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  1. Torrex XT Long Draw Tune Chart. #2020 #Torrex XT LD #Tune Chart. 2021 | New Cam Spacer Tune Chart (PDF) A chart to help you tune your cams with the new spacers. #spacer chart #new spacer guide #cam spacers #spacer tune chart. 2021 | Ventum 30 (PDF) #Ventum #compound #Ventum 30 #Hunting #Archery. 2021 | Carbon RX-5 (PDF
  2. desired draw length position which can be identified on the string side by inserting the alignment pin into the desired draw length location as designated by the laser engraved letters. (On all Cams, A is shortest draw length position.) 4. Re-tighten module screws. 5. Using a 5/64 hex wrench, unscrew the top draw stop peg and reinstall in.
  3. Draw Length Draw Weight # Bowstring Length Cables Length adjust-ment and service. Hoyt USA recommends that you take your bow to a Hoyt authorized pro shop at least once a year for a yearly professional maintenance and inspection. Areas to be inspected are axles, spacers, (See draw weight adjustment section pg. 15). Example: I
  4. The RX-1 Turbo module is designed for the 2018 Hoyt REDWRX RX-1 Turbo model bow for modular draw length adjustment. The kit comprises three modules, a top module and two bottom modules. The draw length module sizes and codes stamped on modules on RH modules are. 26 draw length, Top Cam ZB-2A-TR, Bottom Cams ZB-BR-S 2A & ZB-BR-C 2A
  5. Instruction on how to change the draw length on a Hoyt bow equipped with RKT cams
  6. 2019 | 2019 Hoyt Hunting Compounds Owners Manual (PDF) #RX-3 #Helix #2019 #compound #bowhunting #carbon RX-3 #nitrux #double xl #powermax #klash #fireshot 2019 | 2019 Hoyt Recurves Owners Manual (PDF) #2019 #target #formula #alero #epik #recurve #bowhunting #traditional #satori #satori limbs #satori riser #carbon velos #Formula X #formula.
  7. e quieted significantly with a pair of string silencers. Draw cycle is smooth and compares to that of the old Z5 cam. Although the RX-1 turbo seems to have a slightly shorter valley than the CST. Tuning is a little different from past models, but easy. For yoke adjustment, the target point seems to be zero lean in the top cam

Yes, finding new cams can be difficult - and very very expensive in this country. It looks like you have the size 2 cams - suggested by H2. look at the Hoyt tune charts - the 2006 ProTec with XT2000 is here: Hoyt Tune Charts/ProtecXT2000 2006 (I assumed it is the newest ProTec, i.e. 2006 model. There may be others This too, is a fact. The all-new 2018 REDWRX Carbon RX-1 Series is engineered for those archers who demand everything. They are built to perform and excel in the most pressure packed conditions imaginable. Pick the configuration best for you and put it to the test. Nothing delivers like the Hoyt Carbon RX-1 Series After you have loosened the weight locking screws, you may turn the limb bolt counter clockwise to lower the poundage. 5 turns should equal about a 10 pound drop in draw weight, but not every bow setup is the same so check it with a bow-scale. Also, make sure to turn the limb bolts equally, top and bottom. As this will keep your tiller the same

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Nocked and Ready to Rock - episode 5: John Dudley offers maintenance tips for compound bows in a 13 video series from Nock On TV Size AZT Draw Stop Lucky Stops Draw Stops allow you to Easily Dial in Proper Draw Length, Valley Length, Let-off, and Wall feel. A great fitting bow will always give you more accuracy. ♣Stop Package Size AZT Draw Stop ♣Size AZT is a great place to start your lucky Stops collection ♣Setting AH 1 dot is the equivalent to Original factory stops ♣Will Fit Most Hoyt Hyper ZT Cams ♣Will. Minor discrepancies in draw length are corrected or noted. A QAD UltraRest is installed, and each bow is equipped with a TruGlo sight, a TruGlo stabilizer, a G5 1/4-inch Metapeep and a D-loop. Test arrows are Carbon Express Maxima Red arrows at weights of 385 and 440 grains, fletched with Bohning Blazer vanes and fitted with QAD Tune-A-Nocks

Hoyt REDWRX Carbon RX1 Turbo Description. We have the Hoyt REDWRX Carbon RX1 Turbo bow currently on Special at just $1699.95. Normally $2128.95 but out they go at just $1699.95, only while stocks last. We only have 1 bow in 70lb RH in RealTree Edge in a draw length range of 28 to 30. Be one of the lucky ones to bag this high end recently. To lower draw weight. First, raise the drawing weight to its max. Next, unscrew both limb bolts one revolution (360°) and check the poundage on a bow scale. Repeat this process until you reach your desired draw weight. Only attempt to shoot draw weights in the limb's specified range (50-60 lbs, 60-70 lbs). If they are not marked, max out the. Hoyt's 2018 release of the REDWRX Carbon RX-1 series bows is no different. I will go over the details of the Carbon RX-1 Ultra and how it has performed for me. The Carbon RX-1 is available in three configurations to suit different archer's needs. A 32 axle-to-axle RX-1 that features a 6 brace height and an IBO speed of 340fps. A 32. Bow satisfaction and accuracy are paramount upon fit; the 32-inch axle-to-axle RX-1 is available in 10-pound draw-weight ranges of 30-80 pounds (plus 55-65 pounds) and in draw lengths of 24.5-28, 27-30 and 29-31 inches. Adjustments can be made without a press. It was tough for me to find any negatives, so I asked Sanford, who hears complaints.

Draw Length (in.) Draw Weight (lb.) String Length (in.) Buss Cable Length (in.) Control Cable Length (in.) IMPORTANT! A copy of your sales receipt is required for war-ranty purposes. The sales receipt, as well as the serial number, is your proof of date-of-purchase. Proof of date-of-purchase will b Please let me know where you would like it to be set (26, 26.5, 27, 27.5 or 28 inches) and I will be sure to set the draw length for you prior to shipment.-The riser of the bow is in the factory Realtree Edge camo finish. -50 pound limbs in factory Realtree Edge camo finish. The limbs will adjust from 38 to just over 50 pounds on my scale safely

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draw length and peak draw-weight of 61.4 pounds. When shot by hand with a 300 grain arrow, the Maxxis 31 achieved an average speed of 311.1 fps in the out of box configuration with only a brass nock added to the string. Per request from Hoyt, 3 twists were taken out of th Hoyt RX-3 Specs BRACE HEIGHT: 6 inches AXLE-TO-AXLE: 30.5 inches WEIGHT: 3.9 pounds LETOFF: Unspecified PUBLISHED SPEED: 342 fps DRAW WEIGHT: 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 and 80 DRAW LENGTH: 25 to 28 inches or 27 to 30 inche It was used through the past two hunting seasons and has been well cared for in that time. Please see the photos as they speak for themselves! - The bow is set up with #2 ZT Turbo cams. The bow is currently set up at 27 inches in draw length. With the #2 Turbo cams, this bow is able to be set at 26, 26.5, 27, 27.5 or 28 inches ONLY

Hoyt claims that in testing it has dry-fired the RX-1 1,500 times at 80 pounds of draw weight without fail. To validate, I called Casey Sanford at Archery Country in Austin, Texas. He said (at the time of this writing) he's sold dozens of RX-1 bows, and none have come back for warranty repair Hoyt Heat RH Compound Bow 60-70 Weight + Arrows (250) MT. $56.00. $27.80 shipping. Benefits charity. 22 bids ·. Ending Wednesday at 5:52AM PST. 1d 19h The Hoyt Ruckus is Hoyt's performance driven youth compound bow. It measures 29.3/4 inches axel to axel. It has a huge range of adjustability with draw lengths going from 18-28 inches at 1 inch increments. This bow can be bought at 10-40 or 20-50 pounds draw weight. The bow itself weighs 2.8 pounds I like the RX1 over the HyperForce for one very simple reason: draw length. I can get the RX1 Ultra to 32 inches of draw (mine is 31.5+) and the HyperForce only goes to 31 inches. Otherwise, I do think the HyperForce is a very good bow and I would be proud to shoot that one. The carbon bows are cool and maybe a touch less vibration at the shot. Hoyt ZTR draw length adjustability. Compound. Hi, or the position you need to adjust them to, then you do not need a bow press. Make sure the module seats in place before you tighten it back down, and make sure to adjust both modules to the same position. Good luck! 2

Draw Length Options for Each Cam Size 24-26 26-28 28-30 24-26 26-28 28-30 25-27 the flagship of the Hoyt line, and the premier series of the bowhunting world. Get allowing easy adjustment without module replacement o 05-31-2005 11:26 PM. adjusting draw weight on hoyt bow. Today I decided to turn my draw weight up a little bit so i got out my owners manual and read it to make sure i was doing it right ect and i just want to make sure i didn't do anything wrong thats going to break it. the instructions said to loosen the 2 bolts on the side (for each limb.

HOYT Bow Manuals - HOYT.com. It should be a 2005/06 for the Rintec. You'll then see that you can turn the bolts 5-7 complete turns to lessen draw weight from the max. Possibly invest in a set of scales to help you, but you can safely reduce weight by 10lbs from peak, and normally, Hoyts can go safely to around 15lbs lower, but don't take any. I've been a Hoyt fan, owned several models, and am shooting an RX1 Ultra right now that I like(35 axle to axle). From what I heard, the RX3 series wasn't a huge improvement, and some bows had an issue with the sight mount on the carbon riser. If your draw length is 28 or longer, I would consider an RX1 Ultra with the #3 Cam Even if the limbs are stiff, they still give you a stable shot. The combination of the limb bolt adjustment and the draw length determines the draw weight. The draw weight is adjustable in a range of approximately 15# at each draw length, with the maximum weight of 70# that is only achievable at 30 inches Next, he adjusts the draw length specific for the shooter of the bow (in this case, 28.5 inches). As mentioned above, the Hoyt RX-4 comes with the modular adjustment system, so literally with the adjustment of two screws, you can dial your draw length in easily. It's important to adjust the length to be at or slightly shorter than your draw. Hoyt also upgraded the cam system on the Alphamax 32, which may be the real selling point for this bow. The new modular XTR Cam and ½ system changed the game in a few ways. First, you can adjust the draw length without a bow press. Second, since the modules are interchangeable, you can make adjustments in ½-inch increments. Performanc

Buying a Hoyt over a Mathews could stand for one simple reason. Mathews cams are draw-length specific. If you guess right the first time (draw-length) and never intend to sell it, then buy a Mathews if you want. Adjusting the draw on a Hoyt is as simple as changing mods, and a lot cheaper. That makes it much easier to adjust or sell These are used module sets for adjusting the draw length on many different Hoyt model bows. ALL OF THESE BOWS MUST HAVE #2 FUEL CAMS or #3 FUEL CAMS IN ORDER TO USE THESE MODULES. #2 Fuel or #3 Fuel cams ONLY

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The answer will be a calculated draw length .In this example it is 20.8 inches. Of course your actual results will be different from my example.. Record your calculated draw length number.. Suggestion: Round-up your calculated draw length to the nearest 1/2 inch.. For instance, in this example the calculated draw length will be 21 inches This recurve bow makes it also possible for you to manually adjust both draw weight / tillering (the evenness of limb bending). Everything you need is described in the manual. By adjusting these you can fine-tune the bow to your particular shooting style, which will help you enhance accuracy and comfort. Hoyt Buffalo Riser - Durable & Ligh Hoyt Compound Bow Ventum 33 2021. Versatile 33 axle to axle length. High performance Aluminium TEC riser. HBX three track cam system with a single cam size for all draw lengths. Two different modules ensure optimal performance at each draw length. In-built let-off adjustment for 80 or 85%. Bow press free adjustment Hoyt is an industry leader in carbon technology, and its carbon-riser bows have forever changed the way we think of riser materials. For 2020, this archery pioneer is expanding its RX line by adding the Alpha (shorter axle-to-axle length), Ultra (longer axle-to-axle length) and Turbo (maximized speed) RX-4 models The longer the draw length, the more tension that is placed on the bow and the heavier the weight of the bowstring. Make sure your bow is properly calibrated to suit your body type and measurements. If need be, take the bow to a specialist to have it modified. The draw length of the bow should correspond directly to your arm span

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  1. String dampeners and limb savers Bow specs draw weight 60-70# draw length 28-31 brace height 7 3/8 mass weight 3.75 #'s effect let off 75% IBO speed 310 Includes hard plastic case with foam lining, several quick-releases, adjustment tools, an assortment of mismatched arrows. Abbey Archery: Australia's largest Archery Company since 1975
  2. Hoyt also offers a line of bow accessories, including stabilizers, quivers, sights and arrow rests, along with a variety of clothing for the target range, woods and for casual living. Lancaster Archery Supply, Inc., carries more than 200 Hoyt products. Hoyt compound bows can only be bought in the Pro Shop at 2195-A Old Philadelphia Pike.
  3. A note for the Spiral Plus Cams, on the top cam at full draw it has a very tall peak. With a similar comparison of DFX cam to DFX cam, I can see where the statement from Hoyt would be correct. This comparison however is solely based on target to target styled bow. The numbers were taken from a 28 11/32 inch AMO draw length on each bow
  4. One of the bolts was extra tight on the draw-length module, requiring extra care not to strip it when adjusting draw length. The limb bolts are very smooth. (I like the larger limb bolts as found on Hoyt and some other bows, since they provide extra leverage if the bolts are tight, and there is very little risk of stripping them or busting a.
  5. Hoyt Torrex XT. Tec-Lite riser aids low mass weight for a bow that is easy to handle. Utilises popular Cam & 1/2 technology. Rotating module design for easy adjustment. Roller guard design for a smooth and low-friction draw. Long draw length range to suit the needs of a broad selection of archers. Designed for best performance on a lower budget
  6. Bow satisfaction and accuracy are paramount upon fit; the 32-inch axle-to-axle RX-1 is available in 10-pound draw-weight ranges of 30-80 pounds (plus 55-65 pounds) and in draw lengths of 24.5-28, 27-30 and 29-31 inches. Adjustments can be made without a press. It was tough for me to find any negatives, so I asked Sanford, who hears complaints.

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Set at a draw length of 29 inches and a draw weight of 66.1 pounds, the RX-3 powered my 415-grain Easton Axis 5MM shafts at 268 fps. That's a far cry from Hoyt's advertised 334fps rating, yes Hoyt Pro Star with Carbon Plus Limbs Compound Bow with arrows and hard shell case. Proudly MADE IN THE USA! Model: Pro Star with Carbon Plus Limbs· Color: Black/ Brown· Grip: Hardwood grip· Bow Length: 48 Draw Length: 29· Draw Weight: 50-60· Draw: Right Hand Item is used with normal scuffs from use The RX-5 feature a new, redesigned cam system, specifically made for unparalleled performance. The HBX comes in one cam size that can cover the full range of draw lengths by using 2 different module sizes. And it can also go from 80% let-off to 85% in seconds by simply using an allen wrench to adjust a screw Compound Bow Review: Hoyt Helix. The Hoyt Helix Turbo is a scorcher, shooting up to 350 fps. Hoyt. The 2019 Hoyt Helix was a popular hunting bow. It was quiet and quick, and the overall fourth.

With the exact same draw length and draw weight and arrow weight, if he was using the Hoyt PowerMax, he would increase to 220.54 FPS and 32.4 Ft-lbs of KE. Just a sample of how the speed and power can change with some different bows all using a 25 draw, 40lb draw weight and 300.3 grain arrow: Hoyt Trykon Jr: 202.94 FPS with 27.43 Ft-Lbs of KE 597. Location. Alberta. Aug 4, 2019. #3. The longer axle to axle of the Ulltra makes it likely a little more accurate in my opion. On the fli [ side the RX3 would be nicer in tight spots. It will depend what you are looking for the most. I have the RX1 Ultra and really like it and my draw is 28 inches More Items Related to 2018 Hoyt Carbon RX1 Ultra, #3 cams, set up for 28 draw length, 60-70 lbs., QAD drop away rest. $975.00 OBO, Bow is in perfect shap Hoyt RX1 70 Pound RH. -. $1,000. Up for sale is my Hoyt RX1 32 axel to axel, 60-70 pounds draw wheight, 27-30 draw length. It's a great bow. Good condition. Used it for 2 seasons. Comes with a brand new Ripcord Lok drop away rest and a used 5 spot alpine arrow quiver. Asking $1000 or make me an offer Hoyt Rampage XT Compound Bow Review Editor: Mike Basic Description of item: 2011 Hoyt Compound Bow, dual Cam, mid range price. Just the Facts: 32 inch axle to axle, 323 fPS, 7 inch brace height, weight 4 lbs. Magnesium riser. Story: I spent an afternoon at the local Archery Range setting up and shooting this bow. The set up was easy, we just slapped on a whisker bisquit, put on a cheap sight.

Hoyt Bow Draw LengthModule Setsfor RIGHT Handed#2 RKT or #2 Z5 cams These are used module sets for adjusting the draw length on many different Hoyt model bows. ALL OF THESE BOWS MUST HAVE RIGHT HANDED #2 RKT CAMS or RIGHT HANDED #2 Z5 CAMS IN ORDER TO USE THESE MODULES Hoyt Nitrum Bow Review, iReviewgear best Bow of the year 2015. Just the Facts: Specifications Model Nitrum 30 Nitrum 34 Nitrum Turbo Nitrum LD. Limb XTS Pro Arc XTS Pro Arc XTS Pro Arc XTS 1000 Cam Z5 Z5 Turbo Z5 Draw Length Options for Each Cam Size 24-25.5″, FPS (ATA) 332 FPS 330 FPS 350 FPS 340 FP For Sale: Hoyt Faktor camo compound bow in excellent used condition. The bow has the following specs: Realtree camo, right hand, 50-60lb draw weight, 28.5 draw length, Hoyt #3 cam so it can accommodate draw lengths from 27 to 30, custom black and white strings / cables, Hoyt's Air Shox dampe. Hoyt Compound Bow ZR 200 magna-tech Mossy Oak , W/ Case, 5 Arrows & Release. ILS 1,139.32. ILS 262.37 shipping. or Best Offer. 50 watching Hoyt Archery Compound Bows. Hoyt compound bows are often used for bowhunting as well as for field and 3D archery. These bows come in a variety of types, leaving some buyers overwhelmed by the number of choices. As you shop for a new compound bow, remember to consider the axle length of the crossbow as well as the various types that are available to find the one thats a fit for you

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Hoyt bows for sale. As soon as it's true string silencers wear out fast, I just wish to remind you it is important to test them on this bow. The Klash isn't hard to adjust with a broad range of draw lengths from 18-29 inches. Both bows also have the new Fuse strings with conventional StringShox that are high quality and ought to have long life It is the perfect combination of smooth draw, firm wall, and wind-crushing speed with speed increases up to 13 Feet Per Second compared to prior year X3 model bows. The new DCX Cam is available in 65 or 75% let-off options with a built-in modular draw length adjustment system that features a removable rubber stop for an even harder wall Hoyt RX1 Ultra. Draw weight 55-65 lbs. Draw length 28-31 set at 31. Ultra View grip and stock grip. Comes with stock strings and 2 sets of custom strings.. Bow is in great condition Compound Bows. RH 2018 HOYT CARBON RX-1 ULTRA REDWRX, This is hands down the best shooting and quietest bow on the market for 2018. It is currently tuned for a 30 inch draw, 77lbs, at 80% let off. It has factory cables on it that were well waxed and are in great condition.This is a one owner bow with plenty of extras you won't want to miss The bow is currently set up at 29 inches in draw length. With the #2 ZTR cams, this bow is able to be set at 27 through 30 inches in half inch increments ONLY. This bow can be set at 27, 27.5, 28, 28.5, 29, 29.5 or 30 inches in length. Please just let me know what length you need when making your purchase and I will be sure that the bow is set.

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Also, when using a Traditional bow, and the archer has a longer draw-length than the bow is rated for (i.e., the archer's draw-length is 30 inches, but the bow is rated at 27 inches), it is always. shooters. Make sure draw length and weight are set properly and bow is in factory specs. The 600-PC uses the 1/4in. side plate and the 600-Hoyt uses the 1/2in. side plate. These rest models are designed for the short slide travel and parallel limb bows currently on the market. For older style bows and those having generous slid I took my Hoyt in last week to get the draw length shortened a little. Due to the outcome, where I took it shall remain nameless (it was not GCO, I'll say that much). While the Guy was adjusting the draw length - which is supposed to be done without using a press - something popped off one of the cams and the bow flew apart How to adjust bowtech draw length All times are GMT -7. The time now is 09:47 PM. How to adjust draw length on a Bear compound bow How to adjust draw length on a Hoyt compound bow How to adjust the draw length on a PSE compound bow How to adjust the draw length on a Diamond compound Bow How to adjust the draw length on a Bowtech compound.

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Size CZT Draw Stop Lucky Stops Draw Stops allow you to Easily Dial in Proper Draw Length, Valley Length, Let-off, and Wall feel. A great fitting bow will always give you more accuracy. ♣Stop Package Size CZT Draw Stop ♣In case you need more sizes CZT continues where BZT left off ♣Will Fit Most Hoyt ZT Cams ♣Will fit most Redworks RX1, RX3, Hoyt Proforce, Hyperforce, Double XL Bows ♣. A.M.O. draw length is measured at 26 1/4 to the throat of the bow grip plus 1 3/4. This produces an industry standard by which recurve bows are measured. Note: Your draw weight will change due to draw length. Add or subtract approximately two pounds for each inch your draw length is over or under the 28 standard Zeroing in on your proper draw length will not only add to comfort and repeatability in your shot process, but will also improve tuning and accuracy. Pro shooter Curtis Broadnax, having grown up in archery, knows a thing or two about changing draw lengths and has some great tips in this blog update

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HOYT ZT Bottom Double Draw Stop Peg*. HOYT Draw Stop Peg* Cam Type Draw Stop Number Height x Diameter. AUD$35.70 Ex Tax AUD$32.46. View Details. Tags: HOYT Draw Stop Peg* SVX #1 - 393432 6mm x 4.5mm Spiral #1 - 393432 6mm x 4.5mm XTR #1 - 393432 6mm x 4.5mm C2 #1 - 393432 6mm x 4.5mm X3 #2 - 720504 6.5mm x 7mm Z5 #2 - 720504 6.5mm. Hoyt - BARRETT BOWHUNTING. Click on logo for more products. 2020 Alpha and Ultra series bows come equipped with a refined cam system. Designed specifically for bowhunting, the ZTR cam is the third generation in the ZT cam series and is smoother to draw, has a harder back wall for a rock-solid anchor point and is quieter on the shot The Micro Midas 3 is a youth compound bow. The bow has a draw length range of 18 to 28 inches and comes in draw weights of 29 and 40 pounds. It is important to understand the procedure behind draw length adjustment, because the youth draw length is likely to grow. With adult compound bows, the draw length can be set.

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Mark,I am glad you like it. That is a great bow. The Charger's cam also uses modules to control draw length, so the draw stop should only be a secondary draw length control. I have found the draw stops to be durable enough. Just be sure to check it regularly to be certain is it not working loose. The bows that feature a separate cam for each draw length are more efficient than modular cams. HOYT Axle Kit**Includes Top Axle, Bottom Axle and any Thrust Washers that come with the Kit** Pl.. 0.10000000 kg. AUD$93.14 From AUD$84.67 Ex Tax. Add to Cart View Details. Hoyt Compound Bow Cable Slide Rod* Hoyt Compound Bow Cable Slide* Rod for the Hunting Model Hoyt BowsPlease specify bow type in the. length was measured to be 32 7/16 inches. The requested 29 inch, 60 pound model was measured straight out of the box to have a 29 3/16 inch draw length and peak draw-weight of 62.9 pounds. At these settings, The AlphaMax 32 achieved an average speed of 317.6 fps when shot by hand in the out of box configuration with a 300 grai How to Adjust the Draw Length for Compound Bows. Compound bows are made of cams, which are really group of pulleys that make the processes of drawing and releasing the bowstring more comfortable than a traditional bow.There are a handful of factors that go into creating a perfect shot, but for many people having the perfect draw length makes the biggest difference Adjusting Your Sights. Adjusting your sights is something that every archer should be able to do. It is very simple to learn and do on a sight. We will cover 2 different kinds of sights in this article. Multi pin sight. First the multi-pin sight this is the most common sight sold as they come in many different brands, configurations and price.

The Carbon Knight features Bowtech's binary cam design, the Knight Riser constructed from durable carbon, a 7-inch brace height for forgiveness and a 32-inch axle-to-axle length. Draw lengths range from 26.5″ to 30.5″ and draw weights from 50 to 70 pounds in ten pound increments Lucky Stops Draw Stops allow you to Easily Dial in Proper Draw Length, Valley Length, Let-off, and Wall feel. A great fitting bow will always give you more accuracy. Stop Package Size BZT4 Draw Stop; Size BZT4 continues where AZT left off BZT4 offers a wider pad than BZT3 and 4 Positions it will not work in hole next to cable loop pe The Versa Cam has a full four inches of draw length adjustment that can be performed in the field without a bow press, and like the Redline, the letoff can be adjusted from 60 to 75 percent. Another new performance enhancing feature on Hoyt's new lineup is the selfligning cable and yoke assemblies By redistributing the weight of the bow to the front of the bow, Hoyt has improved the balance throughout an archer's draw cycle, making for a consistent and deadly shot. Through the integration of grip adjustment for different shooting positions, smoother shooting, and improved durability, this bow is built to kill consistently and silently. Make : Hoyt Model : RX-1 Hand :Right handed Draw Length : 27-30″ Draw Weight : 60-70 Lbs % Let Off : 85% Brace Height : 6″ Axle to Axle : 32

Personal Commentary by Jon Silks about the Hoyt AlphaBurner: The AlphaBurner liked the number 3 spot in 3 of the categories and only slipped below the mark in the shock and vibration arena. The notable kick and lasting vibration held it back there. The draw cycle is smooth and scored well despite the short valley and the grip is very comfortable HOYT COMPOUND BOW RX1 Cam Hanes signature addition 80 lbs great condition - $990.00. FOR SALE! hoyt compound bow RX1 Cam Hanes signature addition 80 lbs great condition. 26521284597

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The bow that I tested was equipped with Hoyt's command cam. The cam is adjustable over a variety of different draw lengths without a bow press. The only tool required is an Allen wrench. Simply loosen the two screws in the cam, and rotate the module to a new position. Then lock the screws back into place and the draw adjustment is complete To determine the weight on your Hoyt bow, refer to the limb specifications located on each limb. The weight marked on the limb is measured at a 28 standard A.T.A. (Archery Trade Association) draw length. A.T.A. draw length is measured at 26 1/4 to the throat of the bow grip plus 1 3/4. This produces an industry standard by which draw T2019 archery tournaments are in full speed, and you might be wondering the equipment that's being used in the highest levels of competition.Improve your overall accuracy and competitive-edge with these top compound target bows. Mathews - TRX 38. Built off of the proven design of the longer TRX models, the 38 inch axle-to-axle TRX38 fills the void perfectly for shooters looking for a. Hoyt Torrex RTS Package. Tec-Lite riser aids low mass weight for a bow that is easy to handle. Utilises popular Cam & 1/2 technologRotating module design for easy adjustment. Long draw length range to suit the needs of a broad selection of archers. Complete package of accessories included

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  1. imum draw weight here in Ohio is 40 lbs. Anyways, I was interested in the Hoyt Klash because it can accommodate such a wide range of draw lengths and weights. It can be adjusted from 15 to 50 pounds (in some bows 15-70 lbs) and can accommodate a draw length from 18 to 29
  2. Hoyt Rx1 Turbo 70 Rh 29.5 UA Ridge reaper , This is an rx1 turbo in under Armour camo. Just upgraded so it has to go. 60-70 lbs, 26 to 27 and half inches draw length, Tru glo 4 pin sight, fuse stabilizer, trophy ridge whisker biscuit arrow rest, 2 arrows,looking at 3900 package whatsapp me on 074858zero365 . View and follow me on olx for.
  3. Hoyt has designed this EC cams in a number one and a number two series cam. The number one cam is gonna give us that 23 and a half to 25 and a half drawing adjustment. The number two cam is. Us that twenty-six to Twenty-eight draw length adjustment Now the idea behind this adjusted this two cam set is the cams are modular
  4. The Fireshot features the fast, smooth and versatile VersaFlex Cam & 1/2 Performance System for maximized performance and accuracy. It also features 18 to 28 inches of draw length adjustment and either 14 to 41 pounds or 19 to 51 pounds of draw weight adjustment, explained in the chart below, allowing the bow to grow as they grow
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  2. 4x3 Hoyt Tee. Regular price $ 24.99. /. Hoyt's 4x3 tee is perfect for those casual gatherings with friends. * Printed on a super soft Next Level Tee. * Athletic Fit (If you are between sizes, consider ordering a size up) * 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester. * Model Size: 5'10 - 165 lbs - 32 Waist - Wearing Size Medium
  3. The rotating module adjustment is a neat design, making it easy to move up and down draw lengths without the need of a bow press. The DCX cam is available in 65 or 75% let-off options and boasts a smooth draw, a firm wall and speeds of up to 322 fps. For archers wanting an easy and relaxed shot, this is the cam for you
  4. Hoyt RX1 in good shape. The bow has new strings. It will come with a quiver, stabilizer and the whisker brisket style rest. The draw length range is 25.5 to 29. The draw weight range is 55-65. This is a great bow for someone who just drew a tag! The bow is at Wilde arrow in Centerville

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  1. 6 Photos. Hoyt carbon RX3 #3 cam 60-70lb right hand. New limbs and GAS bow strings 1 month o. Hoyt carbon RX3 #3 cam 60-70lb right hand 27-30 draw length. New limbs and GAS bow strings 1 month old. Selling just cause Im looking to get into a newer bow. Bare bow $850. Archery - Fargo, ND. $850
  2. Specs. The Hoyt Carbon Defiant has an axle-to-axle length of 31 inches, brace height of 7 inches, ATA rated speed of 331 feet per second, and mass weight of 3.6 pounds. The Xpedition Xplorer SS has an axle-to-axle length of 30 inches, brace height of 6 1/8 inches, IBO rated speed of 355 feet per second, and mass weight of 3.9 pounds
  3. Sub Zero Archery, Fort Sill. 439 likes · 16 talking about this. We're a Veteran owned business and we offer String and cable replacement, Check and..
  4. Hoyt continued to improve on this revolutionary design with RKT Cam & ½ on the Spyder 30. Combined with the Spyder's 6.75-inch brace height, the RKT accounts for much of the 330 fps ATA speed rating. The Spyder is available in three draw length ranges and serves archers from 24.5 to 26 inches, 26 to 28 inches or 28 to 30 inches
  5. The Hoyt Spyder 30 is Hoyt's flagship bow for 2013. It's equipped with the RKT cam from last year and, at 30 inches axle to axle, is Hoyt's most compact bow yet. It's light, too, with an overall weight of just 3.8 pounds. A pocket bow, if you will, obviously aimed at a chunk of that Mathews Heli-M and Z7 market share
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