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FIGHT AGAINST FEMICIDE The recent brutal murder of 27-year-old Pinar Gültekin at the hands of her boyfriend has sparked fervour protest across Turkey against Femicide, the murder of women at the hands of their partners. This is not a solitary case. There have been over 50 more recorded and suspected cases of femicide in the country. According to a 2009 study, 42% of women between the ages of. Turkey was the first country to adopt a 2011 Council of Europe convention on gender-based violence and domestic violence, a groundbreaking legal framework designed to protect victims and effectively prosecute offenders, known as the Istanbul Convention. However, since then even basic rights and protections won by women in Turkey have come under serious threat as Recep Erdoğan's conservative. At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news! Email: Stoltenberg.Jens@hq.nato.int. Stop the Turkish State's Genocide and Feminicide of the Kurds! NATO promotes democratic values and NATO is committed to the peaceful resolution of disputes according to the alliance's own webpage (What is NATO?) Because not only is femicide -- the murder of women and girls -- extremely common; the government is actively trying to roll back legal protections for women and girls. Sign the petition to stand with the women of Turkey in demanding their human rights are respected and protected

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP. Suggest edits here.. Donate. Hasna — Leadership and technical training for womxn in Turkey.. Mor Çatı — Support the movement against violence against womxn.. Turkish Philanthropy Funds — Donate to womxn empowerment organizations in Turkey.. Petitions. NOTE: Due to the corrupt government in Turkey, petitions won't have as much effect as donations and advocacy. Turkey has fallen to the 101st position out of 113 countries in the World Justice Project's 2017-18 Rule of Law Index. There has been widespread concern that fundamental rights and freedoms and the rule of law in Turkey have eroded since state of emergency was announced in July 2016. Turkey was ranked in the bottom tercile in six of these eight areas

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A change.org petition demands that Turkish President Erdoğan take legislative steps to repeal abusive laws in Turkey.. What celebrities took part in the #challengeaccepted Instagram trend? The new Instagram challenge, Women Supporting Women has taken over the social media platform as a way to promote women empowerment. In order to participate, you must post a black and white photo of. Femicide (killing of women) in Turkey has been a prevalent issue for many years; however, the protests and activists have gotten little to no media coverage. Turkey is ranked 130th on the Global Gender Gap Index Rank—a ranking that measures where a country stands in terms of gender equality—and deserves more media attention in order to.

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The We Will End Femicide Platform, a women's rights group, said almost 2,000 women had been killed since February 2015, often by their husbands or boyfriends. In 2019, 474 women were slain in Turkey. Women's rights activists said the necessary legal tools for the protection of women against violence already exist A giant petition hung by women's rights activists displays the Rights organisations say Erdogan's decision will put women at greater risk of violence when femicide is already prevalent in Turkey Nearly 250 women have been killed in Turkey so on the AKP to take the issue of femicide seriously. The Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign has launched a petition calling for an end to.

Turkey must employ finer distinctions among types of femicide so as to prevent murderers and the larger society from justifying such actions through claims of honor. This paper thus asserts that the analysis of femicide in Turkey, as a Muslim country, should go far beyond the context of hono Turkey on Thursday formally exited a treaty combatting femicide and domestic abuse, in a controversial move defended by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan but condemned by the West and rights groups Femicide Rates in Turkey. It's estimated that 430 women were murdered in Turkey in 2019. According to the Turkish women's rights group, We Will Stop Femicides Platform, 146 women were murdered in the first six months of 2020. The majority of these women are murdered by husbands or romantic partners in their homes and died from either. However, many on social media have spoken out and claimed that the challenge is linked to a movement that began in Turkey over a week ago to protest femicide, You can sign the petition here. 2. Turkey's highest administrative court on Tuesday rejected an attempt to annul the withdrawal, saying that Erdogan had the authority to make the decision. - Increased danger - Last year, 300 women were murdered in the country, according to the rights group We Will Stop Femicide Platform, while 189 have been killed so far this year

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  1. Many women's organization and NGOs took to the streets of Istanbul to rally and protest against the ongoing femicide in Turkey that has been once again exposed by the torture and murder of Pinar Gultekin. As many as 91 women have been murdered from January 2020 to June 2020, as the We Will Stop Femicide Platform reports
  2. The hashtag #ChallengeAccepted has swept social media platforms in recent weeks, adding femicide in Turkey to the growing expanse of social media activism in the COVID-19 age
  3. Women in Turkey and around the world are fighting back. Turkish women have been protesting and there is a movement called We Will Stop Turkish Femicide that is trying to create better.
  4. - Seek an urgent meeting with the Turkish Ambassador to call on the Turkish government to maintain the country's support for the Istanbul Convention and to take action to end Femicide and violence against women. The petition also noted the following concerns: In Turkey, the lives of women no longer seem to matter

But Turkish activist group We Will Stop Femicide believes that the new bill is merely an attempt by the government to distort the reality of significant violence against girls Turkey appears to have travelled in the opposite Take action by signing the petition below. Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all. Chip in. related Women's rights activists have started a new campaign against femicide in Turkey, calling on authorities to be more effective in preventing femicide and protecting women, the Stockholm Center for Freedom reported citing Deutsche Welle Turkish service.. As a first step, the activists demanded that the government monitor exactly how many women are murdered annually The double femicide regrettably added 27-year-old Büşra Gizem Güzelsoy and her 48-year-old mother Gülya Barutçu to Turkey's ever-growing list of women slain by men. The assailant reportedly shot into the vehicle, killing the two women, and fled the scene

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  1. April 2021 Report*. 16 femicide, 14 women suspiciously found dead in april. The fight for ending femicides going on for 10 years in Turkey. As a platform we release femicide data to the public since 2010, when we detected the need. On the other hand the Ministry of Interior is telling that the femicide datas are wrongly prepared and corrupting.
  2. Turkey's femicide rates have also increased in recent years. Femicide is known broadly as the murder of women and girls, and more specifically is the intentional killing of women simply because they are women. In 2019, 417 women were killed in domestic violence incidents and in 2020, 207 women were killed in homicides
  3. Femicide is a huge issue in Turkey, with 474 women murdered in 2019 - the highest figures in a whole decade. And due to the coronavirus, 2020 figures are expected to be even worse
  4. Protests across Turkey and a viral social media campaign in recent weeks have highlighted the rise of femicide — the murder of a woman because of her gender — and domestic violence in the country. Pinar Gültekin, a 27-year-old Turkish woman, went missing and was found dead on July 21 in the city of Mugla. After Gültekin allegedly rejected.
  5. If you would actually like to help women who are experiencing Femicide in Turkey, in addition to posting on Instagram, there are various organizations that raise money for the cause, organize protests, and create petitions to help women, such as We Will Stop Femicide Platform
  6. The Western media condemned and everyone pretended they were surprised. Germany, Turkey's big brother, said the decision sent the wrong signal. Turkey was the first to sign the 2011 Council of Europe's convention (the conference was held in Istanbul) intended to protect women and promote their rights. Turkey is the first to leave

The We Will Stop Femicide Platform does, however. In 2019, 474 women were murdered. In 2013, the year after Turkey signed the Istanbul Convention, the figure was 237. In the first half of 2020, 211 women were murdered in Turkey, according to Monument Counter, a website that documents domestic violence killings. One of them was Fatma Altinmakas Others have noted that women in Turkey began sharing black-and-white photos recently to raise awareness about femicide. Though the portraits have spread widely, the posts themselves say very little The femicide rate in nations such as Turkey and Mexico made it the number one news. In Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's conservative Justice and Development Party (AKP) tried to roll back legislation that protects women from brutal forms of violence like femicide, saying that they affect traditional family values Vanessa Guillen Petition. Sandra Bland Petition. Breonna Taylor Petition. Also if you are thinking about posting or have already posted a black and white challenge accepted or empowerment selfie on social media please take a look at the article about femicide in Turkey

Why has the president of Turkey and the government done very little to prevent femicide? Femicide is generally understood to involve intentional murder of women because they are women, but broader definitions include any killings of women or girls.. Joanna Kakissis/NPR. Since 2011, the year Turkey became the first country to sign and ratify a Council of Europe convention on preventing domestic violence, We Will Stop Femicide's data shows a. Congress backs UNISON's call to act against femicide in Turkey 21 April 2021 Editor UNISON Scotland took its condemnation of the Turkish government's treatment of women trade unionists, women activists and opposition political parties into Congress and delegates pledged action to combat misogyny and femicide in Turkey However, femicide can be pre-empted by a woman's suicide. Black and racial minority women are three times more likely to commit suicide than other women. Sistah Space supports women of African. Turkey femicide: What is happening to women in Turkey and what is the black and white photo challenge? A change.org petition demands that Turkish President Erdoğan take legislative steps to.

Sign this petition to ask the United Nations Human Rights Council to begin an investigation immediately into these extrajudicial killings. Toggle navigation. End Femicide in Turkey Even before Turkey withdrew from the convention, the track record of women's right and violence against women was dismal. According to a report published earlier by Sezgin Tanrıkulu, a human rights defender and deputy from the Republican People's Party (CHP), nearly 7,000 women have been victims of femicide during the 18 years that the. Sign the change.org petition which demands that Turkish President Erdoğan take legislative steps to repeal the abusive laws in Turkey. Educate yourself on the protests currently happening and the history of femicide in Turkey. Some good sources include: Turkey's long history of femicides; Femicide in Turkey What's lacking is political wil A giant petition hung by women's rights activists with the hastag 'Olmekistemiyorum-Idontwanttodie' or 'I don't want to be-Idontwanttodie' shows a letter of complaint to the prosecutor to protest against Turkey's withdrawal from Istanbul Convention, in the Besiktas district of Istanbul on April 5, 2021

Hülya Atçı Nergis, a deputy from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), said in a controversial remark that women also bear some guilt for male violence, Turkish media reported. Women raise the men who eventually go on to kill other women, she said on a local television program. Men are the ones who are [ A giant petition hung by women's rights activists displays the hastag 'Olmekistemiyorum-Idontwanttodie' Police fired tear gas at protesters in Istanbul demonstrating against Turkey's controversial exit on Thursday from a treaty combatting femicide and domestic abuse

The We Will Stop Femicide Platform does, however. In 2019, 474 women were murdered. In 2013, the year after Turkey signed the Istanbul Convention, the figure was 237. In the first half of 2020, 211 women were murdered in Turkey, according to Monument Counter, a website that documents domestic-violence killings. One of them was Fatma Altinmakas Violence against women and femicide are serious problems in Turkey, with daily media coverage of the issue. In 2020, 300 women were murdered and the rate shows no sign of slowing with 87 women killed so far this year, according to the women's rights group We Will Stop Femicide Platform ANKARA/ISTANBUL (R) -Thousands of people took to the streets of Turkey's largest cities on Thursday to protest against the country's withdrawal from an international treaty to combat violence against women, a move that has drawn strong criticism from Western allies. The protests came hours after President Tayyip Erdogan defended the withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, negotiated in.

Femicide is defined as the intentional killing of a woman or girl, in particular by a man, on account of her sex. Femicide differs from male homicide: most cases of femicide are committed by partners or ex-partners, and involve ongoing domestic abuse, sexual violence or situations where women have less power or fewer resources than their partner Joyli. End Libya slavery petition. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge petition. Femicide in turkey petition. Ban gay conversion therapy petition. Save Julius Jones. Change r@pe laws in Japan. Since I can't donate myself I will share for those who can In Turkey, men murdered 474 female in 2019. A nation that sacrifices its citizens so tyrannically does nothing but annihilates itself. For the numbers demonstrating the urgency of the case, Turkey's decision to withdraw from a convention that aims to prevent femicide is disturbing and senseless The Kurdish diaspora in Germany created two petitions as part of campaigns to raise awareness of femicide in Turkey and to garner support for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan. 1:25 pm 27/04/2021. The Kurdistan Communities Confederation in Germany, known as KON-MED, has been mobilising efforts for the campaigns to stop femicide in Turkey and to. And yet, the number of femicides in Turkey is shockingly high and steadily increasing each year. In 2019, France announced nation-wide anti-femicide measures after 100 women were murdered.

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  1. According to the annual report of We Will Stop Femicide Platform, men murdered 474 women in Turkey in 2019. The figures of femicide brutally rise: In June alone, 50 women were murdered. The.
  2. A giant petition hung by women's rights activists displays the gas at protesters in Istanbul demonstrating against Turkey's controversial exit on Thursday from a treaty combatting femicide and domestic abuse. Rights organisations say Erdogan's decision will put women at greater risk of violence when femicide is already prevalent in.
  3. End Femicide Resource Card. Education Thread from Twitter. Petition - End the practice of child brides in Turkey. Petition - Defend Women's Lives in Turkey and Kurdistan. Petition - Free wrongfully imprisoned women in Turkey
  4. Petition: Turkey Femicide Resources (2) Resources & Action: Turkey Femicide Resources (1) Resources & Action: Find your Congress Representative & Demand Change (Secret Feds, Pentagon fund, etc) Petition: (NEW) Justice for Breonna Taylor. Petition: Arrest The Individuals Who Tried to Lynch Vauhxx Booker

In 2019, 474 women were reported to be killed in Turkey but Ms Rochelle said the figure may be higher due to the fact that femicide is underreported. She said: Every day there is at least one. Violence against women and so-called honour killings is a sad and urgent reality in Turkey. According to a 2009 study on prevention strategies, 42 per cent of Turkish women aged between 15 and 60 had suffered some physical or sexual violence by their husbands or partners. In 2019, 474 women were murdered in acts of femicide, most of them. x Tuvan Gumrukcu and Jonathan Spicer Ankara - President Tayyip Erdogan pulled Turkey out o

Beyond femicide, Turkey falls short in several measures of gender equality. According to the World Economic Forum, Turkey has a 40% wage gap and a 50% income gap between men and women. The employment rate for women in Turkey is 29.4%, and for about three decades less than 40% of the labour force has been female Femicide researchers say violence against women in Georgia is caused by low levels of education, social and economic problems, and cultural and religious traditions. Even today, many in Georgia do not realize that domestic violence is a crime and do not consider it necessary to intervene in a family conflict and protect a woman from a rapist

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Femicide numbers are on the rise and Turkey is obliged to tighten the measures against gender-based violence, not reduce them. Some might say that the convention wasn't very useful, but the problem boils down to its lack of implementation - something that women's rights activists have been pushing for years. But this isn't just Turkey OMD Turkey - We Will Stop Femicide Platform: Invisible Petitions - Media: Not-for-profit / Charity / Government OMD UK - Bombay Sapphire: Creativity is Essential - Brand Experience & Activation: Customer Retail / In-store Experienc

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For a brief time, it appeared as if it had originated as a movement to raise awareness of femicide in Turkey, and a number of tweets and Instagram posts went viral in a secondary effort to raise. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN TURKEY RIGHT NOW AND HOW YOU CAN HELP. tw death, tw murder, tw femicide. The Istanbul Convention was adopted to prevent violence against women and domestic violence, which has been an ongoing issue in Turkey for years. However, this law protecting women has not been implemented properly and it is now completely abolished Sign this petition to demand that England and Wales join Scotland in making period products free for all who need them to make the UK period-friendly. End Femicide in Turkey

In the next year, according to Turkey's We Will Stop Femicide Platform, at least 300 women were killed by their male partners in 2020, with an additional 171 women found suspiciously dead. So far in 2021, 78 women have died from femicide. This needs to stop. How many more innocent women have to die for them to realise the problem? CASE Sign the petition. Open Democracy Home the Ministry of Justice stated that the rate of murdered women increased by 1400 per cent between 2002-2009 - femicide in Turkey is endemic. Government.

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Turkey formally withdrew Thursday from a landmark international treaty protecting women from violence, though President Recep Tayyip Erdogan insisted it won't be a step backwards for women A total of 38 percent of women in Turkey experience violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime, compared with 25 percent in Europe, according to World Health Organization data. While there are no official figures for femicide rates in the country, the numbers have roughly tripled over the past decade Three ministries have denied responsibility in the murder case of Ayşe Tuba Arslan, who asked for help for protection 23 times. Arslan's family sued the Justice Ministry, the Interior Ministry and the Family, Labor and Social Sciences Ministry for emotional damages, as they viewed the woman's slaughter to be a result of the government's gross neglect

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Turkey said domestic laws, not outside fixes, would protect women's rights. The Council of Europe accord pledged to prevent, prosecute and eliminate domestic violence and promote equality. Killings of women have surged in Turkey in recent years and thousands of women protested on Saturday against the government's move in Istanbul and other. PINAR Gültekin was a 27-year-old Turkish student who is suspected to have been murdered by her ex-boyfriend. She was reported missing on July 16 and her remains were found days later. Gültekin

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Female infanticide has long, historical roots in India. It continues to be a rampant practice in many rural regions of India, largely because it is more affordable for the rural poor than the method more prevalent in towns and cities -- that is sex-selected abortions. A mid-wife is paid only about Rs 100/- (U.S. $2.50) to kill a newborn girl Femicide continues to rise in Turkey Four women arrested during protest against the state's alleged involvement in Kurdish teenager's death. The Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign has launched a petition calling for an end to violence against women which can be signed. In Turkey, femicide is still a huge problem. Defined as the intentional killing of females for being females, 474 women were killed in Turkey in 2019 - the highest rate in a decade. Just in July, over 40 women went missing or were murdered, meaning their faces were plastered in black and white on posters as an announcement 2019 Report of We Will End Femicide Platform. We say on the streets and in our monthly reports that femicides are increasing every year. Competent institutions and organizations do not show the efforts that women show for the effective implementation of Law No. 6284 and the Istanbul Convention. In 2019, when they did not effectively enforce the. Two more women fall victim to femicide in Turkey. Civil engineer dies after mosque collapse in Turkey. My petition for Mr. President. Long-sought suspect detained in Turkey's Gaziantep over Oct 10, 2015, Ankara bombing. Man kills at least four, including wife, in latest case of domestic violence.

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Protests against the government's withdrawal from the İstanbul Convention have continued throughout Turkey. The 'We Will Stop Femicide Platform' issued a press statement in front of the panel where a large poster they had hung at Zincirlikuyu, İstanbul, had been removed. The poster had focused on a women's petition regarding domestic. 2,996 women have been killed in gender-based violence in Turkey since 2010, according to statistics reported by the 'We Will Stop Femicide Platform.' In 2019 alone, 474 women were murdered, most at the hands of partners and relatives. It is the highest number in a decade, and indicates a year-on-year rise Woman killed in anonymous femicide in Aegean İzmir. Turkish man kills ex-fiancé, her mother hours after restraining order petition. Restraining order fails to protect yet another woman from murder in Turkey. Turkish woman's ex-partner arrested for fatal stabbing, adding to list of femicides.

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Femicide and VAW are highly polarized issues in present day Turkey. On the one hand, Turkey is characterized by the infringement of women's rights by the government and conservative groups, while on the other, the country is experiencing widespread protest and counter movements that are effectively using social media to create new spaces to. In a country where femicide and violence against women is at epidemic proportions, the woman's death marked a watershed moment. making it the most popular petition in Turkish history. Since 2011, the year Turkey became the first country to sign and ratify a Council of Europe convention on preventing domestic violence, We Will Stop Femicide's data shows a steady increase every.

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Turkish prosecutors dropped negligence charges against a judge and police officers concerning the murder of a woman by her former husband. Following the death of Ayşe Tuba Arslan, activists had said that the murder could have been prevented if courts had previously taken dissuasive measures against the perpetrator and the police had enforced the restraining orders A somber anniversary. Hundreds of grieving family members gathered in rural Tulufera, Ethiopia, last week to mark the one year anniversary of the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash that killed 157 people on March 10, 2019. It is painful, but as painful as it is, the love for my wife, and my children, and my mom-in-law doesn't leave, Paul Njorogi told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp Around 60 percent of the femicide cases in Turkey involve a firearm. Online gun selling is an open secret in Turkey, despite some regulation changes made recently. Gun sellers consulted during the writing of this story said it was no longer possible to buy guns online, with sellers fined 500 Turkish lira (less than $130) for each weapon sold The news of the murder of a 27-year-old woman has brought thousands to the streets across Turkey to demand an end to femicide and gender-based violence. Protests took place in many places on Wednesday, and more are scheduled for Friday. The murdered woman, identified as Pinar Gultekin, was a university student More than 300 women were murdered in Turkey last year, according to the rights group We Will Stop Femicide Platform. The World Health Organization found that 38 percent of women in Turkey reported having been subjected to domestic abuse by their husband or partner. The reported rate across Europe stands at 25 percent

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Biden highlights need for freedom of speech in Turkey ISTANBUL. US Vice President Biden (C) visits the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, who is scheduled to meet with Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu on Jan. 23, highlighted the need for freedom of speech and press in his address to NGOs and reporters on Jan. 22, as he also backed a group. / Turkey reiterates support / More than 100,000 people sign petition for Officials floated pulling out last year amid a dispute over how to curb domestic violence in Turkey, where femicide. U.S. and European leaders denounced what they called Turkey's baffling and concerning decision to pull out of an international accord designed to protect women from violence, and urged President Tayyip Erdogan to reconsider. Erdogan's government on Saturday withdrew from the Istanbul Convention, which it signed onto in 2011 after it was forged in Turkey's biggest city The petition called for an end to violence in the east and southeast of Turkey, which had escalated after the 2015 collapse of a ceasefire and peace process between the state and militants. Defense lawyer Arın Gül Yeniaras said at court that the indictment is a pool that includes everything. The petition includes a peace call to the.

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Turkish student Pinar Gültekin was suspected to have been murdered by her ex-boyfriend Cemal Metin Avci in Turkey, according to The Guardian. She was reported missing on July 16 and was found dead in a forest five days later, according to bianet.org. Family lawyer Rezan Epözdemir claims the murder was premeditated With one of the highest rates of femicide in the world, black-and-white photos of murdered women are splashed across Turkish newspapers, televisions and social media on a daily basis The following paper analyses the rising rates of femicide in The international community is quick to forget that about 6 months ago, Ms Pinar Gültekin a 27-year-old University student, was brutally beaten and burned to death by her ex-boyfriend on 21 July 2020 in Turkey, adding to the country's long list of femicides Data by the We Will Stop Femicide group show that 189 women have been murdered so far in 2021 in the country, and 409 last year. Earlier, Amnesty International called Turkey's withdrawal.

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Spanning South Korea, Mexico, Turkey, and South Africa, here are some of the times women used the internet this year to force the world to hear their voices - and gave all the fucks. 1 A giant petition hung by women's rights activists with the hastag 'Olmekistemiyorum-Idontwanttodie' or 'I don't want to be-Idontwanttodie' shows a letter of complaint to the prosecutor to protest against Turkey's withdrawal from Istanbul Convention, in the Besiktas district of Istanbul on April 5, 2021. Femicide has surged in Turkey, with. Salguero has now recorded and mapped more than 6,000 cases of femicide dating back to 2011. In 27 cases, authorities were unable to establish the woman's identity. In 70 cases, the victim was a. Femicide is even more prevalent in Guatemala, possibly the most dangerous place to be a woman. In a country of 15 million people, an estimated 6500 women were murdered between 2000 and 2012 and.

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The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has withdrawn from the Istanbul Convention putting millions of women further into danger of rapists, murderers, stockers, abusers etc [1]. The Istanbul Convention, was joined first by Turkey in 2011, is a treaty named after Turkey's largest city [1] and is in place to protect and prevent women from violence and abuse as well as bring an end to the. Fawcett Society Merseyside. 212 likes. Merseyside based group of the Fawcett Society. The Fawcett Society is the UK's leading charity campaigning for gender equality and women's right When referring to 'prevention of femicide', we refer to actions at the individual, family, and social and community levels that can reduce the likelihood of women being killed because of their gender. Strategies for prevention of femicide di e Greek passengers who happened to be at Istanbul's Ataturk airport during the attempted military coup that took place on Friday night were trapped at the airport. The travelers say that there was panic among passengers who did not know what was happening. It was an unusual situation, says Dimitris Strakos, a dentist, speaking to the national [