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How Kolkata or Kalikhetra came into being !! This compelled me to reconsider searching for the actual old Kolkata History. At the same time, I also searched for the reason which compelled the Portuguese, the Armenians, and then the British take all the pain of coming to Kolkata, crossing a sea from Europe The founding of the modern city of Kolkata dates back to 1690 and has been ascribed to Job Charnock, an agent of the British East India Company, who landed in the village of Sutanuti and started a British factory there. Present-day Kolkata stands on what was originally three villages: Sutanuti, Kalikata and Gobindapur Tirtha was born in Kolkata and lived overseas for 28 years after university, only to return 15 years ago. 'The city of my birth is so rich in history, but I'm just starting to discover the extent of it now,' says the 66-year-old, who studied history at university and has gone on several walks with Heritage Walk Calcutta recently KOLKATA 1690 In the year 1690, Job Charnock, a company agent and chief of engish factory established the important centre for trade and commerce in Sutanti Village on the Eastern banks of the river Hooghly.This was the origin of the city of Calcutta Ancient Origins Though archaeologists believe that Kolkata has been inhabited for over two thousand years, its documented history begins only after the arrival of the British East India Company, in 1690

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Old maps of Kolkata on Old Maps Online. Discover the past of Kolkata on historical maps Located in the heart of Kolkata, the Victoria Memorial was built in memory of Queen Victoria to celebrate her 25 years of rule over India. Known to be one of the famous historical places to visit in Kolkata, it is spread over 57 acres of land, housing 21 lush green gardens, 28,394 artefacts, and 3,900 artistic paintings Old Calcutta(Kolkata) Vintage and old pictures from the lanes of Calcutta during the British Rule and afterwards. Friday, September 12, 2014. Currently, a car parking exists in place of the old tram terminus. The history of Sealdah Division is a little difficult to track. The part of network under this division was a part of the Eastern. Calcutta, Old and New: A Historical & Descriptive Handbook to the City by Evan Cotton. Publication date 1907 Publisher W. Newman Collection americana Digitizing sponsor Google Book from the collections of New York Public Library Language English

Mango lane is an old place in Kolkata. We first come across this name in a map built by Captain William Wills in 1753. Section of a map by Captain William Wills (Circa 1753) It is possible the place derived its name from the presence of mango trees on either side of the road Calcutta Medical College (now called Medical College, Kolkata) - Founded 1835 History: The first attempt for the introduction of a proper medical training was undertaken by Lord William Bentinck. As a fruit of his effort and long persuasion, government order was passed to set up a medical college in Calcutta which is known as Calcutta Medical. Rare unseen photos of Kolkata | The City of JoyOld Kolkata:-Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta in English, is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal.. The history of Kolkata as a British settlement, known to the British as Calcutta, dates from the establishment of a trading post there by Job Charnock, an agent of the English East India Company, in 1690 It was built when the Lord William Bentinck was the Governor General of the British India. The three storied building located just at the South- East corner of the Dalhousie Square. Large wrought iron gates, large brick arches and Venetian windows with intricate designs are the main attraction of it. The roof was arched with iron joists

As developers eye land, activists and residents fear the city's history is fading with the demolition of old structures. The Kolkata skyline with Park Mansions in the foreground; the protected 1910.. It was founded in 1690 after three large villages along the east bank of the river — Sutanuti, Govindapur and Kolkata (Calcutta) — were merged as a trading post of British East India Company. Boat ride on Princep gha Kolkata's recorded history began in 1690 with the arrival of the English East India Company, which was consolidating its trade business in Bengal Browse 4,418 old calcutta stock photos and images available or search for british calcutta or kolkata to find more great stock photos and pictures. government house amd treasury, calcutta, india, 19th century - old calcutta stock illustrations. rickshaw in kolkata - old calcutta stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

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  1. This video was made with old and unseen photos of Calcutta / Kolkata. Please watch the entire video from beginning to end. We hope you will like it. Short Hi..
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  3. Kolkata's heritage buildings are part of the city's unique DNA, as distinct to its landscape as a fingerprint. The writers talk to novelist Amit Chaudhuri, who is spearheading the city's brave..

Most residents of present-day Kolkata haven't heard of someone called 'Harry Hobbs', but to those researching Kolkata's history, his name often brings up a smile. For he was an author of the twelve or so chronicles written in first person carrying the most authentic recounts of the rapidly changing social saga of British Calcutta in particular and imperial India in general Kolkata (Calcutta) History. Mushrooming from a cluster of villages into the thriving capital of British India and later a sprawling 21st-century mega city, life in Kolkata has rarely been quiet. It is believed the city was founded over 300 years ago on the banks of the Hooghly River by Job Charnock, an administrator in the British East India. Handcoloured etching with aquatint of Fort William from the Government House in Calcutta by William Baillie (1752/3-1799) dated 1791. The new Fort William, seen this view, was constructed as a result of the damaging attack on the original fort by the forces of Siraj-ud-Daulah the Nawab of Bengal in 1757

Feb 20, 2013 - Explore prasanna G's board 100year old Kolkata rare photos on Pinterest. See more ideas about rare photos, old photos, old kolkata Kolkata formerly Calcutta is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. Located on the east bank of the Hooghly river, it is the principal commercial, cultural, and educational centre of East India, while the Port of Kolkata is India's oldest operating port and its sole major riverine port. As of 2011, the city had 4.5 million residents; the urban agglomeration, which comprises the city. Kolkata Dock System's 118-year old Swing Bridge. The 118-year old Swing Bridge was built by London-based West Wood Baillie & Co in 1890 after the then Secretary of State approved the Kidderpore site for new docks. The Swing Bridge, an engineering marvel, connects the main Kidderpore Dock No. 1 with the tidal basin Kolkata More information Old Calcutta(Kolkata): Life in past Calcutta - amazing and rare pics of streets, schools, colleges, markets, stations, buildings, hotels, places etc So, this time in the city, I decided to explore the history of the city when it was born as Calcutta. I was guided through the colonial Calcutta by the Kolkata expert, my friend, and fellow blogger Rangan Datta. To avoid the summer heat, we began our tour at around 6:30 AM

How Kolkata Came To Be Calcutta — And Why It Went Back To Kolkata : Goats and Soda With Mother Teresa in the headlines, so is the name of the city where she lived for decades. But is it. Armenians have been an integral part of Kolkata's growth and they played a vital role through Indian history. They migrated from Armenia in the 16th century and thrived as traders. By the time of Akbar's reign the Armenians were an economically affluent and powerful community. The Armenians had cordial relations with both the Mughals and. The paintings from colourful balconies in houses of Kolkata may be peeling off, but its history still resonates with every proud native. Heritage and culture are two words synonymous with Kolkata. The city's rich legacy has stood strong for over 300 years, but not without occasional cracks Yes, these Heritage sweets shops in Kolkata are more than 100 years old and you have to visit these places to get the real taste of sweets which Kolkata or Bengal is known for. They still have the old world charm and follow the authentic recipes of the sweets without adding any fusion to them. These legendary and heritage sweets shops in Kolkata are absolutely a must-visit in your lifetime How this 20-year-old Kolkata boy became the first Indian ever to bag the 'Youth Photographer of the Year' title Pubarun Basu was just four when he first got his hands on his father's camera

One of the most visible remnants of Jewish life in Kolkata, the 116-year-old Nahoum and Sons bakery once supplied challah, hamentashens and other Jewish specialties to a community of 6,000 Browse 4,219 old kolkata stock photos and images available, or search for india to find more great stock photos and pictures. howrah bridge as viewed from the ganga ghat howrah - old kolkata stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. government house amd treasury, calcutta, india, 19th century - old kolkata stock illustrations Browse 4,456 old kolkata stock photos and images available or search for calcutta to find more great stock photos and pictures. government house amd treasury, calcutta, india, 19th century - old kolkata stock illustrations. rickshaw in kolkata - old kolkata stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. howrah bridge as viewed from the ganga. The Kolkata of today that they present is a fascinating mix of old and new, with tall new towers of glass and steel that loom over monuments over a hundred years old. Here's a selection of. Over 200-year-old heritage hotel in Kolkata, The Fairlawn building had existed on the site since 1783. It was requisitioned for Canadian Airforce personnel during the 2nd world war and was then known as Canada House for two years

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The double-decker bus was known as Albert and the trips covered by it were called Albert tours. Interestingly, this was the world's longest bus route and one side travel between London and Kolkata on it would cost £145 ( around ₹13518), which was undoubtedly a whopping amount in those days. Rare pictures of the historical bus are now doing. Kolkata's system of streets and roads reflects the city's historical development. An express highway, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, stretches from Kolkata to Dum Dum, though most local streets are narrow. The main roads form a grid pattern primarily in the old European sector, but elsewhere road planning has a random character

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Kolkata history. 1. KOLKATA - The City Of Joy Submitted By: Moksha Bhatia M.Arch (Urban Design) 1st - Semester. 2. Introduction Etymology : ~ Calcutta, ( Bengali Kalikata and colloquially Kolkata ) - Kali (Goddess Kali of Kalighat) , and kota - (her abode). Location : • Kolkata is located in the eastern part of India Kolkata Old Houses from Rs. 200,000, 4 BHK Independent House in Baithakkhana for resale Kolkata. The reference number is 6544313. 4 BHK Independent House for sale in Baithakkhana, Kolkata with modern-day amenities. This is an owner li... Kolkata Old House

An account of hidden alleyways and lanes in old Calcutta complete with maps. Keith Humphrey lays open the city's underbelly for people who have only seen the swanky, younger facet of Kolkata The 1980s saw the launch of the people's car, Maruti 800. It was boxy and compact and was perfect for the needs of new India. But Kolkata, like a faithful lover, remained enthralled by the curvaceous charms of the Ambassador. It zealously comes to its defence even now This 100-Year-Old Shop Is The Last Kolkata Cafe To Still Brew Tea In Samovars. Samovar Tea Shop, run by 66-year-old Mahendra Singh Dhoni in Kolkata, is one of the view cafes in Bengal that still brews tea in the ancient giant copper kettle. We unravel its history and significance in the cultural landscape of the city. Post author: Ananya Barua

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5. Fort William. Fort William, one of the oldest historical tombs in Kolkata, dates back to the seventeenth Century. There are the old fort and the new fort; The East India Company built up the first fort in 1696. It was captured by the then Bengal ruler Siraj Ud Daulah; the company built a second fort in Maidan A Food Journey Around Tiretta Bazaar - Kolkata's 'Old Chinatown'. Tiretta Bazaar in Kolkata, also commonly referred to as Old Chinatown, might well be the starting point of Chinese cuisine in India. The place is a wonderful spot to explore this facet of Kolkata's diverse food offering. Ashwin Rajagopalan. Updated: February 07, 2020 17:19 IST The old-colonial era buildings in the former British capital add a certain charm to the city that makes it an absolute treat to a beholder's eyes. No wonder the busy city is praised by many as the intellectual, cultural, and artistic capital of the country! Book the best hotels in Kolkata and enjoy a luxurious stay in India's east One of our most popular walks this serves as the perfect introduction to British Calcutta and gives you a sneak peek into what went into the making of the Colonial Capital of India. So prepare to whet your appetite for all things Raj. Timings: 0700 hrs to 1000 hrs. (Apr- Sep) 0800 hrs to 1100 hrs. (Oct - Mar

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The 75-year-old 'Siddheswhari Hotel' in Central Kolkata that was famous for serving Bengali cuisine had kept all their operations suspended for the last one year owing to the dearth of labours and. Browse 3,374 kolkata stock videos and clips available to use in your projects, or search for kolkata city or kolkata tram to find more stock footage and b-roll video clips. view of the victoria memorial in kolkata india - kolkata stock videos & royalty-free footage. ws view of traffic on city street / kolkata, west bengal, india - kolkata stock.

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The four rakes installed here tell the story of Kolkata trams through photos and old equipment such as bells, duplex gauge, controller or amp meter, supplemented with tram history from around the. History. The Victoria Memorial Hall is one of the most magnificent monuments of not only the city of Calcutta but of our entire country. Representing the resplendent and majestic British architecture, Victoria Memorial Hall stands today, as a veritable icon of the city of Kolkata. Located on 1 Queen's way, the VMH was envisaged by Lord Curzon.

In Kolkata, a 93-year-old residence is now a boutique bed-and-breakfast, but all around it are crumbling historic homes. In Delhi, the rooftop Walled City Café overlooks a crumbling and neglected. Notable highlights include a 4000-year-old Egyptian mummy, an ancient urn believed to contain the Buddha's ashes, and a 2000-year-old pillar bearing a structure of four Asiatic lions from which India's national emblem has been adopted. Open In Google Maps. 27 Jawaharlal Nehru Rd, Colootola, Taltala Kolkata, 700016, India. +913322861702 A fantastic book that delves deep into the history of Old Kolkata and Goddess (Shakti) worship sect of the Hindus! Also read: Bengali wedding rituals- a photo blog! Best Bonedi Barir Durgapuja, Kolkata with precise map location . The Map is designed and updated basis on the frequency of me gathering new information

Kolkata is divided into three main districts -- north, central and south. North Kolkata is the atmospheric old part of the city, formerly referred to as Black Town by the British because it was inhabited by native Bengalis, many of whom were wealthy landowners and merchants Find professional Old Kolkata videos and stock footage available for license in film, television, advertising and corporate uses. Getty Images offers exclusive rights-ready and premium royalty-free analog, HD, and 4K video of the highest quality It is an icon of Bengal's history and culture, connecting Kolkata to Howrah. Being gateway to Kolkata, anyone who enters Kolkata has to pass through this bridge to reach other parts of the state. The bridge is 705m long and boasts of 8 lanes jointly 97m wide, serves gateway to around 200,000 vehicles and around 150,000 pedestrians every day. 50A, Kailash Bose Street, Kolkata- 700006 or 1 Bechu Chatterjee Street. The Durga Puja at Laha Bari is now a tradition over two centuries old. The Durga Puja was started by Late Bhagabati Charan Laha. The Puja is now hosted alternatively at different locations by different branches of the family

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Some of the best historic hotels in Kolkata (Calcutta) are: The Oberoi Grand - Traveler rating: 5.0/5. The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata - Traveler rating: 5.0/5. ITC Sonar, Kolkata - a Luxury Collection Hotel - Traveler rating: 4.5/5 Tantrics of Old is dark fantasy, following a young Necromancer, a Tantric, Adri Sen, as he runs from an ancient Horseman, Death, in a city just as old. Enter the two cities; New Kolkata, pristine, untouched, ruled by an iron fist by the perfect government, MYTH—a city existing in the shadow of the old one, and Old Kolkata, forgotten, broken.

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  1. Rare 100-Year-Old Photos of India from the British Raj Era Discovered [PHOTOS] A collection of about 178 photographs of India from the British Raj has been discovered in the archives of the Royal.
  2. Kolkata Office: Godhuli Senior Citizens' Home Pvt. Ltd. 74B, A J C Bose Road Shrachi Centre, Ground Floor Jora Girja Stoppage Kolkata - 700 016 West Bengal, India View in Google Map Email: godhuli_senior@ymail.com Contact Person Bijan Biswas (Manager) - + 91 9836974192 Kaushik Sen Gupta + 91 8336978880 Debashis Mitra-9830045312 Office.
  3. The Oberoi Grand - Superlative luxury, amazing amenities, and so much history in a prime location.. The unparalleled elegance is immediately evident at the lobby where the staff wears long suits, live music is played on an old-fashioned piano, and century-old chandeliers dangle from the ceilings
  4. Despite the above justifications, old buildings serve to maintain the irreplaceable cultural identity of a city. While cities like Kolkata and Beijing have ruthlessly swept aside the past in favour of an inevitable future, smaller cities like Chiang Mai in Thailand have managed to protect the majority of their historic buildings
  5. Kolkata. | Jan 12, 2020 - Jul 31, 2021. We are delighted to announce the opening of Ghare Baire | The World, The Home and Beyond: 18th-20th Century Art in Bengal at the iconic Old Currency Building in Kolkata. Commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, and curated and organised by DAG, in collaboration with NGMA, this museum.
  6. Calcutta, now Kolkata is a city that clearly showcases the glimpse of history, where the past and the present, old and the new, all come together in surprising ways and create a vibrant culture that manifests itself in the passions of the city. It is highly famous for theatre, art, politics, football and delectable cuisines
  7. कोलकाता(Kolkata) पश्चिम बंगाल की राजधानी है. इस शहर की स्थापना 1686 में हुई थी. वहीं कुछ लोगों का मानना है कि कालिकाता नाम का ज़िक्र मुग़ल सम्राट अकबर और बंगाली.

An intrinsic part of this city's character, these grand old family homes are scattered throughout the streets and date back to the late 18th and early 19th Centuries, when Kolkata was the hub of. Victoria Memorial is one of the famous and beautiful monuments of Kolkata. It was built between 1906 and 1921 to commemorate Queen Victoria's 25-year reign in India. After the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, the British government gathered the reins of control of the country directly, and in 1876 the British parliament made Victoria the Empress of India The city with its old world charm has always fascinated me along with the new- Paramount sherbat & Syrup- a slice of old Kolkata with a bit oh history Sherbat used to be one of the most favorite chillers for Kolkata

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  1. Tag Archive: Kolkata Old Map. Maratha Ditch - Around Kolkata 1742. Filed under: History — Leave a comment. December 23, 2011. Maratha Ditch. It was a three-mile long moat excavated around Kolkata (then known as Calcutta) in the present Indian state of West Bengal, in 1742,.
  2. Another fine example of Kolkata's newfound conservation streak is the Experimenter gallery, which reimagined a 100-year old house built in the early 20th century Bengal architectural style
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In Kolkata and all across the Bengal, clay and terracotta has been used in art and architecture throughout history. It is still favoured for many household utensils, including pots, jars and pitchers Upjohn's map of Calcutta was developed as a result of a survey undertaken in 1792 & 1793 by A. Upjohn. (Courtesy: Victoria Memorial Hall museum archives, Kolkata) Other names of the street through the city's history have included Badamtalla, or Almond Street, Vansittart Avenue, Burial Ground Road and Burial Ground Street

The traditional house of old kolkata. Kolkata is home to the Bengali community widely known for their sentiments, critique and intellect. This apparently slow moving city - with its heavily conjested streets, unplanned localities and batches of crumbling buildings from the colonial past - is not a typical tourist s paradise T rams have been an integral part of the city's history for centuries.. The Kolkata tram is the oldest operating electric tram in Asia, running since 1902. The Calcutta Tramway Co. Ltd was. Here is Historic Fuel Prices in India right from 2003 to 2021 including Price Differential in Petrol and Diesel Fuel in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata Petrol Vs Diesel Fuel . Fuel Prices in 2021 at its lifetime highs, where for the first time breached Rs 100 mark in Rajasthan A century-old collection of photographs of India has been discovered in the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland archive. The rare and fragile glass plate negatives. Kolkata past and present -Rajorshi Chatterjee_SPA_Delhi_Urban planning. A brief discussion on Calcutta and its city growth. The city extended manifold after the Colonial rule, which defines the urban character and built fabric of the city. At the same point of time we need proper planning insights to this city for its future growth and development

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Kolkata Weather History for the Previous 24 Hours Show weather for: Previous 24 hours July 9, 2021 July 8, 2021 July 7, 2021 July 6, 2021 July 5, 2021 July 4, 2021 July 3, 2021 July 2, 2021 July 1, 2021 June 30, 2021 June 29, 2021 June 28, 2021 June 27, 2021 June 26, 2021 June 25, 2021 June 24, 202 KOLKATA: History, they say, is not just a record of a chain of events. It is as much about faces, places and the stories they tell. Going by that, the following places have history coming seeping. Buildings with architectural significance and historical values are considered for their preservation and conservation. These buildings playing an important role in the history of the city of Kolkata in particular and maintained properly. For this purpose it has been realised that an inventory of such buildings upon which the heritage status.

Flurys is Kolkata's legendary tearoom located on Park Street, which was established under the British Raj in 1927. Headed by chef Vikar Kumas, Flurys continues to exude Old World charm with a lavish spread of luxurious cakes, indulgent pastries, rich puddings and, a special Flurys pride, some of the best single-origin chocolates outside of. Pre owned Cars in Kolkata : Buy True Value certified second hand Maruti Suzuki cars that undergo 376 quality checks in Kolkata. Find the best prices online on old used cars in Kolkata at Maruti Suzuki True Value, with 1-year warranty and 3 free services There are scores of old monuments in Kolkata. Countless people interested in the history and culture of Kolkata, make it a point to visit the monuments of Kolkata. The monuments around Kolkata make for fine picnic spots as well. In fact, visiting one of the monuments near Kolkata is a wonderful way of combining historical sightseeing and family. 7 of the Most Popular Churches in Kolkata. 1. St Paul's Cathedral. Established in 1847, it is said that this is the largest cathedral church you can visit in Kolkata. The most amazing attraction of this church is the beautiful architectural design which attracts many eyes and raised many eyebrows of the visitors Konark Collectables the one and only collectible store in Kolkata. To relive the good old days and get the feel of the golden era well gone past a visit to Konark Collectables is a must and you will relish and enjoy every moment spent

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Over the past month of crisis, turmoil, protest and death we have been inevitably captured by the situation of the present. But part of the intractability of the conflict in the Middle East is that the Jewish relationship to Israel did not begin in 1948. Our history here, of both pain and holiness, stretches back dozens of generations Old maps means maps authored over 70 years ago, that is, in 1950 or earlier. Media in category Old maps of Kolkata The following 15 files are in this category, out of 15 total Overview. Julien Day School - JDS - is one of the famous, old and best schools in the region of Kolkata, Howrah, Kalyaniand Ganganagar. Julien Day School with its presence in and around Kolkata, Kalyani, Howrah and Ganganagar, known for its discipline, child security, digital classrooms, modern infrastructure, competent and technology savvy faculties

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Uniquely Indian and charming, designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee's home is an accurate reflection of the person he is. Fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a very private man. You see a lot of him in the press in the context of his fashion brand, but very little of his life in any other way. Mukherjee felt that there wasn't much to showcase in. The Fare for Trams in Kolkata Trams are one of the cheapest modes of transport you can avail in Kolkata. Tickets begin from INR 5 to INR 10. The Experience of Taking Trams in Kolkata Source. The old-world charm of Kolkata is significantly underlined when one takes a tram ride Kolkata: A 26-year-old man was arrested by the Kolkata Police on Thursday on charges of rape and robbery in the city earlier this week, a senior police officer said. We have arrested one Asgar.

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After languishing as an undertrial for 41 years in Kolkata, 72 year old Durga Prasad Timsina entered a new phase of life as the Calcutta High Court (HC) ordered his release on Wednesday (17 March) Kolkata Boy Shouryya Ray Creates History by Cracking 350-Year-Old Maths Puzzles Set by Sir Isaac Newton Inventors & Inventions Young Achievers May 27, 2012 Mousumi Saha Kumar Shouryya Ray, Photo: dailymail.co.u Old Banyan- Anantapur. The Thimmamma Marrimanu is the world's biggest tree and recorded as the largest tree specimen in the Guinness Book of World Records. Thimmamma Marrimanu banyan tree is located in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. Great Banyan - Kolkata If you are visiting Dakshineswar, I highly recommend a visit to Joy Mitra Kali Bari (history states it is 6 yrs. older than Dakshineswar), Raghu Dakat-Er Kalibari Kolkata, Glass temple and age-old Dutch Kuthi (established in 15th CE). Thanthania Kalibari Kolkata, College Street Are

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Pice hotels are known for the astounding range of dishes that they serve for both lunch and dinner. Hidden in a quaint corner of South Kolkata's Rashbehari junction is the 106-year-old Tarun. In Origin and History of the Calcutta Jews, author Isaac S. Abraham notes that the first Jews arrived in Kolkata, then capital of British India and primary hub of the English East India. A 77-year-old man from Kolkata has created a buzz online for the love of his wife and music. Swapan Sett started travelling across the country to play the violin and raise funds for his wife's cancer treatment. Sett's wife was diagnosed with uterus cancer in 2002. Sett is a painter, sculptor and violinist

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Indian passenger Swami Sivananda's passport caused a stir at Abu Dhabi International Airport after the immigration officers saw his date of birth dated back to August 8, 1896, making him 123 years old. Hailing from Behala, Kolkata, Swami Sivananda was travelling to London and had a stopover in Dubai Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose (Kolkata) International Airport is a civil airport located in West Bengal, India, about 17km from the centre of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), named in the honour of the Bengali Indian patriot Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The airport handled around 22 million passengers in 2019-2020. Project Type When is Old Mission Church open? Old Mission Church is open: Sun - Sat 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM. What hotels are near Old Mission Church? Hotels near Old Mission Church: (0.23 mi) The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata. (0.18 mi) Larica Resorts. (0.68 mi) The Oberoi Grand. (0.24 mi) Neeranand Hotel Dalhousie 4,000-year-old Egyptian mummy to get a face-lift. The mummy returns, this time in India. An Egyptian mummy from 4,000 years ago will be restored in the eastern city of Kolkata, the Times of India.