, Size: 2 Inch. Blonde Guppy. SRD Female Egg Layer Fish. Plecostomus Black Garra Rufa Fish Spa Fish, 3 Years, Size: 2 Inches. Top Quality Metallic Kujaku Koi AquariumFishIndia. Discus Fish Breeding Pairs. Blue Mosaic Guppy Baby tiger for sale at affordable prices Baby tiger for sale online. All animal buyers most times choose to buy young ones. Reason being they are very easy to tame, and they are too cheap to train. Here are tigers cubs for sale at affordable prices. Baby tigers for sale We always remind our customers who buy animal Freshwater Customized FISH AQUARIUM Made In Kenya . KSh 19,999. We do customized fish aquarium services in, homes, reception, front office, hospitals, schools, hotels, salons & spars, club lounges. wall mount aquarium customized size. customized finishing material. customized background. Kiambu, Thika, 3 hrs ago - Fish

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Arowana Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Several varieties to choose. List: $ 69.99 - $ 299.00. $ 59.00 - $ 288.00 Select options. Sale 0-1 Blue Shark Tooth. Tiger Shark: 18 250,000: 8-16 Shark Fin. 0-1 Tiger Shark Tooth. 0-1 Epic Megalodon. Great White Shark: 24 1,500,000: 16-32 Shark Fin. 0-1 Great White Shark Tooth. 0-1 Legendary Megalodo Serenity Aquarium Services For Shark Tanks. Custom Aquariums works with our sister company, Serenity Aquarium Services to provide installation and maintenance services for your dental office aquariums and fish tanks. We have over a thousand service accounts in over 14 states. Our team is always here to help with your shark fish tank or aquarium. Freshwater Shark - Iridescent Shark or Pangasius Shark. SKU 1773-3201 Categories Freshwater Catfishes, Freshwater Aquarium Sharks, Testosterone Fish Tags Freshwater Shark, Pangasius hypophthalmus, pangasius shark, Siamese Shark, Sutchi Catfish. $ 10.66 - $ 20.99 Remarks. The retainable sharks are managed as a group for bag limit purposes. In other words, you can only harvest one shark per day and the shark that you harvest must be one of the retainable species. Hook-and-line gear only. Shore-based Shark Fishing educational course and permit required. See list of prohibited species below

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Zebra Moray Eel Med $ 634.95 $ 380.97 SALE. Snowflake Moray Eel Sml $ 124.95 $ 74.97 SALE. Snowflake Moray Eel Med $ 104.48. Chain Link Moray Eel Sml $ 83.48. Blue Ribbon Eel Med $ 274.95 $ 164.97 SALE. Banded Snake Eel Med $ 149.95 $ 89.97 SALE. Snowflake Freshwater Moray Eel Xlg $ 38.45 $ 23.07 SALE. x2 (Two) Zebra Moray Eel Saltwater Fish. Saltwater Fish are wildly popular today, as science and technology have made it easier than ever to own and operate a saltwater fish tank. Many species of Saltwater Fish are aquacultured and others are humanely collected from all of the tropical oceans of the world We directly connect Manufacturers/Importers of Aquarium Products and Fishes to our Customers at Best price. Aquariums online , Aquarium fish online, Aquarium plants online Cichlids,Guppy,Betta , Gold fish,Malawi, tetra ,discuss, Shrimps, Platies, Flowerhorn, Arowana Buy Aquarium Plants & Aquarium Fishes onlin

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The Cherry Grove Pier is the home of many record catches including a world record 1780 lb. Tiger Shark and a record 98 lb. Tarpon. Click here to learn more about Carolina salt water fish, crabbing, and pier fishing. Full Service Tackle, Bait, and Gift Shop. We have everything you need for a fun outing including a full line of rods and reels. The tiger catfish is a large catfish that can grow up to 2-3 feet given the right sized tank, food, and water condition. This aggressive omnivore is recommended only for experienced aquarium owners. It prefers to feed on meaty foods and large pellets. Tiger Catfish have very large mouths and can easily eat small fish Our most recent shipment has nearly sold out but more are on the way. The X10 has it all suitable for live and dry fire practice, including recoil analysis and draw analysis. Add some fun into your dry fire training with a MantisX. More info at. https://tigersharkballistics.com.au/. October 22, 2020 by Steve Hoy. Read more

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Fish and Shark Skulls (29) Homo Sapien Pathological Skulls (31) Mammal Skull Replicas (582) Anteater Skull Replicas (15) Armadillo Skulls and Skeletons (10) Bat Skull Replicas (5) Bear Skulls and Skeletons (43) Bison Skull Replicas (7) Camel Skulls and Skeletons (10) Cow Skulls (3) Coyote and Jackal Skulls (18) Dog Skull Replicas (17) Dolphin. ACNH items list with icons. Click on the up & down arrows in the list to sort the items by price (Nook's Cranny prices, drop-off box prices, Flick's bug prices and C.J's fish prices) or alphabetically (by name, category, subcategory, or particularity).. Clicking once sorts the chosen column in ascending order — from the lowest to the highest price or from A to Z SNAIL NERITE (TROP) $24.68. (or 4 payments of $6.17) $24.68. Live Fish products have an average rating of 5 / 5.0 from 1 reviews 1. Stressed Out Fish; 2. Ecosystems Impacts of Overfishing; 3. GPS for Sharks; 4. Immune Assessment in Wild Shark Populations; 5. Scaredy Fish — Eat or Hide; 6. Great White Predation; 7. Shark Ecological Risk Assessment; 8. Toxic Food Webs & Tracking Dirty Water; 9. Climate Change & Sharks; 10. Urban Sharks; 11. Tiger Shark Pregnancy; 12. Fish Bait Season Time World record Max Price; Atlantic Needlefish: Fish, Insects: Always: Always: 110 cm: 5: Bighead Carp: Dough, Vegetal: Always: 11:00-05:00: 149 cm: 3 Welcome To The Shark Store ! This year has already been exciting with our Big Sharks and Sea creatures going to Museums in New York, California, Denmark-Italy and Sweden, Plus 3 giant replicas to the Finland National Opera and many many Crocodiles of all sizes for a new HBO series Called AMERICAN GODS. Check out with any credit card-NEW for 2017 !